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I tend to be a hoarder. I like to buy new things to replace old things but I can’t seem to let the old things go, pushing them back in the corners of my home where they linger, crowding the new things. 226 more words


#693 Boho girl and recycled shoes

This girl right here:

Evoking some serious Sia right there. I mean she even jumps around to her songs, sings them out loud, and interchanges between all of her cds at home, much to Hubbie’s delight, yet also severe pain at the thought of her scratching any of them. 138 more words


He Brings Home Everything

A faculty member at the college where I loved to be with students once emailed me the following: “You use too many exclamation points.”

What’s the deal with the fear of enthusiasm? 295 more words


72 Dogs Removed From Alleged Hoarder in Southeast Missouri

MALDEN, Mo. (AP) – A southeast Missouri animal rescue group has removed 72 dogs from a home in the town of Malden.

This embed is invalid… 130 more words


For the Love of Christmas Trees

I am a hoarder of Christmas trees. There I said it! I love everything about them; size, shapes, aroma, and the feel of the needles.  Now I must confess, that most of my trees are artificial, however, I always include two-four foot table top live trees.  528 more words

minimalism: less is more

I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve been a hoarder my whole life.

A good chunk of my arguments with my mom have been over my “messy room.” I’ve had good “weeks” (if even) where my room was a tidy paradise like my sister’s, but unfortunately for my mom, my room has never stayed spotless or even remotely organized for more than two weeks. 202 more words


What? No, really...

…what are you trying to sell? I don’t see anything I want to buy.

Junk and clothes? I have enough of my own, thanks.

This gives me the impression that it smells of sick people. 49 more words

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