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Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in its lawsuit asserting that the $150 a year fee paid by many of you is, in fact, illegal. – Read more…


Politicians Party In Paradise

Suppose you have been scrimping for years so that you and your family could finally enjoy a Hawaiian vacation. Winging your way high over the Pacific, visions of palm trees, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and maybe even hula dancers pass through your head. 19 more words

You may need to take further action to secure your opportunity for a refund

As you know, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is in the process of suing the state, asking the court to order refunds of what we believe to be an illegal tax. 166 more words

Keeping Two Sets of Books

When the full amount of the unfunded liability is revealed by the new, more honest accounting standards, expect voters to demand the heads of the politicians and government officials who created this crisis.  Read more…


No Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Some years ago, at a meeting of the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities, a controversial suggestion by one of the council members resulted in startled murmurs from the audience. 18 more words

Taxpayers Prevail in First Hearing on Fire Tax

Last week, HJTA’s legal team appeared in Sacramento Superior Court to defend against a state request that our lawsuit, against what we believe to be an illegal fire tax, be dismissed. 187 more words


Calaveras County Taxpayers Annual BBQ

The Calaveras County Taxpayers Association will host its annual BBQ on Wednesday, July 24, 5 to 8:30 PM, at Moaning Cavern Park.
The keynote speaker will be Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which helped pass Prop 218 which allows water ratepayers the power to reject unreasonable rate increases and  filed the lawsuit to stop the illegal California Fire Tax. 120 more words