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Confession: I have too many recipes. So, here's another one. Chicken Nugget Recipes | Epicurious.com

I like to cook most of the time. I experiment. My husband marvels at how I know how to “doctor” an existing recipe to make it better. 149 more words


Horrible Hoarding Heart

Hello, my name is Kristin and I’m a recovering hoarder. Yep. I SO used to be that person. Granted, I wasn’t bad enough to make it onto a reality TV show. 1,806 more words


P is for Pictures

There is a big plastic tote that has traveled with me from house to house, every time I move I notice it’s a bit heavier; it’s full of pictures. 646 more words


Hoarder and Minimalist - Working Together

We have decided to move to a smaller house with more land, which means we have to downsize our stuff.  I have minimalistic tendencies, so I love the idea.   219 more words

Signs of a Hoarder - Important Signals You Should Notice

Although, there are many signs of a hoarder, it takes awhile to determine if someone has the illness or not. In addition, many hoarders are very good at hiding the fact that their houses are full of clutter.

Housekeeping Please!

I’m still watching Storage Wars.

Housekeeping…UGGHH!  Hate it.  Why is it such hard work?  I have a dog and I vacuum everyday.  I pass the vacuum and 5 minutes later, what do I find… Freaking dog hair.  554 more words

Mom Stuff

I really gotta start writing about lighter subject matter like TV shows or something because my life is really not bad I swear it isn’t. But if I’m keeping it real, this is what’s on my heart today so you’re going to have to just deal. 1,018 more words