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I Make My Own Sunshine

It’s a beautiful and sunny day out here in Florida and I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and nice breeze all day with my little munchkin. 552 more words


Social Media Cartwheels

I’ve decided to join the rest of the world and scoot over to Tumblr, previously I was under the impression it was a hipster wasteland with sad memes and basically where hope and positivity go to die. 355 more words


What's with all Interest in Pinterest?

At first I was a little “eh” about the idea of yet ANOTHER social media site… It’s hard enough keeping all the pokes, likes, tagging, retweeting, following, hashtagging down with… 427 more words


Which Niche?

Part of HMC Boot camp for today was figuring out how to market to your “niche”. After a lot of thinking, affirmations, coffee, whining to myself, poking the dog to get his input, putting out an SOS in my facebook group… I decided that I actually DO have niches! 416 more words


Upcyled DYI Mothers Day Gift Idea

I love upcycling or recycling trash/old things and giving them a new life. Not only do you save a lot of cash, and who doesn’t need that? 496 more words


Learning new tricks

Who knew Mondays could be so easy breezy? At first I was very nervous about the idea of creating my own website… I’ve tried to do “coding” before and let’s just say it didn’t turn out very pretty! 194 more words


Creation Station - chugga chugga WOO WOO!

Anytime I explain what I’m doing or a recipe, I always have the Julia Child’s voice in my head…  so I need you to read this with her voice. 478 more words