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O-Kaay. Is it something I said?

Another follow on post from What on Earth earlier today. WP seems to have fixed the glitch or put things back the way they were. ( 84 more words


A schoolgirl's exercise book

This past week I’ve been transposing most of my poetry from the exercise book and album Mum had kept.
I say most as some of it is so terribly dire and naff, it doesn’t make sense, just rhymes for rhyming’s sake and a final line that ruins the whole thing. 601 more words

Just A Thought

Three Benefits of Crossfit

CrossFit has been one of the biggest, if not, the biggest craze in the world of fitness. It started as a California-based workout program that involved interval training with Olympic weightlifting. 177 more words


4 Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

The easiest way to improve a golf score is by being sure to swing the club properly. Even the smallest weakness in mechanics can cause the ball to slice one way, or hook another. 123 more words


T'was on a Darts, Darts night.............

Yeah, I know. Pretty lame play on words. The mind is going in all directions today.
In truth, I have not lifted an arrow for over a month as we had a bye, followed by the singles knockout, then a match was cancelled as we couldn’t raise a team due to illness and last week we had just got back from MOH so I was totally exhausted after the 7½ hour journey. 279 more words


Day 94 - Learning

I attended a class in a local nursery on growing greens. It was my first time there. But the conversation with the enthusiastic lady at the counter inspired me to think about growing our own food as far as possible. 63 more words

100 Happy Days 2017

Day 91 - Bliss!

I am into a lot of paper cutting these days and I torture my friends and family by sharing it on social media.

This sweet friend of mine walked in today with a book. 46 more words

100 Happy Days 2017