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Toddler vs Hobbler

After dinner tonight, the kids were watching the Olympics while I was working on crocheting a blanket that Z is designing on the fly.

They were talking about one of the little girls at their gymnastics camp (the youngest daughter of one of the owners of the business) and noting that she was just a toddler. 60 more words


Hot And Spurious

Today’s Music: Rupert Holmes – Escape
Note on Today’s Music: Because I know he hates this song. hehehe.

(if you’re wondering what’s going on, check… 409 more words

The Epic Tale of Darth Hobbler, Evil Empress and ObiLizzieCrackedNobi, Cracked Porn Star

Once upon a time in a Blogoshere near here,

I, Lizzie, keeper of the light ..or shedder of the light, or


I was trolling the blogs looking for fun and adventure. 1,012 more words

Running With Scissors

How To Make Sure Your Birthday is Great

In honor of the Hobbler’s birthday, I have compiled a guide to having a great birthday. You can help make her birthday better by visiting her… 506 more words


Lets Go For A Ride!

Today’s Music: Phoebe Snow – Shoorah! Shoorah!
Music Note: Found this song through Joan Osborne’s album Bring It On Home.

There are bloggers who show up and read pages, then drift silently back into the ethernet. 433 more words


Who Needs FB?

A couple of months ago, I casually mentioned to my sister, Crash, that my husband’s 40th birthday had come and gone.

“What?!!!!” she said.  “I didn’t know that!   194 more words