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Love Off the Cuff (春娇救志明) (2017)

In recent years, out of the studios of Hong Kong cinema comes an unlikely movie franchise that doesn’t involve gangsters, martial arts and ultra-violence. In a cinematic landscape indundated by super action movies franchises from the world’s studios vying for our attention, … 602 more words


Love in the Buff (春娇与志明) (2012)

This was the one that made me fall in love with the odd couple and they have become one of my favourite onscreen couples. I even saw this twice at the cinema; something I don’t do very often. 1,149 more words


Love in a Puff (志明与春娇) (2010)

The third installment Love off the Cuff opens this Thursday and words cannot begin to capture the level of anticipation and excitement in my heart. I know the wifey feels the exact same way. 475 more words


Wai dor lei ah yut ho

Wai dor lei ah yut ho (2010)
★ / ★★★★

Sheung (Josie Ho) holds two jobs and she hopes to save enough money to purchase a high-rise apartment that overlooks the ocean. 507 more words

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