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Of relationships, lies and whatnots

I have this friend. She’s my best friend. At least she was. Until recently. I knew everything about her. Well I think I did. And she knew much about me too. 234 more words


Ps 21

The nameless king, in Christian perspective, could be a reference to Jesus. But Jesus did not have a gold crown as the psalm tells. 806 more words


HIV and Aids Awareness

**Your Health Matters**

How can I get HIV?

HIV can only be passed from person to person through body fluids, such as blood, semen and vaginal fluid. 454 more words



There it was.

I stared at the screen again, not wanting to believe it.

She was positive for HIV?!?!??!

Do you make someone take time off of work and pay another copay to come in and see you so you can deliver this kind of news in person? 126 more words


The Woman in Room #670

I met a woman last week whose story I want to share with you today. This woman was taken into police custody but because of an illness she was held at a hospital for treatment.  1,321 more words



HIV on my mind this morning… Don’t know why? But please read and save a life.

I was in the fourth year of my Med-Peds residency, and a fourteen-year-old boy was admitted with fever, inflamed gums, and a rash. 682 more words

Know Your HIV Status in 15 Minutes with FREE and ANONYMOUS HIV Screening on May 29

LoveYourself Incognito, the country’s first community-based HIV screening for men that asks for no names, uses no forms, and is highly confidential, is set for May 29 from 10 a.m. 274 more words