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Am I a Hoarder?

So, while this isn’t a lovely review for you guys, like I was planning (I haven’t been able to finish anything this week) I figured it was something I could talk about and maybe you guys would empathize with the things that are going on in my life. 380 more words


What it's Like to Live with a Hoarder

When I was about one and a half years old, my siblings were born. That’s about the same time my mom started dressing my baby sister in some of my old clothes that she was too afraid to throw away. 430 more words


Nesting and Hoarding

First I just wanted to share this screen grab with you before I get into the meat of the matter, the juice in the box, the refried beans in the burrito. 575 more words

Very "Pin"teresting! A Collector's Thoughts

Blog Post #35

You may not remember, but back in November of 2011, I wrote a post about a new obsession. I had just discovered this social network — … 660 more words

Things every bookworm understands

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory, but just in case you didn’t get it, this is a guide to things most bookworms do. 67 more words

Adieu to the Agony Aunt

The word ‘magazine’ conjures up a love/hate relationship for me, more on the side of emotional torment and felled trees and propaganda these days, rather than the love and dedication I once showed my favourite publications. 2,000 more words

The Organised Life // Wardrobe

Welcome to the first in our Organisation series. Today we are tackling the wardrobe. We’d love to see what you have decluttered or organised. Just use the hashtag #S_POrganised on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll check it out!  169 more words