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Lara Croft GO / Hitman GO (PS Vita)

I bought a PS Vita back in January this year (2017) and so far have only found about 10 games worth playing.

The PSN store was selling this Square Enix bundle together for about £7.99 last month with cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita. 138 more words


The Well Prepared Man

It’s not a stunningly original observation to note that videogame characters can carry more items than a real-life human can, but I just finished a fairly lengthy run of Hitman’s Sapienza level and the sheer amount of stuff Mr Hitman had on him at the end amused me. 816 more words


TGON Plays: Hitman (2016)!

Hitman: The complete first season (also known as Hitman (2016)) is a confusing game – especially if you haven’t played Hitman: Codename 47 and… 266 more words


Femme Fatale

Roger couldn’t believe it was ending like this.

The night had been going perfectly. When the leggy redhead came on to him at the bar, he was dumbfounded by his good fortune. 105 more words


Hitmans 1st Elusive Contract didn't live up to expectation

Friday the 13th of May saw the first-ever elusive contract release being made available to play in Hitman. But, did it live up to expectations? 390 more words


Curioser and curioser: Alice Madness Returns & Hitman Absolution

Hitman isn’t the only game I pay a lot of attention to. I take great interest in the gaming industry and am a fan of many franchises. 14,725 more words