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Thirsty Thursday Thoughts- Why I Forget I'm Hmong Sometimes

Thoughts while enjoying happy hour…

Today at a restaurant, I watched this 40 year old lady eat dinner with her probably 80+ mother. It was touching because they sat there for about 2 hours because her mother ate very slowly. 479 more words


Hmong Animal Symbolism in Folk Art

This series of images is a continuation of my exploration of Hmong culture. It touches on Hmong symbolism of animals in folk art. Rather than depicting the symbol for the creatures, these illustrations portray the meaning/superstition behind each animal that is depicted. 57 more words

me, the moment and the movement 3. 

We had a wonderful session with our Milwaukee friends, sharing the me, the moment and the movement program one last time.

My Hmongy Ornaments

My sister and I have been talking about making ornaments for the longest time now. I had the idea of making little miniature My Hmongy Pillow ornaments but it was something I kept in the back of my mind saying “Oh…I’ll make it someday”. 67 more words


April 21-22: Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival celebrates Hmong storytelling

The Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival is coming to Metropolitan State on April 21 and 22. This film festival highlights Hmong filmmakers and films in collaboration with Hmong individuals. 97 more words