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53 Moments of Lyrical Genius

Oh deary me, I’m feeling a little bit unoriginal today. Science has sucked all the creativity out of me. But, no, I refuse to talk about that again. 3,256 more words


Not to long ago there was a province wide program here in Ontario where every museum, attraction or historic building was open to the public free of charge. 733 more words


Rooftop Summers in New York City!


Alma is a stylish Mexican restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The menu includes a range of chilaquiles and tacos paired with spicy guacamole. The rooftop is open all summer providing a lovely view of the Brooklyn piers and Manhattan skyline. 195 more words

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The Best Horse Computer Game Ever

The problem with horse themed computer games is that they are always geared towards one very specific demographic; six to ten year old girls. While there is nothing wrong with this, the main issue is that the toy industry sure loves to drown “girl” toys in the world of make up, dressing up, fashion, manicures, barbie, super models and all things glittery. 468 more words

Hobbies And Interests

Find Everything You Need at Your Local Hobby Shops

Are you someone who likes to build models and miniatures in your spare time? Do you like to play games and create crafts when you are bored? 518 more words


15 Two-Letter Scrabble Words

The toughest part of Scrabble is when you are down to your last two or three tiles and you have to figure out a way to use them so you don’t have to end up deducting points at the end of the game. 734 more words

Hobbies And Interests

Ten Serial Killer Documentaries

1.) John Wayne Gacy

2.) Rodney Alcala

3.) Ted Bundy

4.) Robert Yates

5.) Dennis Radar

6.) Richard Ramirez

7.) Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo… 7 more words

Hobbies And Interests