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From the mouths of babes

I hoard certain things.



Evening gowns.



I think it’s very odd that I hoard these things because the truth is (other than the costumes), I BARELY use any of it. 177 more words



I came across Coming Clean: A Memoir by Kimberley Rae Miller the other night while checking out the Deals on Amazon Kindle. It was $1.99 so I bought it and finished it in two nights. 513 more words


Lior's Lego Problem

I have a clear memory of my brother’s room, playing on the floor near his tall, brown dresser that we sometimes used as a ladder when we were really young. 526 more words


The Facehole, and the hoarding world

Two things happened to me of late: my Facebook account got messed up, and I helped a friend with the prep for a hoarders’ estate sale. 1,117 more words


Dear Life

Did I mention we have pups?

Ohhh yes. We sure do. Well, they’re pups bordering on adulthood. But when we got them back in October 2016, they were wild and bouncy babes. 473 more words


I ought to do more.  I ought to be more.  I ought to be more cheerful.  I ought to be a shinning light to those around me.  885 more words

Day Three - Maintaining Progress

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not getting rid of mountains of stuff, but instead making certain the mountain doesn't come back.

Spring cleaning is fantastic for getting a fresh perspective on life and home and getting a head start on those projects you've been avoiding since last fall. 451 more words