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A reign of fear

Though often before complained about and mused upon I tend to offer the same result with a different resolution; anxiety as spread through the mass propaganda of a new age, one heralding whatever grips our near sterile minds. 989 more words

"Queen Bee" by Mark Ryden

Today we are featuring a small painting by a contemporary painter, Mark Ryden (whose work has showed up on this blog before). This is “Queen Bee” a portrait which stands somewhat in contrast with Ryden’s usual style: although the painting does have the jewel-like illustration quality which constitutes half of his trademark; it notably lacks the dark narrative extravagance of earlier works. 303 more words


Fix: HDP "Unauthorized connection for super-user: oozie from IP"

Recently have been playing with HortonWorks HDP 2.2. Was starting to configure some oozie workflows and when submitting the job the first step’s Hive script failed with this error and stack. 141 more words


Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the AWS.NET API Part 4: Hive basics with Hadoop


In the previous post we started our first Amazon EMR cluster with Hadoop, Hive and a couple of other tools installed. We saw even our first examples of the Hive query language to retrieve the available tables and databases. 1,692 more words


Ooooh I'm Telling : Doing Swear Word Analysis with Storm on HDInsight

As promised, this is the first of three (maybe more) posts that will present an end-to-end example to showcase the distributed streaming capabilities of the Apache Storm project. 2,138 more words


(Documented) Gig 4: The Big Mic - The Hive.

Stand Up in India is a recent phenomenon. At best, the scene started some 5-6 years ago. We’re a young scene with not too many institutions and there aren’t many properties that have stuck around since the beginning of the scene. 618 more words


Signing the beehive

To celebrate Green Week and the painting of our beehive, we have been collecting signatures on the hive’s roof. We had a great day out on Houghton St getting people to make Green Week pledges and signing the hive and giving away food, cycle shirts and other goodies in return. 76 more words