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Realm of Plagues - Part 1

You may recognise this chap. He’s popped up before in various guises. In fact for a while I wondered if he’d ever be finished, or would just keep evolving, appearing on the blog again and again as I added a tentacle here, a pustule there, until in the end he was unrecognisable and spawnlike. 50 more words

Warhammer 40k

#38 2016 SAL 

Ok, own up… Who put this in my shopping bag?? Frosted Pumpkin 2016 SAL

That makes two SALs (stitch alongs)I’m completing in 2016… I just couldn’t help myself. 37 more words

Cross Stitch

Starting Your Own Collection Part 1: Picking Games (Hobby Notes)

It tends to start this way –you have played a few board games with friends, casual ones like The Resistance,  Coup, or King of Tokyo… 940 more words


On the third attempt I’ve finally managed to fit this damn thing onto a base. 90mm by 54mm and it barely fits. Of course, now I have a pack of Age of Sigmar size bases (including the 75mm long ovals) lying around and bugger all to do with them. 154 more words


Winter 'Market' is Coming!

It’s very fast! Too fast that Time passes! It’s nearly December. I though 2015 has just started. I cannot believe it. It means Christmas is coming soon too. 227 more words


Why I'll keep gardening Woolies!

Seen the recent Woolies ad featuring Michelle Bridges mocking people who grow their own veggies? I guess the aim of the ad is to convince  you to buy Woolies’ new range of Michelle Bridges frozen meals (jam packed with preservatives no doubt)! 212 more words


Teatrul Nottara își suspendă activitatea!

Începând cu data de 23 noiembrie 2015, Teatrul Nottara a fost nevoit să suspende organizarea de spectacole și evenimente în cele două săli aflate pe Bd Magheru nr. 24 more words

Timp Liber