Prickly heat rash, also called miliaria, is a rash that can develop after a person sweats far more than usual and sweat glands become blocked. 227 more words

Kenya: High Court halts HIV+ data collection, upholding dignity & privacy

Many thanks to Professor Ebenezer Durojaye of the Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights at the University of the Western Cape, for abstracting this significant judgment for REPROHEALTHLAW subscribers.  550 more words


Miami's Affordable Housing Crisis Worsens Dade's HIV/AIDS Problem

Jessica Lipscomb (Miami New Times) offers a sobering view of Miami’s housing crisis and its effect on those afflicted by HIV/AIDS. He quotes a report that states that “Housing and transportation are extraordinarily important factors impacting people living with HIV/AIDS and affecting their linkage to (and retention in) HIV care.” 280 more words

Architecture/Urban Planning

The HIV shelter that Michael built

At 27 years and counting, Michael Chow is probably one of the longest surviving persons living with HIV in Malaysia.
And throughout this time, Michael has not only stared the disease down on a daily basis but provides shelter to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) through his Faith Helping Centre. 871 more words



Alopecia areata is “a common condition of undetermined etiology characterized by circumscribed, nonscarring, usually asymmetric areas of baldness on the scalp, eyebrows, and bearded portion of the face.” 119 more words


Tinea corporis refers to ringworm of the trunk, legs, or arms. Different fungi cause tinea corporis in different parts of the world. It’s common for this infection to originate in the feet or nails, then spread to other body parts. 143 more words

Wits HIV/AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Wits University Staff and students participated in the HIV/AIDS Candlelight Memorial in Solomon Mahlangu House at Wits May 23, 2017.  10 more words

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