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Autism In African American Families

My autism journey has been a road that was traveled without a map, or a plan.  I learned through trial by error.  I have talked with many specialists, educators, therapists and families.  530 more words

Apa itu Bullet Journal? #StudyWithWill

Hi guys,

Dari pertengahan bulan Mei 2017 ini, aku mulai kebiasaan atau hobi baru yaitu Bullet Journal. Bullet Journal benar-benar membantu aku banget terkait planning dan tracking kehidupan aku sehari-hari. 740 more words


4 Ways to Condition for Climbing

I did a post a few months ago on ways to keep yourself busy during the off season depending on where you are (I am ridiculously jealous of those people living in Texas and California right now). 884 more words


Cosplay Issues (Vol. 1)

So I’m creating a Twi’lek character for a ‘cosplay’ type of outfit -honestly, I just wanted to make the Lekku and do the make-up while dressed all shexy like! 157 more words


Read You

you read like its going out of style
I’m trying to catch up, it might take a while
more like a lifetime
because there is your speed, then there is mine… 327 more words


Photography Picked Me!

How do you pick your hobbies? Do you look at something and say “I could do that”? Do you inherit it from a family member? Did your friends show you? 666 more words


My favourite blogs you need to check out.

Hello everyone, how was your day? as a blogger I love to read other bloggers blogs and today I will love to share with you guys some of my favourite blogs, I love them for one thing, they are not the same but are unique. 367 more words