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Pre-Game Batting Practice Routine

One of the things I like to do, in particular with my own son, is to get him some isolated pre-game hitting. Sometimes this means at the house in our garage, just doing some light tee work or soft toss to get his swing rhythm going and other times it’ll be in a cage off live pitching from myself or the Iron Mike at a friends house. 463 more words


Real Folk of the Dark Web

A couple of weeks ago I got back from an 8-week trip around the globe to meet with all manner of dark web types in preparation for my upcoming book, … 749 more words

Silk Road

Headline News - #Sunday Photo Fiction

“What you got in the box?” Thomas asked quizzically as Wednesday stepped from the car. He was dressed head to toe in black, which seemed wholly inappropriate for the desert. 206 more words


Philippine police watching Muslim hitmen ahead of international gathering

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine security forces are monitoring a group of former Maoist assassins who joined Islamist militants as a possible threat to this week’s 50th anniversary meeting of Southeast Asian foreign ministers, Manila’s police chief said on Tuesday.

Hostage: Dial V for Vincent

The other side of the criminal gang is a half-Japanese, half- Vietnamese serial killer called Vincent Guliotte (I know, his last name sounds a bit French). 67 more words


Hostage: Dial U for Unhappiness

When you do stupid things with accomplices, this is what happens to you. What Jacques, Vincent and Olav never dreamed of getting into. When you succeed too many times at getting away as a criminal, the thought of getting jailed leaves you. 22 more words


Hostage: Cover Anatomy

Originally, I had the idea in my head about a layout from this graphic novel by Palle Schmidt, Stiletto:

And that cover shot went this way: 35 more words