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ArrowCreek Survey Starts to Wrap Up Data Collection

SURVEY WRAP-UP REMINDER for ArrowCreek … If you have not already done so, please complete the UNR survey that was recently sent via email to those ArrowCreek owners who gave their email information to the ACHOA – and sent via snail mail to those that haven’t! 409 more words


As one does

While winter releases its icy clutches back home in the colder parts of Canada where my family live (I hear Germany is going through a cold snap, shocking fragile shoots and sprouts of springtime), we are entering the weird season of cool marine layer mornings and sunstroke afternoons. 1,246 more words

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Behind Closed Bedroom Doors: A Free Ride for the Golf Club?

By: R W Duncan
31 March 2015

In a recent conversation one of the topics that arose was Golf Course payments to the ACHOA. It was said that the course was assessed at the five (5) equivalent lots level. 298 more words


Looking for a home…

The dreaded conversation has begun.

The beloved husband and I have started to talk about downsizing our home. The beloved husband is in his early 70s and I… 505 more words


Conducting Effective Board Meetings (Henry Goodman)

If your condominium board meetings last longer than an hour, or if the business portion of your homeowner meetings last longer than an hour, you’re doing something wrong. 176 more words

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ACHOA Board Hurting ArrowCreek Property Values??

By: R W Duncan
28 March 2015

The study performed by Professor Pingle and Mr. Belt definitely looked at sources of information on Gated Golf Course communities and their conclusion is “…variations in data collection imply that specific estimates reported in this study can only be considered very rough approximations of what might be experienced in ArrowCreek.” This final statement in the report is very telling. 372 more words


ACHOA Board 3-26-15 Update on The Club at ArrowCreek

RE: ACHOA Board Update on The Club at ArrowCreek

Dear ArrowCreek Members,

The ArrowCreek Homeowners Association (ACHOA) is awaiting word from the private corporate owner of the golf courses, the Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA), that they are ready to resume financial disclosures and active negotiations with respect to the terms of sale of the golf courses to the ACHOA. 210 more words