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Why "stop" doesn't mean giving up 

On April 24th 2014, Oscar’s bed was surrounded by doctors and nurses. They were pumping him full of medications and fluids, trying to stabilise them. I was sat by the wall at the corner of his cubicle. 586 more words

April 24th, three years on

April 24th 2014 was the day Oscar died. It was the day that I always knew we would have to face. It was the day I had been terrified of since we got Oscar’s diagnosis. 2,294 more words

April 23rd, three years on 

As much as April 23rd was supposed to be about saying goodbye, it wasn’t a sad day.This was in part due to Oscar’s knack for doing things that couldn’t fail to make me smile at just the right moment. 1,037 more words

April 22nd, three years on 

This is a text (with spellings corrected) that I sent at the end of the 22nd April 2014:

“Apologies for the mass text and also to those whose messages I have ignored.

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April 21st, three years on

Written Two years ago:
Something which makes it hard for me to write these posts is knowing what is coming next. I know, writing this now, that April 21st was our last “good” day with Oscar. 803 more words

April 20th, three years on

I’m going to begin todays entry with something dated for the 21st:

Now given that there is no such thing as “Easter Tuesday” but there is an “Easter Monday” I am willing to bet that the above entry was written by the night nurse on the 20th-21st. 405 more words

April 19th, three years on

April 19th 2014 was Easter Sunday. As Oscar was due at the end of March, I never imagined he would still be with us at Easter. 788 more words