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Hive checks on May 3, 2015

Both of the hives were checked on May 3. I removed the feeders and put an empty frame in. When I removed the feeder from the one hive it had more burr comb in it. 87 more words


New Beehives Installed April 11, 2015

The new bees arrived on April 11 this year. I installed two new beehives. Over the week I’ve been feeding them sugar water to get them started. 175 more words

Hive Check

Our second spring check and moving the hive

We had a nice stretch of weather so we decided to do the second spring check of the hive. The girls were very active, flying back and forth with lots of pollen attached to their legs. 256 more words


BeehIve Inspection 2/8/2015 - The Hive is Dead

The weather here has been extraordinary warm for this time of the year with temperatures in the mid 50’s. Over the past weeks I had been watching the hive and didn’t see any activity. 254 more words


Tales of a Terrible Bee Keeper

I’m more of a cat person, really.  But as a farmer, I love pollinators.  Birds, butterflies, especially bees help to ensure that we will have crops.  623 more words

Top Bar Hive

Hive hot, missed a swarm

Rainy week last week kept me out of the hive. Today, hot day, bees were happy though. The queen is laying profusely, 10 or 11 full frames of brood. 76 more words

Hive check 6/29/14 and flowers in bloom

The bees have started to build swarm cells on the bottom of top super frames. I put another box on to give them more room in hopes that it will stop swarming. .

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