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Trying to silence me didn't work

This month marks one year since I sat in front of a disciplinary hearing at Petty France.

I had stood up and spoken out publicly on the state of our prisons and the state of the Independent Monitoring Boards that has a statutory role within each prison. 857 more words


DATE: 11/16/17
QIC: Seahorse
# of PAX: 2
PAX: Hahvahd, Foxtrot

– SSH x 25 IC

Starting in front of the parking lot, 5 burpees at each speedbump, running to next until we make it all the way around the pond to the pull up bars…

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Date: 10/21/17


# of PAX: 12

PAX: Tiny Tank, Dino, The Adjuster, The Hoff, E Trade (Raleigh), Cracker, 8Penny, Last, Seahorse, Tenenbaum, FNG – Doolittle…

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Our Prisons are in crisis: Prison overcrowding debate

“Can anyone doubt that today our prisons truly are in crisis—seriously overcrowded, understaffed and volatile—and that the solution cannot be simply to build more, but lies rather in adopting fresh approaches to reducing their population and restoring what is now almost entirely lost: the real prospect of prison sentences actually being used to reform and rehabilitate inmates?” 2,685 more words


Date: 6-21-17

# of Pax: 9


Q: Last
Dixie Chick


Capt Stubing

Busted Grill

Mr. Kotter

Tiny Dancer



Warm Up:

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The positives of my boyfriend being in prison

This may sound crazy at first, but hear me out. The whole ordeal of having my other half in prison is pretty crap. There are a long list of negatives which I have written about previously. 818 more words


Has prison reform become a humanitarian issue?

Think carefully – why would people who have been released from prison want to be integrated back into a society that thinks it’s okay for them to be locked up for 23 hours a day, with little nutritious food, lack of education, virtually no purposeful activity, squalid living conditions, unsafe, rife with drugs and violence, where staff struggle to maintain order, where corruption, suicides, self-harm and unrest are all increasing, where budgets are cut and staff numbers reduced. 348 more words

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