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My Minimalist Journey

I have always been quite the hoarder. Not in the extreme sense but I kept just about everything that came into my life (ex. Those free plastic bracelets that colleges hand out). 277 more words



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I am a hoarder, I use my goods as a boarder to keep the world out
I am afraid and insecure, of the world outside my door… 207 more words


We Bought a Hoarder House! 

So, we bought a house. A hoarder house. Rock bottom price too! Good bones. Brick home. Very nice yard. Old growth trees. And now… here it comes the but, …. 439 more words


Hi welcome to my everyday life dealing with Hoarding.

11th November 2027

There is something I find freeing as I share the truth about my real home life.  I had posted on my personal Facebook page about my depression and anxiety which has displayed itself in all its glory through Hoarding.   661 more words

# Not Declutter

Where do I start?

That’s definitely the most difficult question to be answered.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I acknowledged that “things” are causing more misery than happiness in my life. 914 more words


Why did I choose to pursue minimalism?

Where do I start?

Was it the never-ending house chores?

Was it the constant frustration of having toys scattered on the floor?

Was it the over-flowing closet that made me feel nauseous? 413 more words


Let the journey begin...

The purpose of this blog is to record my personal journey from semi-hoarding to minimalism but you are welcome to watch my progress and help me pursue minimalism. 409 more words