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A Thankful Heart

*a special post from a special guest*
Hi there! My name is Courtney. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, and mother of two. Most people know my most defining role of the past three years is as a “heart mom,” a mom fighting the world of… 1,410 more words


It’s interesting when what is supposed to be simple, becomes difficult and challenging. The procedure Izzie had recently was described to us as a simple catheterization, where they would close the hole and maybe coil a few collaterals if need be. 805 more words


The Intersection

Every hospital has The Intersection.  Every heart parent has stood at The Intersection.  This is the place where it all becomes real, where it’s go-time, where you whisper that last fervent prayer before letting go.   728 more words


Giving My Child Life Was the Right Choice

It’s a narrative I have addressed indirectly here, and sometimes, in careful discussion, directly with others: the close tie that congenital heart defects have with abortion; the tragic reality that a large number of babies diagnosed with CHD in-utero are “terminated for medical reasons” due to their imperfect hearts. 1,591 more words

Tetralogy Of Fallot

Chronic pain caused by CHD

One thing we as heart patients become great liars, “How are you doing.” often will lie say fine or good, when if we actually told you how we were feeling, no one would talk to us.  623 more words

For years, my father, sister and I would spend weekends, school vacations and a few evenings a month together. We lived with our mom in Plymouth and he lived in Braintree. 369 more words


Sports, gym, and partition

I’ve enjoyed pushing my heart to the max.  Be it in gym, trying sports and trying hard.  I grow up with two brothers.  I played   softball in grade school.  668 more words