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Ways to Unwittingly Accumulate

Accumulating can be “accomplished” in multiple ways.  It’s not just about things that we purchase.  It’s trickier than that.

Here are a few ways that accumulating can sneak up on us and wreck havoc with our simplicity and minimalism efforts: 535 more words


Glass here, glass there, glass everywhere.

Except where the human female wants it. Remember the microscopes she ordered? The ones that took the vendor several tries to make a quote for? They arrived the other day, but not before I had a little chat with the people who packed them. 285 more words

Naughty Loki

Trying to organize....

I’m going to quote my boyfriend:


Yes, I have too many.. and I ordered more from Makeup Revolution today..

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My Good Tupperware

My Good Tupperware

Eddy’s mother and her plastic covered sofas was a situation similar to what my mother referred to as her “Good Tupperware;” Good Tupperware being the stuff which one uses only on special occasions. 929 more words


I am not alone...

Hoarding.  We don’t like to be called hoarders.  “I have a problem with organization.”  “I’m a clutter bug.”  “…clutterholic”  Hoarder is such a horrible name.  It brings up images of the people whose piles of stuff fall on them and kills them.   215 more words


Living in Bulk

The first time anyone steps into Costco, it’s like entering the aftermath of the apocalypse. A behemoth bomb shelter, filled from floor to ceilings with cans and clothes and goods, endless sky-scraping shelves and aisles and overly bright lights gleaming down artificially to ensure survival, any kind of survival. 765 more words


What are You Holding in Your Hand.....

When the Lord fed the 5,000,

He took the insufficient resources the disciples had –

the five loaves and two fish –

and He fed the multitudes (Mt 14:13–21). 300 more words