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How Did We Get Here: Nic Cage

Sometimes in life you come to a crossroads. A fork in the road. Two roads that diverge into a yellow wood and another incredibly simply but oddly different road that also leads into yellowed woods: because Vermont. 707 more words


The Swamp: Part 4

Rampin up

Shin had spent two days in Healey’s villa, and she hadn’t returned. He’d spent the time eating the assorted array of health snacks in her fridge and watching all of the movies in her collection. 2,808 more words


Boris Nemtsov assasination: Shot in the back 4/5 times, with the injuries not visible on these pictures

Boris Nemtsov is said to have been shot in the back 4 or 5 times (about 8 shots were fired). This means the attacker shot him after walking past him. 185 more words

Boris Nemtsov