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Gizmo A-Go-Go

In an effort to purge my belongs and streamline processes I find myself in the midst of an embarrassing conundrum. I am hoarding appliances.

It’s not all my fault, but most of it is. 311 more words

Everyday Enchantment

Book Review: Making Space by Sarah Tierney


Miriam is twenty-nine: temping, living with a flatmate who is no longer a friend, and still trying to find her place in life. She falls in love with Erik after he employs her to clear out his paper-packed home. 389 more words


Colorado Springs Junk Removal - Colorado Springs Hoarding Cleanup - YouTube

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What Emotions Are You Hoarding?

Me? Hoarding emotions? 😂 Girl, you’re lost. 😂 Hoarding emotions … 😆 Oh, please. 😄

Funny story, you are. Yes, you. So am I, don’t worry. 884 more words

People & Interrelationships

A Lesson in Possessions.

There’s a lesson to be learned when you’re moving to a new apartment. You realize how many possessions you have and see the difference between the things you need, really want, and things you don’t need and don’t want. 487 more words


Hoarding Photo Frames

Download the newest Hoarding Photo Frames app, free of charge, and embellish your pictures in the best possible way. Now you can see your photograph on the streets of the biggest cities and you can feel like a star. 512 more words


On content and collecting

We live in an age of hoarders. We all collect things; whether it’s thoughts, pictures, memes, or whatever else. It might not be tangible, and it might not be useful, but here we are making Pinterest boards and Facebook albums and new Tumblr side blogs for our obsessions. 584 more words