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Episode 72: Breakthrough

The chip-chat exploded with voices, and far ahead, at the arboretum’s aft exit, weapons fire sounded. Crimson cut her connection to the chat and picked up her pace. 1,538 more words

Victoria Royals vs Calgary Hitmen

The Calgary Hitmen are in Victoria this weekend to play the Royals who recently made numerous trades at the deadline solidifying their push toward the playoffs. 151 more words

The Weirdest Website I've Ever Found (Shepherd)



         I really don’t know how to start this post. I’m really not sure of much anymore. I can’t give you my real name, but you can call me Joseph. 5,648 more words


The Enforcer (1951) Cops, Contracts, Hit Men, Gangsters & Dickie Bow Ties

Oh here we go, this is what I’m talking about, first top film buzz of 2018 straight out the gate. Humphrey Bogart plays tough assistant district attorney law enforcer… 621 more words


Tokyo Drifter (1966) Is Phoenix Tetsu The Coolest Gangster?

Revisited one of my favourite gangster movies of all time yesterday, the beautiful stylish, surreal and avant garde 60’s masterpiece from director Seijun Suzuki. A bewitching serene different approach to the tried and tested Yakuza formula. 603 more words


Episode 70: It's a Party!

“I’m waiting…” growled Galhaan.

“Emergency depressurization is five minutes,” Crimson whined, “Please, even so we’ll lose a third of the ship’s atmosphere!”

“You have two minutes!” 1,429 more words

Episode 69: Angry Pirates

The Rival shuddered and echoed with the concussion of Andross’ explosives. Crimson stumbled badly. Shaak-Rom’s perfect red and striped arms caught her. She cursed.

The depressurization alarm honked; red warning lights ignited over the airlock door. 1,241 more words