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Confessions of a Former Hitman

My Dad grew up on a farm. My Mom did not. This causes some…friction. For example, when asked the question, “Are you going to get a pet?” They respond: 915 more words


How a Gunman Says Goodbye: Malcolm Mackay (Glasgow trilogy 2)

It’s the kind of industry where you have to be shockproof. People do things that logic can’t explain.”

In Malcolm Mackay’s crime novel… 1,260 more words


John Wick (2014) - IMDb

John Wick (2014) – IMDb.

In this movie, Keanu Reeves, plays a skilled hit man that comes out of retirement because, some thugs broke into his house and killed his dog.   133 more words


Hitman: Blood Money Review.


Agent 47 is back, but this time he maybe the target. When fellow ICA agents are being systematically eliminated Agent has no choice but to try and track down the new agency in town. 590 more words


The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter: Malcolm Mackay (Glasgow Trilogy 1)

Never hit a target you don’t need to hit. Ever. One murder gets the police interested, two gets them excited.”

In The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter… 970 more words


What is Going on in My Brain?

Okay, another weird dream again. No, not another B.C. one this time, though I do have a LOT of those. This one starred my friend James from England. 256 more words