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FL Condo Association leases pool to YMCA

Shared by Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

When buyers shop for condos, they are often sold on the wonderful the amenities. One of the more common selling points in Florida is a swimming pool for the exclusive use of condo owners and their guests. 407 more words

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Ain't nobody got time for Rulebooks and Bad Neighbors

Let me explain what a “rulebook” is in my world.  It’s that person who goes by the book on everything and if you slip up (according to their rules), they make a big stink. 1,315 more words

Media shines light on HOA foreclosure abuse

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

I have many contacts across the country who have been advocates for homeowners for decades. They have been writing to their state and federal elected officials for many years about the injustices of the HOA foreclosure process: 510 more words

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Anyone with a pulse can be on your HOA Board

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Ok, today’s headline is a bit provocative. But, unfortunately, it’s the absolute truth: generally speaking, there is no legal requirement that the people who serve on your homeowners’, condominium, or cooperative board have any personal or professional qualifications whatsoever. 311 more words


Do I Really Need To Follow My CC&Rs?

Did you buy your home in a subdivision and have to pay homeowner association (HOA) dues? Chances are your home is impacted by covenants, conditions and restrictions or rules called, “CC&Rs.” The CC&Rs are basically the community rules within your neighborhood; and apply to anyone who owns property in your subdivision. 782 more words

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Frisco TX HOA, homeowners stuck with eroding "water view"

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

In my opinion, one of the biggest deceptive marketing ploys by developers of planned communities is the notion that home buyers should pay a premium for a “water view” lot. 514 more words

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Chợ Hoa ngày Tết Bính Thân ở xứ cao bồi

Chiều 23 tháng Chạp năm Ất Mùi, ba chị em xứ cao bồi rủ nhau đi dạo chợ hoa ngày Tết đây.

Hai người đẹp này đang mải mê lựa mấy chậu Hồng Đào xinh xắn về để trưng Tết nè. 667 more words

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