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Done Right: F23's "LE-ish" Kit

I’ve noticed a growing interest in counter terrorist and other LE (Law Enforcement) special operators.

As they’ve become more and more and more militarised, the distinctions between these units and SOF have blurred. 1,423 more words

Done Right

Ambi Envy?

I was looking at an HK416D vs. MR556A1 comparison thread on an RS forum and came across the two pics immediately below.

The MR556A1 is the civilian version of the HK416D and is different in a number of ways. 292 more words


Do You Like Koch?

It doesn’t take a project manager (my day job) to tell you that nothing ever goes exactly as planned.

In fact, the best plans are often flexible enough to deliver the right outcomes, regardless of unforeseen circumstances along the way. 1,008 more words


Berserkir Mechanized - B79 - Tokyo Marui HK416N

Words By Roar Stene.

Pics by Fort Huxy and Roar Stene.

First of All:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Roar Stene AKA B79…

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Done Right

HK416 LAPD Stylee

Law Enforcement blasters came up in conversation with my mate Tuomo, recently.

Tuomo has been through a range of blaster styles: from clean to painted; impression to interpretation. 280 more words


A look inside the HK MR556 (HK416)

This week I saw someone posting online that the military prefers the HK416 because it is simpler than the M4.  I had a really hard time not signing up for that forum to call the poster ignorant.   160 more words

Scattered Shots

Done Right: Dutch's CAG 416

Didn’t I say summer is fighting season, in Sweden? Pictorial update of Seraph’s co-conspirator Dutch’s FCC 416. Last seen on this blog in 2014. 84 more words

Done Right