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The allotment goes bee-serk

Today I ambled down to the allotment determined to do something more productive than just feeding the chickens. I arrived to find the site busy, the warm sunny weather has brought everyone out. 838 more words

Splitting the Hive

Today was the day for splitting the feisty hive on Phil’s far plot. The build up was intense, everyone focused deeply the issue of putting down the main path. 368 more words

Enjoying the sunshine

Still bogged down with flu, I dragged myself down to get some fresh air. The sunshine finally has appeared and according to the Met Office, it will be here for the entire Bank Holiday weekend. 262 more words

Chasing Chickens!

Today we both headed down to the allotment to medicate the chickens – their legs have been showing signs of sore legs.

Scaley leg is easy to treat using either vaseline to protect the leg from infection or, even better, sudacrem. 270 more words

Hive Check, Or "Do Our Bees Have Enough Honey to Get Through the Winter?"

In preparation for applying the Mite Away strips, we did a complete hive check on Friday.

We needed to find out how the brood was placed to assess where best to place the strips for treatment. 389 more words

Busy, busy, busy!

Today was a full day down the allotment – chickens fed and watered. A couple of eggs but then it was still early. Molly has been moved back into our main coop and is bearing the brunt of the arguments between the chickens. 281 more words

First hive check

On first glance, this seems a silly title for this post. Anyone who has been following this blog will know the hives have been on site for over a month and I have been regularly helping with the weekly hive inspections. 255 more words