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The new realities of HIV

Written by JZ

In the latest issue of Attitude magazine, Kristian Johns (@guy_interruptd), writes about how we should approach HIV health promotional measures. Kristian calls for a “harder approach” in safe-sex campaigns, he believes current campaigns has “mellowed”, ignoring the harsh realities of everyday life with HIV. 960 more words

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Health officials Syphilis on the rise in Portland

Syphilis was all but wiped out around 2000. Now it’s finding a second life, particularly in Multnomah County. In 2008, there were just 20 cases of syphilis reported in the area. 114 more words

The link between sexual violence and HIV

The link between sexual violence and HIV is well established. It is in part directly biological as women may be exposed to HIV during rape, and partly mediated through gender power inequalities and the impact of sexual violence on women’s sense of self, and in particular perceptions of control over sexual access to their bodies and their self-esteem. 454 more words

Shared Responsibility

what is your part to play in your sex life? Are you like a sheep being lead to the slaughter, blindly following a hard taskmaster? 358 more words


VL undetectable!

My meds started in Dec. And my doc appointment confirmed that everything seems good! My drug cocktail is just one a day, Atripla. Nice and easy. 228 more words

Dumb Grindr Guys #3

Sorry I’ve been away for a while been busy and that. I generally have nice conversations about hiv. I’m unofficially mentoring newly diagnosed guys in Ireland through grindr. 88 more words

HIV Testing Without Consent

I’ve always been against the government protecting people from themselves. However, I definitely think that part of the government’s job is to protect its citizens from others who are attempting to harm them. 258 more words

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