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What Life Is Like Living With A Hoarder

When I was about a year and half years old, my siblings were born. That’s about the same time my mom started dressing my baby sister up in some of my old hand-me-downs she was too afraid to throw away. 425 more words

Hoarder to Minimalist Series- 3 Books

Here’s the next Instalment of my Hoarder to minimlist series. Books! Ohh boy this was a hard one. I am a complete and utter bookworm. I also have a nasty habit of buying books faster than I can read them and have had a to be red pile of 50 plus books for as long as I can remember. 484 more words


MTT 11

In Uganda 10 out of 1000 people were black money hoarders Idi Amin cut off the water supply and gave 1 glass of water till the 10 are caught

Useless Stuff that I Really Want

Do you ever come across something which just looks incredibly silly or does not seem to have any proper function but still for some reason screams “You need me in your life!” Yeah, I am very much a person who could list a thousand of things which would fit that description. 488 more words


Minimalist to Hoarder Series - 2 Clothing

Alright guys, here’s the next instalment of my Hoarder to Minimalist Series. This time I’m going to be tackling clothing, but before we get to that I want to tell you a little story that led to a revelation for me regaurding my decluttering journey. 792 more words


A Hoarders Guide to a Minimalistic Closet

I am a low-key hoarder.

I keep everything, some things for sentimental purposes, but┬ámostly it is my inability to throw anything out that isn’t broken. 368 more words


Back, Forward & Back again

3 weeks and 3 days….

I have been into my cleaning and organization for well, 3 weeks and 3 days. I have taken days off and some days I have just been lazy but, I got the stuff I needed to do outside to winterize the yard……DONE!!!! 137 more words