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Hoarder Clean Up - Hoarding Stories of Interest

Hoarder clean up is so difficult, because you are dealing with many different kinds of personalities and behavior. Every hoarder has a different story to tell.

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Hello There Everyone,

So, today I’m going to share with you my current crafty obsession. Back in July, I took a course at Abakhan Fabrics… 662 more words


Clutter Bug

Hello There Everyone,

So yesterday, I introduced myself and my crafty, yet fickle, nature. Today I’m going to tell you all a poorly kept secret. 471 more words


A Meaningful Mess

“Hey babe, where are those reports you ran for me?”

“On your desk.”

Very few three-word combinations strike as much unrest in me as these three. 519 more words

Affordable Rubbish Removal Is Just A Phone Call Away

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It Takes a Sister's Compassion to Understand a Hoarder

The best way for us to understand a hoarder is to have some compassion and understanding for others. We must also remember that hoarding is usually a mental disorder.

A clear mind

I mentioned in my goals post that I wanted to sort out all the clutter in my room. I am underplaying it when I say that my room is cluttered. 354 more words