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I used to write poems...

I also used to be very sad. Isn’t it strange that some of the best material comes from the darkest moments and the most broken hearts? 2,243 more words

The White's

Accidents Happen All the Time

It was an accident. It was a curiosity. It was one decision that propelled me into a different way of thinking. I mean, I like gardens as much as the next girl but I’m into  modern design. 115 more words


Can I order one makeup artist please? With milk and sugar.

I’m so happy these days! :D It’s spring,- my favourite time of year, I’m looking forward to an exiting summer, and I have sooo many plans for the future and it seems like everything is going just great! 98 more words

Everyday Life

Writing Wednesday With Words!

Good afternoon to all the lovelies out there.  I’m going to dive right into Writing Wednesday for you all. Get right to the feels I’ve been feeling lately.   725 more words


Super rich after a weekend of Metal Detecting!!.. Or not.. lol. Bucket List ✔️

Getting rich with my metal detector over the weekend!!!!! Or not…..lol!! Found pennies, a penny-like coin (not sure what it is) coke can tabs, and other trash. 124 more words


At the water-hole

At one of the water-holes of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
One can see a hive of activities at the flowing water from a spring located at a village of Central Highlands of Vietnam. 86 more words