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Defining My Need

I have been sorting through some of the hidden corners of my life (e.g., my closet) and the experience has been quite overwhelming. Apparently, while I wasn’t looking, my possessions began to bury me alive! 570 more words

No pressure

I had a plan on January 1st, my plan was to split our home into 6 sections and then spend a month working on each section and then go round for a second month on each section. 330 more words


Something about reading or the such

One of my strengths according to the popular StrengthsFinder assessment is what I like to refer to as hoarder. Yes, it is a strength according to the book that floods corporate office bookshelves all around the world. 1,234 more words


: hello, I'm a mental hoarder :

All right, back up. What?

It’s true. After all my chatter about compulsive behavior, the cleaning and straightening and tidying, I’ve decided to disclose my secret life as a hoarder. 231 more words


No rest for a hoarder

I need a down day with my children today, not due to depression, just straight up tiredness from a good but hectic and stressful day yesterday, a day that also left three rooms in our small home extra messed up with a lot of surface stuff (not part of my hoarded stuff) that needs dealing with. 378 more words



Curled up on the sofa unable to move, unable to think clearly, numbing my brain with TV, can’t move to get another blanket, can’t move to get food. 293 more words


Star ( s ) mail-aRt

Impression of the 2nd Star ( s ) Mail-aRt exposition, november 5, 2016, as part of the Hahamandad Planet-H festival. Contributions by various Mail-aRt artists. Curated by stardust Memories. 18 more words

Rock And Roll