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Thank You, HMI (Holistic Management International)

I haven’t found the time to post about the wealth of information gathered, friendships and support network developed, and confidence increased, at the Beginning Women Farmers and Ranchers of Texas 2015… 305 more words

Farm Activities

Grazing Animals Save Us AND Wildlife

This new PBS video captures beautifully the grazing practices that I’ve learned in my HMI classes for Beginning Women Farmers and Ranchers in Texas. Allan Savory, the founder of HMI, is interviewed in the first few minutes of the video. 176 more words

Farm Activities

Video: Rob Valiton discusses the future of automotive at CES 2015

The car of the future could have a curved center display with tons of real estate for driver information and entertainment. 

It’s no surprise that automotive technology has… 232 more words

Design Trends

Medical Device User Interface Design: 5 things you might not have thought about

The FDA’s Medical Device User Interface design guidance states that:

“Extensive functional capability may well impose an unreasonable cognitive load on the user unless considerable effort is devoted to the design of the user interface” 932 more words


마이크로칩, 3D 제스처 컨트롤러로 3D 제스처 인식 기능 설계 간소화

마이크로칩테크놀로지(한국대표: 한병돈)는 마이크로칩의 GestIC® 제품군(특허 보유)의 두 번째 제품인 MGC3030 3D 제스처 컨트롤러를 출시한다고 밝혔다.

새로운 제품은 제스처 감지를 중점으로 간소화된 사용자 인터페이스를 제공하므로, 사용자는 컨슈머 및 임베디드 장치에 3D 제스처 인식 기능을 신속하게 설계할 수 있다. 33 more words


MES (What is OPC?)

OPC = OLE for Process Control

OPC [1] is a software interface standard [2] that allows Windows programs to communicate with industrial hardware devices. 129 more words