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Junk removal Los Angeles dangers we face!

We were feeling like a postman this day, as this huge German Shepherd let us know he didn’t want any junk removed next door! Neither sleet, nor rain, nor dark of night can stop Go Junk Free America! 37 more words

Junk Car Removal Los Angeles!

We now have our trucks outfitted to remove cars and other large items with our new flatbed! Here seen on one of our new Hino Hybrids! 18 more words


90 percent of the time when I say I’m a Professional Organizer and say what I do, I get two things:

“I know someone who needs you.” 73 more words


Hoarding Disorder

“Hoarding: Buried Alive” is a TV series on TLC that takes an inside look at the personal lives of hoarders. Each episode examines the history of the person struggling with hoarding and the nature of their disorder. 500 more words

Got a hoarding situation?

What a difference a day makes! Giant roaches and rats can’t stop us! If you have a chronic hoarding situation and need help fast, give us a call at 877GOJUNKFREE or visit our site… 72 more words


I admit, I’m addicted to Hoarders, and Hoarding: Buried Alive.

(Not my actual rooms, just  look a likes).

My motivation to watch used to be comparing myself with them, so I’d feel better about my house.¬† 316 more words