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Noir Half-Life 2 Comic 36 Bullets Re-released

Hello! I feel like I owe people an apology, Metrocop’s been pretty dead ever since the Hallowe’en contest concluded. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for anything, the forums have been relatively quiet and there’s nothing noteworthy coming from the Valve front (except the… 137 more words


Final Part of Subject 23 Released

Hello, nice people! Good news: Pyren has re-released the massive final part of his Subject 23 epic, which brings everything together for an explosive finale and reveals shocking links to his previous work, … 73 more words


Subject 23: Part 2 Now Online

Hey, guys! Pyren has finally re-released part two of Subject 23 for your reading pleasure. Click the image to see the comic and enjoy!


Some classic screenshots by Pyren

Behind the unappealing post title (hey come on, it’s Monday morning, I couldn’t think of anything else) lie a bunch of awesome screenshots from the old days, made by our newest forum member Pyren, including some shots from the unproduced… 26 more words


Pyren's Subject 23 Returns!

Good news, everyone!

Pyren, who you may remember from all the Infection comics CJR re-released, has joined the Metrocop forums to bring back some of his old classics, beginning with Subject 23, one of his most beloved series. 23 more words


Where in the world is Hercule Cubbage?

Well, this is awkward.

It’s been exactly one year since the release of the latest chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage. In the meantime, I’ve had a few queries on the status of the comic, as well as a couple of comments… 875 more words