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736 Reported Cases of HIV in the Philippines for March 2016

According to the HIV and AIDS registry of the Philippine Department of Health, there were 736 reported HIV cases in the Philippines for the month of March 2016, 80 of which were AIDS cases. 133 more words


Dhjetëra vetë më shumë të infektuar me HIV AIDS se vitin e kaluar

Për vitin 2015 u zbuluan 87 persona të prekur nga AIDS në një fazë të zhvilluar, sa 6 prej tyre humbën jetën. Sipas Zërit të Amerikës, janë mbi 870 persona me HIV AIDS, prej të cilët 613 janë meshkuj, 257 femra dhe 40 fëmijë. 199 more words


From Scripps: "Team Uses CRISPR to Hit Hibernating HIV"

Scripps Research Institute

March 28, 2016
Elie Diner

HIV is especially difficult to eliminate because it can hibernate in infected patients, eluding current antiretroviral drug therapy. 928 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From Scripps: " New Findings in Humans Provide Encouraging Foundation for Upcoming AIDS Vaccine Clinical Trial"

Scripps Research Institute

March 28, 2016

Some people infected with HIV naturally produce antibodies that effectively neutralize many strains of the rapidly mutating virus, and scientists are working to develop a vaccine capable of inducing such “broadly neutralizing” antibodies that can prevent HIV infection. 960 more words

Applied Research & Technology

New HIV antibody therapy 'eradicated the virus within TWO weeks'

A new therapy, harnessing the power of human antibodies, has eliminated an HIV-like virus from the bodies of two monkeys, in just two weeks, scientists have revealed.  933 more words


Criminal Sexual Conduct and the Politics of HIV Disclosure

Michael Orsini and Jennifer Kilty discuss the criminalization of failure to disclose HIV status. 813 more words

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Child Molester Given Life Sentence For Raping Toddler Niece And Teen, Both Victims Test Positive For HIV

An African-American man was given a life-sentence by a Houston jury for raping both his 23-month-old niece and a teenage girl, says ABC-13 News. The defendant, David Wilson, 33, who is HIV-positive, also transmitted the virus to his victims.  281 more words

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