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Triple-A Prime

Grade I need from the FDA’s
more than Prime, I need Triple-A.
Not cannon fodder, flesh and blood,
Praise God above for gift of love. 376 more words


Our first dabble in #MedChem through #CompChem

We’ve expanded the scope of our research interests from quantum mechanical calculations to docking and MedChem for over a year now; it has been a very interesting ride and a very rich avenue of research to explore. 711 more words

Computational Chemistry

Improper joinder of offenses leads to reversal

This week, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals vacated and dismissed a conviction for criminal exposure to human immunodeficiency virus because it was improperly joined to an aggravated rape charge.  619 more words

Criminal Law

Do you Have AIDS? None of Your Business? Umm, but your cock is in my Butt.

Now preceding, Judge Walker-

Judge- Okay, people, today’s first case, we have the family of an 8 year old boy versus the neighbors across the street. 325 more words

This Day sucks big time..

I have a child who wants to kill themselves, because they never feel good enough and thinks they will never pass enough to get out of college. 281 more words


Sexual Stereotyping and Relative Discomfort

In an article about a nightclub in the south of England, where couples can go one night a month so that the woman can have sex with black men while their male partner watches, Afua Hirsch is not so much concerned about the behavior of the clubbers as she is about the sexual stereotyping and racist assumptions that go with the concept of a ‘Black Man’s Fan Club’. 538 more words