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Busted take over HMV Southampton for album signing

Popular band Busted have recently reunited and released a third album, with Southampton hosting one of their signing dates. 166 more words


Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene 3 London Signing Event

Jean-Michel Jarre will be signing copies of his new Oxygene 3 album at the HMV store in London’s Oxford Street at 5pm this Friday, 2 December 2016, and I have a ticket to be there.  Photos to come ….


My top tips for getting the most out of a signing event

I recently met Olly Murs again at his latest album signing in Cardiff and with so many people talking online about how they missed out on the opportunity because they weren’t aware. 963 more words


Dj Ashba of Sixx:A.M. Teams Up with Dean Markley

Dj Ashba of Sixx:A.M. Teams Up with Dean Markley

“To be a true guitarist isn’t about anything except the art of playing guitar.” — Dj Ashba… 485 more words

Los Angeles

Are record shops a thing of the past?

Now, of course I’m not going to force my own opinion down your throat. But this is a topic that is constantly in the back of musicians and listeners’ minds. 499 more words


SPD4459 Five Explorers • 德福HMV

今日Explorers 就帶大家嚟到德福商場,位於九龍灣地鐵站附近地鐵站出口轉右就見到。德福商場裏面呢有不同類型的餐廳,店舖。不過小編最關心的都是喺香港僅存五間的hmv。

喺香港呢類型嘅一啲大型唱片鋪呀真係越嚟越少啦,因為 Explorers 成日呢都好留意一啲外國日韓啲嘅歌曲, artist,所以都好想可以搵到佢哋最新嘅一啲嘅作品。但係呢有時一啲比較細型嘅唱片鋪呢又未必有又或者喺附近住嘅地方。不過而家去九龍灣咁方便,鍾意音樂嘅你哋一定要呢一間hmv喇!

Edited by SPD4459 Five Explorers: KiOn Chan

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SPD4459 Five Explorers

The alternative halloween

Staying in is the new going out. Didn’t you know? I’m a big fan of reminding myself (and others) that getting involved in the fun and celebrating the holidays doesn’t have to mean going out and putting your body through strain. 405 more words

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