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The ongoing WTF?! moments

We all have those WTF? moments, unfortunately for us  PLCgoons, these moments tend to last for our entire career.  A case in point, Friday afternoon, I get a call from a colleague, “Hey, how do you connect to a PLC?”  “What kind of PLC?”  “I don’t know, but there’s two of them.”  ” But you don’t know what kind they are.”  “I think he said on was like an Allen – Bradley, and the other one was a Schneider.”  “Schneider doesn’t make a PLC under it’s own name so it’s either a Square D Sy/Max or a Modicon.” ” He said it was from Italy. 157 more words


Purpose: Basic Mountaineering Course

Cost of Course: ₹7000+₹250(for application form)

Destination: Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling

Mode of Transport: AC2 train from Yeshwanthpur to New Jalpaigudi… 323 more words


Taking Full Control of SCADA HMI Workstation

This is one of the questions I have been hearing lately. Can an operator take full control of SCADA Human Machine Interface (HMI)? The answer is yes. 409 more words

Ana Sayfa

Rockwell Automation expands it's PanelView portfolio!

To help you optimize productivity, Rockwell Automation has expanded its portfolio with the PanelView 5500 operator interface and Studio 5000 View Designer.

For more information call: 9 more words

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The Herald Miller Invitational

The Herald Miller Invitational, a new event created by multiple team mentors to replace the postponed EV Challenge so that the teams had a year-end event to showcase all their hard work, took place April 14-15 at NCCAR. 515 more words


Selebaran Terbuka*




”Mencari ilmu itu wajib bagi setiap muslim laki-laki dan perempuan” (Muhammad SAW, HR. Ibnu Abdil Barr) 571 more words


Check out the features on Rockwell's-PanelView 5000!

*Offers display sizes from 7…19 in. with wide screen, touch, and keypad options includes Logix-based alarms to eliminate need for additional configuration and more … 11 more words

Events & Promotions