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Nightfall (1956) and Aldo Ray Recommends?

This is the second film I’ve seen with Aldo Ray in the last few months and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of him before. The first was… 440 more words

Action & Adventure

Vanilla Ride

Vanilla Ride  by Joe R. Lansdale

He’s back! And with a bang! Lansdale has returned to my life with this little gem. Two sittings to finish, and I enjoyed every damn minute if it. 660 more words

Book Review

The Wrong Quarry (Quarry #11 by Max Allan Collins)

What is it about “hit man” books that attracts some of us? I suspect it’s the lifestyle, the hunt, the tracking, etc. The Walter Mitty quality of it all. 604 more words


The Spotless Series

Spotless Series by Camilla Monk

Action & Adventure/Romantic Suspense

Spotless (Book 1)

Beating Ruby (Book 2)

Crystal Whisperer (Book 3)

Butterfly in Amber (Book 4) 356 more words

Romantic Suspense

Episode 60: Space Home

“…I appreciate your honesty, Chief Rom. I will inform the rest of the council and get back to you.” Councilman Joffs, the representative of the colonists to the… 1,106 more words

John Wick: Chapter 2 / ****

I wasn’t really prepare for how much I enjoyed the original John Wick, which took what could be an absurd premise – a retired hitman who comes back to avenge the death of his dog – and turned it into something wonderfully original and fun, filling its running time with stylistic battles, wonderful character actors, and a rich and interesting world of criminal interactions and societies. 607 more words

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"John Wick: Chapter 2"

I have a confession to make: I am not in love with the first, “John Wick” movie. Don’t get me wrong, when one compares it to the non-choreographed, convoluted, edited-within-inches-of-its-life dreck we get nowadays in the action movie genre, “John Wick” is a revelation. 1,039 more words