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Sifting through a sea of shite

Another happy title for a post, I know, but sometimes you just have to be honest about things. In an earlier post I said I was confronting a lot of truths, but now I’ve been sifting for a while, I see just how bad it was. 189 more words


Renaissance Cavewoman

Mornin’ all.

You want some applesauce?

My apples are coming in. BOY are they coming in. I haven’t even really had to set up a contraption to harvest them yet, though my guy and a buddy of his had some great redneck fun climbing up there and shake shake shaking the branches. 1,877 more words

Beth Reason

The Hoarded Trove

I have spoken before of my hoarding tendencies. I think everyone has a few. I just have hoarding tendencies on top of being extremely nostalgic. 528 more words


Clutter vs hoarding

I am the 1st to admit it I’m a hoarder
No I’m not an extreme hoarder like you see on TV – but have too much stuff… 635 more words


Hoarding: So Much Crap

This is my room now. There is so much stuff that it’s overwhelming. I feel like my stuff will come alive and swallow me in one… 219 more words

Sunday - the big move.

I had myself wound up like a top last night. I think I finally got to sleep at about 8am. 90 minutes later it was time to pull on some clothes and go. 256 more words

Boys to Men

Growing up, my sister and I were bookends to a guy bookshelf, the girly bread on a sandwich four-boys thick. It made for a rowdy childhood, a household full of mischief, especially for my sister as the oldest. 875 more words