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A good loaf

One of the skills I was asked to teach more than anything in the four years of running our cookschool in France was breadmaking. Not fancypants bread, just a good loaf that our guests could make successfully at home with minimum fuss and maximum pleasure. 661 more words

The Great May White.

I know we’re well into June but we seem to be slipping behind in all sorts of things lately. Still, we managed our weekly Great White all through May, with it’s usual highs and lows. 83 more words


Our very own sourdough starter.

Sourdough bread has always been a magical kind of loaf for us. It seems almost alchemical, harnessing the natural yeasts from the air to turn grain and water into a fragrant wholesome bubbled bread. 814 more words


The Great April White.

Our quest for the perfect loaf continues. Along with our variety of the good, the bad and the ugly loaves, we’ve also been baking a basic white once a week. 139 more words


The Hobbs House Baking Experience with #52loavesproject

Ruby and I were incredibly lucky to join other #52loavesproject participants at a masterclass in bread baking with the legendary Tom Herbert at Hobbs House Bakery… 420 more words


Review - Small Bar, Bristol

Well as i eat out at least once a week i thought i would throw my hat into the ring and do the odd review as well as the crafting and cooking. 353 more words


The hunt is on for everything from pies and ice cream to milk and cakes

Some people would say I have the greatest job ever and I may be inclined to agree! I’m one of the Food Development Managers and Buyers for the Westmorland Family, who own and run Tebay Services and are now busy building the new Gloucester Services. 722 more words