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HMCMB Sessions :: Eliza & The Bear

On our quest to film more sessions against some pretty stunning backdrops we hooked up with Eliza & The Bear. We’ve been big fans of Eliza & The Bear for a while now having put them on our Songs of 2012 a few years ago (not sure where those intervening years have gone…). 84 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: Josh Doyle

A long while ago when HMCMB Sessions were just starting out, I was added by a lovely man called Anthony to a Facebook group full of budding amateur and professional videographers that shared a passion for filming live music. 173 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: Peter & Kerry

You may be surprised to find out (unlikely given our recent lack of posting) that HMCMB is not our only past time, hobby or work. In fact, in turns out all members are at university. 123 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: Echotape

Good news; we’re back. Well, by we I mean I. Tom’s off on a jaunt around Europe, Pete’s disappeared up North, and Ruby is somewhere or another with a different dial tone. 200 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: Bright Light Bright Light

We owe a bit of an apology to Bright Light Bright Light. For reasons out of our control we were unable to post these videos for quite some time. 88 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: Jacko Hooper

So, more sessions for you!

Jacko Hooper’s a local singer/songwriter we first had the pleasure of hearing when he supported ‘supergroup’ Young Legionnaire with his act Kai (oddly, we knew a good friend of his from our neck of the woods and thus knew to look out for him, but that’s another story). 154 more words


HMCMB Sessions :: General Fiasco

On yet another rainy day in the big smog we once again found ourselves looking forward to filming some sessions with a few more of our favourite artists. 251 more words