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Every Question You've Ever Had About HIV Answered

When I came out I can remember having a conversation with my father a few days after I came out. He told me “just please don’t get HIV”. 2,506 more words

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What They Don't Tell You About HIV Prevalence Rate In Zimbabwe.

There are some discussions that are of paramount importance in certain regions across the globe so much that people in those regions tend to think of these things as normal and somewhat ubiquitous. 177 more words


Hoc est corpus … hic est sanguinis

Similar to Damian’s story, Cosmo was a patient on the same ward, in and out with every new opportunistic infection or tumour his HIV could lay its grubby hands on.  2,266 more words

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9 Health Benefits of Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose essential oil (Rose Damascene) known as the Damask Rose not only smells beautiful, but it also has health benefits as well. Dating back thousands of years our ancestors used it for health benefits along with beauty treatments. 485 more words

Ex-Girlfriend Sues Charlie Sheen For Allegedly Exposing Her To HIV

(SL) – Here we go again. According to reports, Charlie Sheen is being sued again by an ex-lover who claims he exposed her to HIV. The suit, that doesn’t identify by name Sheen or the ex also claims that he dissuaded her from taking antiretroviral drugs. 472 more words


Actor Charlie Sheen Is Being Sued For Exposing Ex To HIV!!!

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On November 15, 2015 actor Charlie Sheen announced on national TV that he was infected with the HIV virus. Two years after his announcement an ex-girlfriend is suing him stating he didn’t disclose his status until after they had sexual relations. 206 more words

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Venezuelan Medical Crisis affecting HIV+ People.

Radio 4 recently featured a documentary which was talking about the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. It was specifically referencing the medical crisis that was and has been developing in the country over the last few years. 2,011 more words