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I don’t go on Facebook nearly as often as I used to. I am realizing that many of my ‘friends’, tend to be fair-weather ones at best. 938 more words


I am probably one of the rare breeds of heart moms that doesn’t call her daughter a ‘rock star’. I don’t remember saying that she ‘rocked’ her last open heart surgery. 514 more words


“Rym….oh my God….oh my God…”

“Lis? What is it? What’s wrong?”

“The porn…the scratch tickets…shooting up….who the fuck did I have living with me? Who was this person living in my house?? 901 more words


I have a lot on my mind today. After sitting here messaging my girlfriend a few thoughts prior to her therapy session, I realized that I am still in rough shape from yesterday. 1,136 more words


I guess maybe I should thank you for validating what I have been suspecting for quite some time now – that I am not being considered for positions because I am on the ‘older’ end of the spectrum.¬† 1,102 more words


My Sweet, Happy Boy is BACK!

Our hospital stay with the Glenn was only 6 days! It was so much easier and “better” than the Norwood… as far as the hospital stay and surgery go. 667 more words

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Stages of Coping & Grief, CHD Diagnosis

I am going to give you a personal explanation of why this blog site exists. A little under two years ago I gained¬†my new title, “ 1,903 more words