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Tsk Tsk H&M...

You may be thinking…what does the recent H&M scandal have to do with the environment? I will gladly enlighten you if you do not know. 422 more words

Restaurant Menus

by Honolulu Mother

I thought the group would be amused by this WaPo article complaining about incomprehensible restaurant menu listings:

It’s not just you: Restaurant menus really are confusing…

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Tween Time with Sofia Vol. 3

Happy Monday, Friends!

I feel like we are finally seeing the light with this flu in our house. Everyone is definitely feeling better, but I’m lucky if my face even saw daylight, much less makeup the past few days. 227 more words

Garage Clothing

How Could they not have Known? H&Ms PR Nightmare

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the problematic ad H&M released and the ensuing public relations nightmare. No, you haven’t? Aright, well let me explain. 882 more words

Crisis Communication