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To the staff in the PICU

In 2014 staff in a U.K. PICU cared for my son. In 2015 I wrote a blog post thanking them and I’m hopeful that some of them saw it. 2,001 more words

Snow Globe

(Snow Globe: because sometimes your life gets turned upside down and shaken)

Danny and I decided that “Jonathan” would be the perfect name for baby boy #4.   815 more words

Today, my father would have been 76 years old. In years past, I would call him up, sing him ‘Happy Birthday’, and attempt to make plans to see him. 1,125 more words


Amniocentesis (3/9/17)

Regardless of my faith/hope/peace in God I was absolutely terrified to go in for the amniocentesis….ok, maybe terrified is an exaggeration but I was definitely a little anxious to say the least. 870 more words

Kyle's Journey

By Dani Graham

As an older couple, my husband and I came together as most people our age were experiencing “empty nest” syndrome.  We were childhood friends who started dating when we were 40.   1,693 more words


When she awoke the next morning after a very restless night, she realized that she still had blood in her hair. Wincing as her arm slowly moved upward to the source of the pain in her head, she was still trying to piece together the events that happened the day before. 1,065 more words



Yellow is a bright and happy colour. It is the colour of sunshine. It is also the colour that reminds me of Oscar.

This was the outside of the hospital Oscar was born at, on the day of his birth: 291 more words