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Troubled Times

These are the only times we’ll ever know. The here and the now are our sole existence, and it will define us. It will cage what we can and can not do; directing everything we think about and all of which we talk about. 85 more words


HLN blurs out retired officer's Trump 2016 shirt

Media bias on full display.

From Fox News: Who knew that “Trump” was a four-letter word?

Yet in a story aired Wednesday about a man who saved a baby from a hot car, CNN’s Headline News (HLN) chose to censor the Good Samaritan’s “Trump for President 2016” T-shirt on air. 172 more words


Media Manipulation: HLN Cancels Dr. Drew After He Questions Hillary's Health

Source: RTAmerica
August 29, 2016

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show was just cancelled by CNN’s sister network, HLN, only days after he questioned her health. It was the second time he did so. 14 more words


Dr. Drew Fired for Hillary Diagnosis

HLN has cancelled Dr. Drew Pinsky.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise; the program sucked. But the timing is interesting.

Deadline via Drudge:

Days after CNN’s… 370 more words


Dr. Drew Off the Air for Speaking Ill of the Queen

Yeah, they suddenly want a “reboot.” Whatever. How dare Dr. Drew speak disparagingly about the queen! Come on CNN, literally everyone knows what you’re doing. Be honest, for once in your lives. 169 more words


HLN Shows 'Dr. Drew' Out After Unveiling Ashleigh Banfield Plans

Days after CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield announced on air she’s moving to HLN in the fall, HLN quietly confirmed Dr. Drew Pinsky’s program will end next month, though he will remain a contributor for CNN Worldwide. 344 more words

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