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Unplug to Restart

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you” ~ Anne Lamott

In this fast track world we find ourselves lost in a manic environment.

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Being The Best You Want To Be

On a forum I frequent, a question came up wondering why there are people who do not aspire to find and appreciate the best sound quality possible. 636 more words

About Me

Thoughts From a Mother: On What Brings Me to Life

What brings me to life? I could say being a mother and end it at that, but it would be a lie. There’s more to me than motherhood. 415 more words


Os meus Booktubers favoritos

aqui referi antes que adoro o Booktube. Mas na verdade, tenho com ele uma relação de amor-ódio.

Voltando a explicar um bocadinho o que é o Booktube: trata-se de uma comunidade de pessoas no Youtube que gostam de livros e de falar de livros, e portanto fazem vídeos precisamente a falar de livros. 1,018 more words


Victorian Recreational Activities

Recreational activities were very much dependent on the class bracket that the Victorian fell into to dictate what hobbies would be done. The prospect of socialising was considered overly important to the Victorians and this depending on to the class brackets as the upper and middle classes would be unlikely to socialise with the lower classes due to the pride of reputation and prejudice. 563 more words


Three Materials ...Floral Friday

For today’s Floral Friday offerings we have containers constructed from three different materials.  They provide their own particular qualities for the creative person.

The first container is a vintage hard plastic wallpocket manufactured by Bernard Edward company from Chicago. 108 more words

Vintage Collectables

A Tasty Hobby

I recently filmed and edited an interview on my classmate, Jackson Haslenus, for a class project. Through the interview ,I found out that Jackson very much enjoys cooking during his free time. 268 more words