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What I've Been up to Recently

Well, things have been in a kind of flux lately. Recently I’ve been trying to adjust the way I eat, among other projects. (More on those projects in the future.) Much to PT’s dismay. 518 more words

Painting Miniature Figure Uniforms

Orangeville, ON (James Doan) If you consider a model figure as a blank canvas, then the modeller is the artist who will be applying colour and shadow. 434 more words

Recreation - Leisure

The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell (Part 3)

Affection. The feeling that you are loved helps to promote zest. A man could consider himself dreadful and that no one would love him. Or he just might be someone who nobody loves. 2,809 more words


Younique Make Up

Afyer much saving, and much convincing from one of my clocest friends, I have now become a Younique Presenter to try and make a little extra cash for some fun. 76 more words

Moods: Sunday's Coffee

Sunday is for quality time with the loved ones, or just by yourself. Get the time to breathe, relax, enjoy your coffee, while you draw a plan of the next week. 33 more words


Blind persistence, not a good virtue.

We’ve all been told that to get through to our goals in life, we need to persist like hell.

Persistence, most of us have been tutored to believe is one of the biggest differentiation that make a successful person stand apart and high, from the rest who have not made the cut. 219 more words

Personal Development

Bogor after the rain

Saya selalu suka ketika hujan di Bogor. Sesuai namanya, Kota Hujan, Bogor memang selalu ciamik baik ketika ataupun setelah hujan.

Sebagai fotografer amatiran, saya pun tidak ingin ketinggalan untuk mengabadikan kota ini setelah hujan. 209 more words