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Sin Qua Stir Fry

On a trip to the local Farmers Market for strawberries, green beans, pluots, and peaches, one of the vendors were selling Sin Qua. Immediately, I looked at my husband and said I had to have it. 1,215 more words


Thursday Book Blurbs!

Quick History: Filipino-American History Month

In 1988, October was established as Filipino-American History month: a month to celebrate and recognize Filipinx-Americans, (as an inclusion to members of the Philippine-American community of all genders) their unique past, culture, and their many contributions to the United States. 1,688 more words

Trip to Hanoi 2017

Last year in January, my family visited Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC sits at the south of Vietnam. It was such a culture shock visiting Vietnam for the first time. 530 more words


My Mother's Story

Growing up I can never rely getting help with homework from my mother. If it was project that deals with creativity, then that is when my mom can help. 526 more words


Love Language

Communication is actually a very beautiful thing. The way we try to portray our feelings to those who we find most important is very beautiful. In the Hmong culture, sharing our feelings can be difficult and uncomfortable. 330 more words


EMPATHY RESEARCH: Views of minorities in the Duluth area

  1. What topic, community, problem, issue or “thing” did you decide to explore?

The topic I choose to explore more about is how other diversities will acknowledge the Hmong people within the Duluth community, and what can both parties do to help resolve it. 717 more words

Currently In A Tropical Paradise

I can describe my level of discomfort when guys drive past me while I’m focused on my outfit of the day shoot. I don’t care who you are. 236 more words