Extended #screening for #infectious #diseases among newly-arrived asylum seekers from #Africa and #Asia, Verona province, #Italy, April 2014 to June 2015 (Euro Surveill., abstract)

Extended screening for infectious diseases among newly-arrived asylum seekers from Africa and Asia, Verona province, Italy, April 2014 to June 2015

Dora Buonfrate1, Federico Gobbi1, Valentina Marchese1,2, Chiara Postiglione3, Geraldo Badona Monteiro1, Giovanni Giorli1, Giuseppina Napoletano3, Zeno Bisoffi1… 349 more words


Focusing on Neglected Patients

Source: Lasker Foundation | April 25, 2018

Rachel Cohen is the regional executive director of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), a nonprofit drug research and development organization focused on diseases such as leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness. 976 more words

Tandem bispecific neutralizing #antibody eliminates #HIV-1 #infection in humanized mice (J Clin Invest., abstract)

Tandem bispecific neutralizing antibody eliminates HIV-1 infection in humanized mice

Xilin Wu,1,2 Jia Guo,1 Mengyue Niu,1,2 Minghui An,1,3 Li Liu,1,2 Hui Wang,2 Xia Jin,4 Qi Zhang,5 Ka Shing Lam,1 Tongjin Wu,1 Hua Wang,5 Qian Wang,5 Yanhua Du,1 Jingjing Li,1 Lin Cheng,2 Hang Ying Tang,1 Hong Shang,3 Linqi Zhang,5 Paul Zhou,4 and Zhiwei Chen1,2… 241 more words


Measurements to Capture the Quality of HIV Services for Men Who Have Sex with Men and for Transgender People

The goal of achieving quality in service provision is common in HIV programming, but progress in the field has stalled, because of a lack of clarity about how to operationalize quality and measure end roads to success. 121 more words


Why I Share the LOVE

This past week, I ran into an individual I hadn’t seen in a coon’s age. We’d worked together years ago and since, we’d lost contact. It was wonderful to see her again. 601 more words


Prevention Needs and Priorities among Vulnerable Female Populations Living with HIV

Historically, HIV prevention efforts have focused on reducing risk among those who have tested negative for the virus and those with unknown serostatus. However, these efforts overlook the specific role that people living with HIV can play in prevention. 128 more words


Dr Adeeba : Fighting misconceptions with science

Prof Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman has the knack to marry science and the fight for human rights.

Armed with a body of scientific research material, she has trudged through opponents and won battles such as ensuring that Malaysia’s harm reduction policy for injecting drug users (IDUs) has been maintained for the past 13 years. 578 more words