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Conservative host Tomi Lahren to do Dr. Drew

Tomi Lahren, who just last week left One America News Network after she went viral, is scheduled to appear on HLN’s Dr. Drew show tonight. … 102 more words


Dr. Drew special 'Transgender in America'

HLN host Dr. Drew will be hosting a special on his program, called Dr Drew: Transgender in America that will span across two days: Wednesday, August 26 at 9pm and Thursday, August 27th at 9pm. 37 more words


It's hard to believe this HLN pilot didn't make it to air

After doing a little digging around… I found this gem — and after forcing myself to watch it, well, it’s no surprise that this pilot never made it to HLN’s airways. 54 more words


Anderson Cooper on Dr. Drew: "What the hell have I wandered into... The hell is going on?"

After anchoring AC360 from Los Angeles last night, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joined the Dr. Drew panel.

After a loud guest was given a microphone and was trying to make her point about Barack Obama and Donald Trump — as Dr. 56 more words


The Meanivator

Have you seen fitness coach John Burk’s rant about fat people yet? I have never heard of this guy until I saw HLN’s trending stories one day, and he happened to be one. 790 more words


Intense Dr. Drew segment leads Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro to file battery charges against Zoey Tur

On Thursday’s Dr. Drew, Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro went toe-to-toe with Inside Edition transgender reporter Zoey Tur, and at one point, Shapiro pointedly called Tur “sir” — which set her off immediately, and she put her hand on his neck and threatened, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” … 118 more words