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the make up

we, women love make up, cosmetic so much. aren’t we? what? men love it too, no comment on that but if you are talking about skin care, yes they should. 465 more words


n00bDev: Day 4

I’ve done a few things these last couple days:

  • Drew four different ground tile sets: grass, dirt, tilled dirt, and grass/tilled dirt combo.
    • My original plan was to only have 3 different ground tiles, but I realized that I needed some sort of transition tile for the tilled dirt.
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Cum combinam sportul cu dieta pentru rezultate vizibile intr-un timp scurt

Pentru pierderea in greutate trebuie sa combinam sportul cu dieta, iar rezultatele vor fi vizibile intr-un timp foarte scurt, daca stim cum sa facem asta. Nutritionistii recomanda o dieta bazata pe cat mai putine grasimi si zaharuri, iar pentru completarea acest proces de topire a kilogramelor

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Timp Liber

13 Food Stories

Note: Hover on the photos for details :) Enjoy!

  1. The Comfort Food.

Those days when smiling is almost impossible; when you feel like you’ve hit the bottom rock; when you don’t have the nerve to talk to anyone; when everything you see is black and white and everything you hold is as cold as stone – you need some soup to hug you! 1,379 more words



Dear Friends,

I have had many bizarre fixations in my life: Tumblr, collecting Digimon figurines, consistently refusing to step on cracks while walking on sidewalks, and only writing at 3am; to name a few. 329 more words


Project: Destroyer Tank Hunter

OK. So I have been kind of hobbying—not as much as I would like, but things are moving along. I did get an opportunity to do some paid writing, so I jumped on it, and it has taken up a fair amount of time as of late, but I’m ready to get back to some gluing. 423 more words


Cooking and Baking Challenge

I love cooking and baking. There, I said it. Despite the fact that my husband and I try to share the duties of being in a marriage and owning a home, the kitchen is my domain.  211 more words