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HMS Victory magic lantern slides

A Russian aircraft carrier, steaming (literally by the look of the black smoke) through the English Channel this week reminded me of the many photographic magic lantern slides that exist of Royal Navy ships. 285 more words


The Queen's Gate and stairs at Chatham Historic Dockyard

The Queen’s steps were the original entrance to the Dockyard , you may miss this if you don’t wander down to the river as it’s bricked up although the ornate metal archway us still there… 11 more words

Chatham Historic Dockyard

Trafalgar Day

In two previous articles on the Battle of Britain, and the commemoration of Battle of Britain Day on September 15th, I have mentioned Trafalgar Day (October 21st) and opined that there was a danger that Trafalgar Day is fading from our consciousness and that Battle of Britain Day will do likewise. 62 more words


Trafalgar Day 21st October , celebrating Nelsons Victory

There was a posh dinner last night in the mess hall , let’s sell celebrate England’s greatest victory and the most famous ship built at Chatham historic dockyard


The reason Chatham became a Naval Dockyard

At the time ships were still built from wood and many suffered from attacks of a species of clam called Teredo Navalis. Chatham and the River Medway at this time were discovered to be free of them and so it was safe to both build and store ships in the location without risk of damage. 35 more words


The Scandalous Decision To Pickle Admiral Horatio Nelson In Brandy

In the middle of the Napoleonic War, Britain’s most famous naval hero is struck by a fatal musket ball at the very moment of his greatest strategic triumph.

43 more words