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Humans on the Move: Carlos

Ever since I was 18, I have been on the move to different places (Oxford, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Dubai and now Boston, with shorter stints in between), chasing the next exciting thing. 249 more words


Napping Causes Rambling

I had a good nap today.  It’s rare for me to nap, but I needed it.  Prior to laying down, I was sitting on my sofa, rocking, and my cat came and sat on my lap.   3,085 more words


what a hoarder

Sometimes, you know all these bits and pieces but it isn’t until later on when you ponder that the dots are joined and what you believe in becomes more clear to you. 443 more words


Good things

I had to go offline for a while due to feeling completely rubbish all around, but now I feel a hell of a lot better for several reasons. 181 more words

Customer Personality Types (Part 1)

I don't know if it's the same in all retail settings, but in a charity shop you really do find some strange characters. There are your standard personality types that you find in most shops then there are the people you find in our shop; 526 more words

Inside the Private World of a Compulsive Hoarder

A red-and-white checkered shirt, floating shapelessly in the still water of a bathtub. A pair of brown pants, inside-out, swollen with air bubbles trapped between the fabric and the soapy water. 585 more words