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Trump's Interview Strategy Fails Miserably

Trump’s Interview with Swan (CNN Opinion)

Check out the article above by Stephen Collinson about Trump’s miserable interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios. Good stuff. 323 more words


Humanizing Hitler

This is a thought which has needled me long enough, I believe it’s worth attempting to phrase coherently, and publicly.

A month or two ago, I watched  347 more words


Does Hitler provide any good things to world

Hitler, in today’s world, is always associated with a negative shade and has an evil image attached to his name.

His act of killing people and starting a war cannot be justified, but his good actions are mostly unknown to people in today’s world. 130 more words


The post title was something Trump said at a recent interview where he made more ridiculous claims about how Covid-19’s not really that bad in the USA, and his administration’s performance has been just fine. 748 more words


Coming Soon: The Antichrist

Probably Satan’s greatest struggle throughout the ages has been to wrest control of the world from God’s hands and to acquire man’s worship and praise. While he has made a number of attempts to put his nefarious plan in place, there is a time coming when he will once again expend incredible effort to experience success. 2,636 more words

Andrew Roberts: masterly

At the end of June 2012, United States Army War College posted on YouTube a video of a lecture by British historian, Dr Andrew Roberts… 578 more words

Speech Critique