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Long Term Survivor

After living with HIV for 23 years I thought I had this thing down pat. Take your meds, manage your viral load and live well! 170 more words

50 Shades Of Grey

New compound gives hope to HIV vaccine

A new compound offers the first real hope in the quest for an HIV vaccine. According to researchers from the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, the discovery has effectively prevented laboratory monkeys from being infected with HIV for an entire year of testing — this could mean human trials are next. 431 more words


Aggressive form of HIV discovered in Cuba

A new, aggressive form of HIV has been documented in Cuba. According to an international team of researchers, the new strain is the result of multiple strains of the virus combining together in a host, the result of having unprotected sex with multiple infected partners. 364 more words


2014: The Year in Review (4)

2014: The Year in Review (4)

2014 was also a year of new beginnings and new projects. Like the first dementia friendly shop in Henties Bay… 255 more words


9 Last-Minute Virtual Valentine's Day Gifts for Good

If you’re like many of us you may have waited until the very last-minute to buy your loved ones Valentine’s Day gifts. While you can still run out and buy a wealth of flowers, cards, and chocolates, here are nine virtual Valentines’s Day gifts you can give that also give back. 458 more words



Do you have a passion or obsession of doing something? Do people sometimes laugh at stuff you really have a heart for? We all have this something special we have always wanna do in life! 770 more words