The search for a cure: how stem cells could eradicate the AIDS virus

It’s hard to overstate just how devastating the AIDS crisis was at its peak in the U.S. – and still is today in many parts of the world. 529 more words

Random Headlines -- 3/02/15

RH Reality Check – Meet the Islamophobic CPAC mainstage speaker behind the ‘Abortion Barbie’ posters.

Talking Points Memo – Male Fox host complains about the ‘pussification’ of men. 76 more words

Marriage Equality

FDA Breakthrough Therapy: TaiMed Biologics’ HIV And Atara Biotherapeutics’ T-Cell Therapy

The FDA recently grants 2 FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designations (BTDs):

•   TaiMed Biologics’ Ibalizumab for HIV/AIDS

•   Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and Atara Biotherapeutics’ EBV-CTL, T-Cell Therapy for complications tied to bone marrow transplants. 324 more words

FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation

T cell exhaustion during persistent viral infections

Why does the immune system fail to clear some virus (and other infections) and allow a state of chronic infection to occur? And when it does, how are immune responses different from a non-infected individual? 188 more words


Painting the Town

Visual messaging is such an effective method for health education for so many reasons. Most importantly, murals draw more attention from people than simply a written sign, as well as help in providing messaging to those who are illiterate. 343 more words

Achilles' Cunt

I feel like a bad activist today. I’m doing the human thing really well I think, but the activist thing? The Social Justice Superhero thing? Boy, am I missing the mark. 988 more words

Anecdotes And Journals


Last night I had the chance to visit him again and see how he is doing 3 weeks after his hospitalization. Realization- our  genetic make up  is unique in every individual and that we all have a unique timeline in self healing. 356 more words