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Update: Sentry Management under criminal investigation for renting to squatters

By Deborah Goonan

A few days ago I told you about a military family that returned from deployment to find squatters living in their home. (In case you missed it here’s the… 279 more words

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Throwback Thurdsay: Aggressive foreclosures backfire on Florida homeowners associations

Originally posted in Tampa Bay Times by Susan Taylor Martin (March 18, 2012)

Ralph and Michael Chancey have gotten some great deals on real estate. 168 more words

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EDITORIAL: Case closed, prosecutors still won’t release HOA fraud files

Originally posted, July 1, 2015

The Justice Department went to outrageous lengths to keep its Southern Nevada homeowner association fraud case cloaked in secrecy for seven years. 547 more words

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Bob Norman investigates FL "Condo from Hell"

posted By Deborah Goonan

Buyer beware. Even so-called luxury condominiums can face millions of dollars in needed repairs, or become victims of horrendous financial mismanagement, or both. 60 more words

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Chicago developer de-converting condos

By Deborah Goonan

Over the past few months, I have been writing about the politics, perils, and pitfalls surrounding condominium terminations and de-conversions in Florida. (A de-conversion occurs when a developer dissolves the condominium association and rezones the complex as a traditional apartment community) In case you’ve missed this story, which has received national media attention, you can read a brief summary about it… 380 more words

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Increased prison terms for HOA fraud scheme in NV?

by Deborah Goonan

Anyone who follows news in the HOA industry knows about the FBI investigation and Justice Department prosecutions of nearly 40 individuals in an elaborate scheme to defraud homeowners’ associations of millions of dollars earmarked to correct construction defects. 434 more words

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Judge revokes pretrial release for veteran Las Vegas bail bondsman Charles McChesney embroiled in multiple cases

Charles McChesney, 48, was ordered to remain behind bars while he awaits a March 3 trial on federal conspiracy and fraud charges.

At the federal courthouse, Charles McChesney is earning a reputation as the bad boy bail bondsman. 579 more words

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