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RAF Airfield Diorama

I recently wrote about my happy rediscovery of Airfix models, and this set of photos features much of the work that I have recently done. Here you see the Air Control Tower, the RAF Emergency Set, the RAF Refueling Set, and a Mosquito and Beaufighter, all by Airfix. 22 more words

Military Miniatures


Mr. Van decided to be at home today. The usual pattern in his week is to work Monday to Saturday for about sixty hours. He has always been a hard worker—he is a residential framer, a Journeyman Carpenter. 426 more words



If you’ve been on the PT website of late or just know of them generally they have taken the elusive hashtag as their own. It’s like the equivalent of being a McDonald’s worker and adding Mc in front of everything; it’s just the done thing. 888 more words


Blog Challenge - Day 24

A Book I could Read Over and Over…

So this is not really going to be about one book. It is going to be about a couple of different “sets” of books. 165 more words

Blog Challenge

Art Gallery Exploration

Today it was extremely warm out. I only have a couple months left in Wales until I go back to the good ‘ole USA so I’m trying to see as much as I can possibly see while still doing my schoolwork. 275 more words


Fresh and yummy Schwarzwald cake (Black Forest Cake)

Few days ago I visited shop (yes, I don’t really like shopping that much!) and there was a huge discount for cherries (around €3/kg), so I couldn’t help myself, but buy loads of it. 540 more words


A New Enterprise


If you are reading this then you have found this incredibly new and incredibly interesting blog. Take a good lungful and just savour that smell of impending fun. 192 more words