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Kyrat is saved and bad guys didn't win

I am on a roll, baby.

Like two weeks ago I finally finished FarCry 4 and today I finally finished Battlefield: Hardline which was installed on my computer for so long. 171 more words

Played This Week

Freezer Challenge

Bah… Another one of those stupid challenges.

This time it’s the freezer challenge, where a bunch of people try to hold out the longest, while live-streaming it (twitch, YouTube, you name it). 52 more words


Adult role-play keeps getting weirder

Anything to keep the flame alive, I guess. Keeping it interesting by role playing. Somewhat macabre, but hey, each to his own, right?

Some like to dress up as hostage and torturer, others like to watch, like a hard (pun) voyeuristic peeping Tom.


The Day of the Jackal (1973, dir. Fred Zinnemann)

1963. An international hitman is hired to assassinate Charles de Gaulle; a manhunt ensues. A meticulous and clinical film, almost documentary in its approach, which expertly captures – and in some areas improves on – the bestseller its based upon. Highly recommended.

Eamonn's Reviews

'Somewhat based on the Hitman games' - White's reaction to the second movie

The history of Hitman is defined by its games. And gamers who have played them. What if someone could create a better story than what has been shown in the games? 5,221 more words


HITMAN - Review


There’s something very satisfying about killing people in games, isn’t there? Many of us play games such as Uncharted, Destiny and Witcher where we endlessly mow down an uncountable number of people, a lot of the time, without much care in how they are eliminated (other than those sweet, sweet headshots). 1,843 more words