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Kenny the Cop, Episode 19

Another Monday means another episode of Kenny!

Kenny the Cop, Episode 19: A Spot of Trouble, Part IV leaves the story arc at a cliffhanger that sadly was never resolved.   85 more words


HL2 and The Legacy

November 16th, 2004 was a red letter day for nearly all of us in the PC Realm. The original Half-Life  which dropped in 1998 was a reminder that First Person Shooters can be something more then just shooty-shooty-bang-bang and redefined the FPS genre. 648 more words


Justify the Means, Part 4

Hello, you, and welcome back to our re-release of AJ Rimmer’s Half-Life 2 comic, Justify the Means!
We’re nearing the end with part 4 of 5 of this sadly unfinished series. 38 more words


Justify the Means, Part 3

Hello! Mythos here, again on behalf of AJ Rimmer to bring you the next part of his Half-Life 2 comic opus, Justify the Means! Enjoy part 3 of this fantastic and unique series: 25 more words


Kenny the Cop, Episode 8

Another Monday, another Kenny episode!

Kenny the Cop, Episode 8: Isolation, Part II is nothing terribly special as far as KtC episodes go.  This two-parter exemplifies the disjointed writing process I had at the time.   79 more words


Beyond Borders updated on the Comic Archive

Well, hello there! If you didn’t get enough Jim_Riley with the recent re-release of the epic Gray Saints II, do I have good news for you! 54 more words


Mjolnir Short: Guess what time it is!

This Wednesday we bring another short!

Published in April 2006, this one is an adaptation of a Calvin and Hobbes strip. At the time I thought no one would get the reference, but most readers recognized the source material immediately. 41 more words