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Discussion Highlights: Book Hoarding

Last Week’s Discussion:
Book Hoarding

As I just bought a new bookshelf for the dozens of books sitting on my living room floor, I realized that maybe I had a problem. 313 more words


News VI; Things are getting Hella Emotional

Wifey is approaching week 17+ and I’ve noticed mood fluctuations more so than before. Signs were subtle, until blatantly obvious – she cries whenever someone else cries in a movie, gets angry at mosquitos and yelled at me for asking her to walk the dog and to clean up her munch wrappers, which are everywhere!!! 823 more words


Untangling the Mess

I have talked in the past two blogs about some of the psychology of accumulating and how to get started in an overwhelming situation.  For many people the accumulating of things is about the “get”, the good deal; the best deal.  802 more words

Hoarding design One Vision

For one Vision Hoarding I came up with many techniques but there weren’t any strong ideas. While I was with my partner juliet, we came up with techniques such as pushing a puzzle door into a room, and once you enter the room you will pop your head up and you will see a 360 of the site. 370 more words


Jennifer Hanzlick - Hoarding Expert in Denver, Colorado

Jennifer Hanzlick is a hoarding expert. She had dedicated nearly a decade to hoarder cleanup and junk removal in the Denver area. She is now using her experi…

78 dogs rescued from feces-filled home in El Cajon

The hours-old puppies that softly whined from inside a towel-lined crate were only two of the 78 dogs found in a feces-filled house in El Cajon… 290 more words

A basement solution

If ever any of my siblings pays The Mom a visit and also goes into the basement for some heavy-duty Stuff Removal, I inevitably hear about it. 591 more words

Moving Home