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Hobbies and Interests - Nur Almaz and Nur Illiya (Zumba Fitness)

“The great thing about Zumba is it’s not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle.” — Nur Almaz Md Hashim, Zumba Fitness

“You get to learn about the Latin culture and experience it in a very lively way and English studies is all about that – getting into the experiences of others.” — Siti Nur Illiya Md Zainal, … 1,481 more words


Hobbies and Interests - Muhammad Asyraf Badhrulhisham (Photography)

“For me, photography and English studies are pretty much the same. It is about how you view the world from different perspectives. In a way, it is literature in visual form.” — Muhammad Asyraf Badhrulhisham, … 1,849 more words


Hobbies and Interests - Arisya Zainuddin (Video Editing and Graphic Design)

“Initially I see it only as a passion but now that graduation is around the corner, the idea of turning this skill into a career comes to mind quite naturally – the work prospect. 1,530 more words


What else can you enjoy doing in Monol apart from studying? (Part 2)

Discovering new hobbies and interests!

Studying English can be described by all kinds of adjectives – strenuous, tiresome, and challenging. That is why we give our students more than enough venues to balance their learning and living experience during their stay in Monol. 168 more words

Life In Monol

Travelling Necessities: International Trips

I actually did see the Queen while visiting London, it was so epic.

Everyone has a different view on what their perfect vacation would be. Some would rather live in a beach house and spend their days lounging in the ocean or tanning beside pools. 465 more words

Hobbies And Interests

5 Strange and Dark Things I Like

I’ll admit that I like some pretty odd stuff. (Don’t judge me.) If you are reading this, perhaps you are bored and are looking for something twisted or just plain different to do. 566 more words

Hobbies And Interests

Kiddie Crew

Due to budgetary and time constraints (of the parents), Mischa was not enrolled in any summer activity this year. I thought that this would be the year she would learn piano or level up her swimming, but circumstances made us push these in the backburner for now. 302 more words

Mischa Adrienne