The end, and a beginning - My HIV Story continues

One thing I have been worried about is shaming others. This story could easily be a nasty diatribe about very ugly things. I will try to be nice here, but the story is ugly at best. 1,701 more words

Curse of a Beautiful Woman

Her beauty is her major asset and yet her curse.She stares at the mirror with tears slowly filling her eyes. She wishes she could be dead but doesn’t have courage to do it. 881 more words


VIDC Signs The Vancouver Consensus

Following the recently concluded IAS 2015 (international Aids Society Conference 2015) at the Vancouver Convention Centre last July 19-22, 2015, the Vancouver Consensus was created. 353 more words

VIDC Updates

Fall 2015 Semester Plan

The following plan is a tentative look at what my 2nd semester will look like for my Master’s program. This will help to shape the future of Our Viral Lives as a project. 348 more words


Rollercoasters, the middle - My HIV Story continues

Relationships are like rollercoaster rides. They have a lot of breathtaking ups and downs. They can make your heart race with excitement and fear. They are sometimes fast and then slow, but then gain steam again. 1,761 more words

The Envoy Years

Hello, I thought some of you might enjoy this link from Steven Lewis. If you’re not following what he does in this world, please do! He is the co-founder and the board chair of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 92 more words


Since 2014, ART clients in Ethiopia have been getting their CD4 status in 20 minutes

By Tesfaye Simerta

CHANCHO TOWN, OROMIA REGION, ETHIOPIA, 23 October 2014 – The Chancho Health Centre, 45kms north of Addis Ababa, is where Rediet* goes for her follow-ups, having discovered she was HIV positive back in 2013. 665 more words