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Another Broken Heart

WARNING -Sexual content below. Not suitable for those under 18. (Not like you youngsters haven’t seen or read worse before.)

She wore darkness in the way that most women would wear a little black dress. 2,178 more words

Short Stories

Kelly Kisio leaving Calgary Hitmen to go scout for new Vegas NHL team

The Calgary Hitmen announced Friday that long time general manager Kelly Kisio will be leaving the organization to take on a scouting position for the new NHL franchise team in Las Vegas. 45 more words


Altered State, Awful Truth

Amilythalcodramin is a psychoactive drug that was developed under secrecy by Mann Pharmaceuticals for use on terror suspects in the Middle East. The drugs effectiveness was lauded by military interrogators who found the suspects did indeed become more truthful when administered the drug. 330 more words

Killers on Parade, aka My Face Red in the Sunset

Shinoda’s “Killers on Parade” (Yûhi ni akai ore no kao), also known as “My Face Red in the Sunset,” is very peculiar, a romantic comedy about the guild of Tokyo hitmen who sing together when they get together. 289 more words

Stephen O. Murray


Slocumb and Bonser drove to Bryson City, a town of about fourteen hundred people surrounded by mountains. They drove through town and spotted an elderly man standing on his porch, but it was his truck in the driveway that made him a target. 366 more words

Time To Fly

Slocumb remembered that Bonser once took flying lessons, which would come in handy if they could secure a plane. “I never got my license,” the hacker replied. 437 more words

In Bruges (2008)

“Maybe that’s what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in f___ing Bruges.”

Have you ever been on vacation and spent the whole time hating the city you’re in? 576 more words