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The Meadow Park HOA is Going Down the Drain....

It happened because a long time ago, there were negative forces that made everything go wrong. These forces were very negative spiritual energy forces that caused the creation of the typical HOA we see today… None of these HOAs  are set up in reality… They are all set up in a fantasy world that does not exist…… Spiritual energy fuels this set up.. 399 more words

Annual HOA Meeting

Because there was not a quorum at the HOA Annual Meeting, an election was not held.  The current board agreed to remain in their current positions.

My Letter To The HOA

Dear GVS Owners Association,

I received the courtesy notice you sent, complete with the photo of my front yard, in the mail yesterday. I automatically assumed it was because someone heard the insane amount of screaming and crying coming from my home and imagined I was doing something sinister to one of my children, but no! 1,010 more words

General Silliness

Statements Made in HOA Recall Election Campaign are Subject to Anti-SLAPP Protection

A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation or “SLAPP” is a civil lawsuit brought to either prevent or punish another person for exercising their First Amendment… 562 more words


A Live Broadcast with Eric & Marina Worre

Diana and I are super excited to bring to you a live interview with our very good friends, Mr & Mrs GoPro, Eric and Marina Worre! 688 more words


To HOA or not to HOA, that is the Question

Looking for a new home can be confusing and a little intimidating.  Not only do you have to consider the purchase price, but you also need to worry about the hidden costs to owning a home like property tax, maintenance, and many others including HOA dues. 196 more words

Orange County

Allowing Pets in a Community Increases Great Residents

People love their pets, but HOAs are still nervous about allowing them. However, while pets do come with some level of potential danger for the association, allowing them has many great benefits. 416 more words