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Three Reasons Everyone Should Own an SGT 416

If you haven’t already heard, Tackleberry has announced that the only 416 you will ever need – the SGT 416 – will shortly resume production. That’s right. 599 more words


The $900 416

Eagle eyed (looooool!) readers will have seen that Hao revealed the price of their 416 set today. It will retail at $900USD which makes it comparable to the discontinued Eagle Eye branded set, unsurprisingly. 67 more words



First, some rumour trouncing news. Something I’d not noticed before, but check out the barrel nut area of the Hao 416’s upper receiver:

Now look at SGT’s: 121 more words


Don't Ask Me Where The Battery Goes, I Have No Idea

The budget PTW HK416 market has been dead since Eagle Eye stopped making its quite reasonable offering. Rumour has it they lost the data with which to produce the receiver set. 148 more words