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Can Recalled HOA Board Members Run for Reelection?

A board member makes a mistake and gets recalled, but can he or she run again for reelection? The answer to that question depends on why they were recalled in the first place. 392 more words


DIY Web-Based HOA Management Rescues Overburdened Boards in Idaho

Most homeowner associations and their board of directors have been resistant to utilize the power of the Internet due to the mystic about its function.  Most of that distrust comes from their lack of understanding, in combination with, the politics and dynamics inherent in governing a common interest development. 570 more words

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A Disgusting Result of A Formal Complaint Persists. I Sent an EMAIL...

Update! Email Response from B/C Fire Marshal Bill Tyler:

from:Bill Tyler <btyler@novatofire.org>to:Julia Angel <firsthealer@gmail.com>,
“clark@nfh.org” <clark@nfh.org>,
“info@wakefieldsharp.com” <info@wakefieldsharp.com>,
“hgrunt@cityofnovato.org” <hgrunt@cityofnovato.org>,
Virginia Patterson <vrpatt193@aol.com>
date:Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 9:27 AM… 849 more words

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Supporting Ella Joe and her Community

So by now you all have probably heard if not seen the local news report about how the big bad HOA of Stonegate is crushing the dreams of a sick little girl. 315 more words

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Voluntary vs Mandatory HOAs

When most people hear the term HOA, they assume it’s mandatory. However, there are some neighborhoods with voluntary community associations, which offer a little more leeway. 417 more words