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The Story of Valentina Allen: Half the Heart, but Twice the Fight

On February 15, 2013 Danielle and Ryan Allen gave birth to their second child, Valentina. However, this beautiful baby girl was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) 20 weeks into Danielle’s pregnancy, but Valentina was quite the fighter. 792 more words


Nya's Story Part 2

When I gave birth to my baby, time seemed to speed up and slow down all at once. Suddenly, I was transported to a place of no time, a… 641 more words


Hands Out of the Sand

Well November is finally here: the time of year where the temperature starts to drop a bit, the Halloween decorations get put away, and kids start to develop the all-to-familiar tickle in the backs of their throats which send us Heart Parents into a small panic.  995 more words


Month 5

Well I realized I haven’t posted in a while.  So a little baby update.  I am at the end of my 5th month.  I am now 21 weeks along and feeling good so far.  343 more words

Nya's Story Part 1

On October 6th 2017, our beautiful, baby girl entered the world. In this post I’ve attached a short video, shot by my husband, that documents her arrival. 258 more words


Hybrid Surgery

On Thursday, October 12th, my infant daughter had her first heart surgery. She was only six days old at the time. As I write this, I still have trouble forcing myself to recall the painful moments, like when I arrived just before the surgeons took her into the operating room. 376 more words



I put off going to visit her again tonight, until about midnight. As badly as I wanted to see her, I dreaded having to leave her once again. 605 more words