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Hive Check, Or "Do Our Bees Have Enough Honey to Get Through the Winter?"

In preparation for applying the Mite Away strips, we did a complete hive check on Friday.

We needed to find out how the brood was placed to assess where best to place the strips for treatment. 389 more words

Busy, busy, busy!

Today was a full day down the allotment – chickens fed and watered. A couple of eggs but then it was still early. Molly has been moved back into our main coop and is bearing the brunt of the arguments between the chickens. 281 more words

First hive check

On first glance, this seems a silly title for this post. Anyone who has been following this blog will know the hives have been on site for over a month and I have been regularly helping with the weekly hive inspections. 255 more words

Fine, But Not Yet Super-Fine: Take Two

When we last checked the hive, we added a honey super. Like all decisions regarding our girls, we weren’t sure if this was the right decision or not, but I read in a blog post (that I won’t link to here), you add the super when the second deep box has 6-7 full frames. 615 more words

The hives are a-buzz!

Popped down to help Steve check the hives today as Phil has sadly done his back quite badly and isn’t able to come down.

I was on secretary duty to record how the hive was working. 206 more words

Drone Cells and Queen Cells = Two Different Things

I know that. Still, I hyperventilated for a moment when we saw these on the bottom of a hive frame during our first hive check. The cells on the bottom of the frame above are drone cells, bigger because the drones take longer to mature than worker bees. 322 more words

Give me hive!

Today was the first check of the new Bee hives on site. I have decided to do separate posts for the bees as this is different from my usual posts about chickens and the unending war on weeds. 458 more words