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Summer Goals

I’ve heard it so many times before, time bound tasks and goals so they are easier to achieve. The only problem is when something doesn’t really have to be done by a certain date, and I know that, then it’s really easy to one of two things. 282 more words


Confessions of a food hoarder... part 2

While I’m clealring out cupboard one – lentils, pulses and grains I might as well start working on cupboard two – rice, noodles, pasta etc… … 307 more words


Confessions of a food hoarder. 

Hi my name is Ivy and I’m a food hoarder. I buy in bulk, I buy things I don’t need or know what to do with and I have cupboard stuffed full of stuff that’s long been forgotten. 205 more words


There's just NEVER enough storage!

I have been watching a LOT of YouTube videos lately. I mean, A LOT! Most of them have been decluttering and minimalism videos. I have really been stressed out by the mess of stuff around me lately, and so I have been considering going through another purge. 358 more words

Crap in the Attic

So….I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but we’ve been a little busier than our normal ain’t-got-no-time selves. You see, we randomly decided to move down the road. 1,853 more words


Hoarder To Minimalist Series Part 5.2 Skincare and Makeup (Komono)

So Here is the next instalment of my Minimalist  to Hoarder series. This part as the Title Suggests, is going to deal with More of the Komono Category, specifically My skincare and Make up.  698 more words


love the free stuff

I was looking round my little house the other day, and it occurred to Me that virtually all the stuff in there …

*quick digress – theres not a lot of stuff – I like things minimal … and there’d actually be less stuff, but the partner is a fucking hoarder LOL … FML! 65 more words