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Secondhand Purchases

An important part of  a zero waste lifestyle is shopping secondhand. Secondhand shopping is really a great part and I would even say, a staple, of this lifestyle for a couple of reasons. 324 more words

One man's junk is another man's treasure. Кому хлам, ну а нам сокровище.

Do not get me wrong – I am not a hoarder or a Scrooge or Gogol’s Plyushkin. I simply cannot throw away stuff that our house has been accumulating long before my time.   416 more words

Russian Language

The Problem with the Word 'Hoarder' | minimalism

The word ‘hoarder’ is thrown around a lot in minimalism circles, so much so that I often feel that I’ll be granted the minimalist badge of honour for not exclaiming, like many others “I went from a hoarder to minimalist!”.  555 more words



I am a hoarder. There, I said it.

My apartment isn’t just “a mess,” it’s really, really bad. Like probably a health and safety hazard bad. 1,327 more words


I feel so guilty about my clutter

Amassing clutter brings with it a huge range of emotions but the main one we come across time and time again is the guilt. 378 more words


Day Off Means Unpacking

Our (my mother and I) days are usually really busy doing errands, taking care of my grandparents, and taking care of the dogs.  We used to sew clothes all day and at night I would handle what ever business of the month I was doing, lately its been LimeLight by Alcone, which I adore. 733 more words

16 Products Every Makeup-Hoarder Needs In Her Life

Some people only feel the need to own makeup that they can wear on a daily basis. Other people are endeavoring to open a Sephora store in their very own bathroom. 422 more words