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AIDS epidemic impacting Georgia residents

By Chassity Adams

GEORGIA – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported this summer that the HIV/AIDS rate in parts of Atlanta, Georgia is as bad as some third-world countries, including: Zimbabwe, Harare, and Durban.

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Mariah Carey's Sister Has Been Arrested For Prostitution!

Mariah Carey’s sister has been arrested for prostitution after she attempted to solicit money in exchange for sex from an undercover cop pretending to be a client. 159 more words


How Safe Is Your Tattoo Ink?

efore you get that dolphin tattooed on your ankle or “Mom” on your bicep, be warned: The ink used in tattoos may be harmful — even years later. 1,123 more words


Viral Evasive Strategies: dodging the immune system

Charles Darwin described evolution by his famous statement “struggle for the existence”. Nature always like predator-prey play. Our body evolved a complex network of immune system to combat with different kind of external organism and substances like virus. 549 more words

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EpiPens, Election Health, and the Plight of Bagpipes

If you’re outside, you can’t escape the heat. If you’re online, you can’t escape election coverage. If you’re following me on Twitter you can’t escape opioid articles. 507 more words

Coming to terms with loneliness

I’ve decided to come back to the blog and start writing again. Taking a break from it made me realize the fact that while it was a necessary break, writing was something that helped me greatly. 466 more words


Penyebab Virus HIV

Para ilmuwan percaya bahwa mirip dengan virus HIV pertama kali masuk beberapa populasi simpanse dan monyet di Afrika, di mana mereka diburu untuk makanan. Kontak dengan darah yang terinfeksi monyet selama menyembelih atau memasak mungkin telah memungkinkan virus untuk menyeberang ke manusia dan HIV. 265 more words