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Writing Poetry to Pass the Stress of Being a College Student

Hey Everyone <3

I wrote another poem in my spare time. The last few weeks have been hectic for me socially, in addition to me dealing with midterms. 141 more words


5 Inexpensive Hobbies to Try

I recently made the decision to spend less time watching TV shows and movies and more time picking up other hobbies instead. It didn’t really matter what, as long as it was something that would get me away from a screen. 443 more words

Lifestyle &amp; Mindset

Charlestown State Park

Hiking is something that I’ve always loved to do and with the recent warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve had the chance to do quite a bit of it. 489 more words


Stuff I Used To Do But Don’t Do Anymore (Or How I’ve Become A Less Interesting Person Over Time): Part 2 – I Just Kept On Running (Or I Did For A While And Then Gave Up…)

Part 2 of my confessional about how I’ve become a less interesting person over the years and it is time to focus on a perennial lie on my CV – the claim that I enjoy long distance running. 3,643 more words


Khorne Bloodbound Tactica: Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers?

Hello again my fur lacking mammal friends! I’m back to give you a general review of what troop choice you should have in your Khorne Bloodbound army. 1,951 more words


A letter to new bloggers

So guys, today I just remembered when i started blogging newly, and all the experiences i had then, it prompted me to make this post. 309 more words


Patience and Primer

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday afternoon and a blessed day!

Well, thanks to the viral bronchitis I’ve been struggling with for nearly two months, I wasn’t able to spend hours and hours on the dollhouse this weekend as I would have liked but I did manage to get a little done (no pun intended). 374 more words

1:12 Scale