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Hybrid Surgery

On Thursday, October 12th, my infant daughter had her first heart surgery. She was only six days old at the time. As I write this, I still have trouble forcing myself to recall the painful moments, like when I arrived just before the surgeons took her into the operating room. 376 more words

Marriage, Parenthood & Social Life


I put off going to visit her again tonight, until about midnight. As badly as I wanted to see her, I dreaded having to leave her once again. 605 more words

Marriage, Parenthood & Social Life

The Best Kind of Handoff

Hey friends! It’s been awhile, I know…we closed out the summer having a lot of fun as a family before the fall rolled around.¬† This fall season, though, brings with it a very exciting time for Nolan: SCHOOL! 1,401 more words


Horn Lake High Teen Attempts Suicide After Being Bullied

Discrimination happens to more people than just one race and because of more than just one issue. A person’s weight has, oftentimes, caused discrimination and bullying against an individual. 321 more words

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Oh my gosh, I do not know what to say, but I HONESTLY have the BEST doctors in the world! I just saw my baby’s Cardiologist, Dr.Stock, on Thursday the 24th, and had another echo-cardiogram done, and GOOD NEWS, no changes. 536 more words


The Legend of the Phoenix

Surely you’ve already heard of the city in Arizona called Phoenix, right? However that is not what this post is about. When I talk about the Phoenix, I am referring to the legendary creature of Greek mythology. 429 more words


Yellow Duckling's Story 

When I was a child I went to stay with my Granddad in Scotland. It was the first time I’d been that far away from home and I got a little homesick. 383 more words