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Using Orchids ...Floral Friday

I mulled over how to approach today’s theme for several days.  At the urging of a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to write an in-depth article about the use of orchids in floral arrangements.  302 more words

Vintage Collectables

The Table Was Turned

Scrubbed Dad’s used record with a soft dust mitten last night, trying to get the pops out of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Applying some force, I managed to clean those grooves a lot better. 78 more words



Dreamcatchers is an ancient thing from America. Many people believe that dreamcatcher can catch your dream. I do too. I have so many dreams and I hope my dreams will come true. 71 more words


So afraid of commenting on discussions, you have to make a blog in order to say anything

As a “blogger” with maybe 1 person visiting for every 2 posts that I make, I’ve noticed that blogging is an innately lonely hobby. I mean, unless your blog is about going out and partying everyday – then, of course – maybe not so lonely. 535 more words

Introspective Bs

Age appropriate

What does that even mean?

The majority of my clients at work are over the age of 60. The average age is somewhere around 78? The topic came up about clothing and how styles have changed since many of my clients were children. 259 more words

Why Do I Ski?

Skiing for some people is just a form of good ole fashion fun, but for others it is much more than just make a beautiful S in a blank canvas. 184 more words

New Radio (UV-5X3)

I bought a BTECH UV-5X3 radio this week. As the name might suggest, it is a five-watt radio that works three bands: 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm.   201 more words