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1968 Edition, by Rich Paschall

Many musicians toil away at their craft hoping to break through the mass of musical acts and reach success with a hit recording.  745 more words


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Last week we had a 50th anniversary celebration for these one hit wonders. In case you missed it, we are having another party and you are invited. "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" over to SERENDIPITY by clicking on "View original post" below.

To stream or not to stream...That is the dilemma!

So, you need to get your music out there and make some hard cash/big bucks!!

With the plethora of opportunities for artists nowadays it’s a road crammed with options but even more crammed with competition for places. 242 more words

Mark McCafferty Ramblings And Rants;-)

ZAZ interview (with subtitles)

French Singer Zaz spoke to Quebec television during a visit earlier this year.



The Golden Age of Rock Turns 50, 1968 by Rich Paschall

Everyone will look back on their youth with the belief that the hit music of their time comprised the Golden Age of whatever genre was on top.  1,032 more words


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Fifty years ago some rock icons scored one or more of their top hits. Click "View original post" below to head over to SERENDIPITY to find my top 20 songs of 1968. While you are there, find today's article on the one hit wonders of the same year, One Wonderful Moment.

Albert Pujols Got His 3,000th Hit, So Why Don't We Care?

Albert Pujols is one of the greatest baseball players I will ever see play the game.  A future first ballot hall of famer, one of the greatest hitter to ever live and an incredible human being.   226 more words


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

-Bob Marley