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a hoarder attempts to go legit.

I’m a hoarder.

There. I said it.

It’s true, but it’s hard to admit to yourself that you have an issue. I mean, who wants to admit that while ya aren’t to the level of “Hoarders: Buried Alive”, if you keep it up, you’re well on your way to a ratings bonanza.A… 857 more words

Matthew Memes

AS you all probably know, we had a “killer” storm here earlier this month.        My condolences to the family of the 1 lady that died. 105 more words


Probate: Our Experience continued

Today I will write a little more about Probate from my own experience.  I want to emphasize that I am not a lawyer.  There are many good books on Probate and you might want to check some out of your local library when you need some information. 895 more words


Open Hand

Open Hand

I was speaking with someone this week about what it means to live a life of simplicity and poverty. Both of these are part of the vows I took when I became a… 213 more words



I grew up in a house of hoarded junk.  The utility room cupboards overflowed with collections of old margarine tubs, takeaway boxes, 100’s of jam jars and whatever else my mum could perhaps foresee using in her utopian future where all food she made had its own perfectly sized container to reside in until a later date.   112 more words

Our Newest Sign

Our newest sign just went up on 34th & Grays Ferry Avenue in Philadelphia!!!