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Metamorphosis - Embarrassing Phases of Hobbies

Welcome to the final installment of my journey through the embarrassing phases of my life. In addition to latching onto weird music and fashion trends, I’ve picked up a few strange hobbies in my day. 458 more words

Personal Stories

14 useful kitchen hacks for everyone

We all know the feeling – you cook everyday, you have your favorites and the best ways to do something, but any experiment is always fun and welcome, right? 275 more words


Old Habits....Some need to live on.

What inspires you? I know my, kids, my family, yada yada I know… NO. That’s all pretty awesome but, not anything like that. I mean something that only you do, by yourself. 614 more words



My husband and I turned my motorcycle into a bobber and I love it so much, it couldn’t be more perfect for me! Here are some before and after pics.

Day 327 - Magic Knight Rayearth

So I finally finished reading the Magic Knight Rayearth manga that I bought on Day 290. It was amazing!

I had already watched the anime like 6 or 7 times because it was one of the few that made it to Mexico back in the day. 193 more words

Pop Culture

Free Pokemon Center Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart.

I just finished changing a couple of the colours for this pattern of the 3rd generation (Kanto) Pokemon Center. This is a simplified version of the actual in game building. 107 more words


The Reasons Why

After my grumpy post yesterday, I spent a lot of time contemplating the questions: Why am I so grumpy? And, what would make me happier? The answers surprised me. 449 more words