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Hoarding vs Collecting, and the Notion of Never Enough

I am not what you would necessarily call a hoarder. Having lived in such a small space for such a long time, I’ve gotten good at discarding useless things, and miraculously making space (out of no space) for the rest. 680 more words


The Hoarder in You, Dr. Zasio Review

Yoda time: (Guilty secret) I am a pack rat who dreams of being a minimalist. I attach emotional value on clothes, jewelry, gifts, and other items. 349 more words

Stress from the mess? ...12 strategies to help you relax

“Every morning is a struggle. The bathroom is so cluttered I keep losing the kids toothbrushes.   I can’t find clean clothes for the children let alone me.   483 more words


Worth Its Weight in Gold

I’m struggling with inspiration for starting new projects. I only have a couple of UFOs, so picking up an old project to finish isn’t an easy fix. 656 more words


Material Simplification, Part 2: Hoarding

I recently posted a piece on material simplification. This was one of several posts exploring the idea that simplification is the most important psychological task of late adulthood. 664 more words


Mental Health Week: Hoarding of Animals

In 2014-15, RSPCA ACT had four different cases where ninety or more animals were brought in by our inspectors from a single-family home in Canberra.  There were many more cases where twenty or more animals were seized or surrendered. 600 more words


Hoarder, no! It's just stuff.

And I’ve collected a lot of it in the 8 years of being back in home town Napier, New Zealand. It’s a tad perplexing because I’m not a hoarder. 575 more words