You Look Clean

“You look clean. If you look clean you can’t catch a disease’, this quote is from an episode of  An African City (the show that follows 4 diasporians in their return home to Ghana). 464 more words

The Naked Truth Posts


Earlier this week I had a call from a phone number that I didn’t recognize; the phone number was coming from the United States, and given that I know only one person who lives there (and not from the state that was coming up in the caller ID), I ignored it. 543 more words



Come cry with me.

We could have a crying chain around the world, individuals who feel shock, horror and a sense of hopelessness that such things can and do happen. 1,411 more words

Good Hope Community Support

WATCH: HIV+ pastor Hayley Young shares her struggle with congregation

WATCH ABOVE: Rev. Hayley, of Hayling Island Baptist Church, created a moving video detailing her journey through contracting HIV and living HIV positive.

A pastor in a small island community off the south coast of England took to YouTube to explain to her parishioners how she was struggling with the secret of her… 463 more words


Guest Blogger Rob Quinn: Our Voice Matters!

By Rob Quinn

On April 13 and 14, nearly 400 HIV/AIDS advocates from 30 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, traveled to Washington, D.C. to AIDSWatch 2015, the nation’s largest annual constituent-based national HIV/AIDS advocacy event. 855 more words


NYC Street Art Mocks Stephanopoulos's 'Clinton Cash' Scandal Outside ABC Studios

The ABC News star, host to “Good Morning America (GMA)” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” is seen in a piece of street art tweaking him for a series of donations totaling $75,000 to the… 140 more words


Who Shall I Be?


goaded out of proportion, chased, hemmed in
condemned by multitudinous gaggle of fears,
squabbling chickens penned up too long
shut in without windows or doors to open… 106 more words