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Bed time is fun time

Bed time lately has been fun but tiring and sometimes, frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters more than anything in this world. But as a working mom, with only your husband and senior citizen parents helping around the house (ergo, most chores still fall on my lap), all you want to do at the end of the day is lie on your bed and travel to neverland. 133 more words

Mischa Adrienne

"Dueling Vacations"

When my wife was young her family had friends that were deeply in love with each other and very happily married.   However, as with so many couples they also had some differing interests and comfort zones. 148 more words



Out of TV, music, film and books, TV is the thing I’m the least interested in. I don’t watch it on a regular basis, mostly because there are few regularly running shows I’m interested in. 2,230 more words

Hobbies And Interests

Is Harry Potter Taking Over My Life???

Are you suffering the following symptoms?

  • Every time you open a door, you mutter ” Alohamora”.
  • You ask everyone what house their in.
  • Everytime you hear the word serious, you think of Sirius Black.
  • 134 more words
Hobbies And Interests

Spiel des Jahres: Nominees 2016

It’s that time of year again – the nominees for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres board-game-awards are out!

And just like any other big award (the Spiel has often been called the ‘Oscars of Board Games’), loads of speculation and added buzz surrounds the nominees. 351 more words

Board Games

Catching up over heart-shaped pizzas

Before starting our new rotations, me and the girls decided to make the most of the good weather we’ve been having up north. We went on a road trip to my friend’s house where she has a pizza oven in the garden. 242 more words


Paw Patrol We're on a Roll

We let Mischa drag us all to the Paw Patrol meet-and-greet at the Mall of Asia last weekend. I am totally relishing the remaining years of her being a kid. 181 more words