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Soulfil; O

Testaments inside the bullet filched red matter out of my liver and into the environment for L. Ron Hubbard. Slick city people gathered around and tried to pay for their audience with the sacrifice of time, air coming in a short supply. 7 more words

Evaluation of the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival Four-Country Overview: Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Uganda

This brief presents findings from the evaluation of activities related to the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival (PHFS). It focuses on eight components that contributed to the partnership’s success in Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Uganda: 69 more words


Age Is Not A Condom

The number of babies born at Yale-New Haven Hospital with HIV has been effectively zero since 1996. But now a new group is battling the disease: people 50 and older. 110 more words

Black Lives Matter


HIV in the Philippines

While most of the world has seen a decline in HIV cases in recent years, the Philippines is one of the few countries on the planet reporting an increase in cases. 45 more words


The Power of Prayer - No Shit Sherlock

Believe me, when you’ve been traded like a slave, taken away from the land of your birth; raped, beaten and humiliated in every way from the age of 4… prayer means shit to you. 1,911 more words



Can’t Cry These Tears Anymore

As I sit upon the cheap laminate flooring. With music quetly playing out the speaker beside me. I look up and around at the place that I call home and my memories seem to be already fading away. 1,018 more words


"Se ti capita di non usare il condom": l'ignobile propaganda antipreservativo

“Se ti capita di non usare il condom” recita l’ignobile pubblicità creata da un gruppo di sieropositivi tesa a pubblicizzare un farmaco antiretrovirale come sostituto del preservativo, … 368 more words