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Two hours in the life of a procrastinator packrat slob

I’ve finally given in to accepting what I am. Perhaps not fully but I’m working on it. People thought I had Rosacea 10 years ago and I denied it, to them and myself. 2,098 more words


7 fabrics 100% cotton that will make you want to sew right away!

The great thing about making your own clothes is that you can choose to make them in a fabric you like.

The hard thing about making your own clothes is to choose between hundreds of gorgeous fabric. 458 more words


Decluttering My Closet

My closet is the bottomless of abyss, a cavern full of miscellaneous items, gifts bought ahead of time and mountains of clothing that mocks me with the tiny sizes and even more youthful styles worn by my mother’s daughter who was not yet my children’s mother. 589 more words

Frugal Family

SICSA Rescues Cats From Hoarder, Some Dying

By Nora Vondrell, Executive Director

How Is This Better?

Recently, I received a telephone call from the Director of the Ohio SPCA (OSPCA) to help with a cat hoarding situation. 774 more words

Confessions of a coat hoarder.

This year I will be exhibiting my first ever public art exhibition, when looking around the space at the Shipley art gallery I was attracted to this coat on the wall (see above picture). 1,007 more words


I am a book hoarder

I have at least a thousand books and I love every single one of them. “Love” may sound a bit much, but it isn’t in my opinion. 191 more words



That day the first address was yours. One of those cement towers where blue light washes the halls in a dreamy tone, everything smells of stale cigarettes and there’s always a TV playing somewhere in the background. 424 more words