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Yang Perlu Kamu Tahu Tentang Perpustakaan Nasional

Coba sejenak pikirkan, kapan kamu terakhir mengunjungi Perpustakaan? Seminggu yang lalu? Sebulan yang lalu? Setahun yang lalu? Atau bahkan ketika kamu masih kuliah atau bersekolah dulu? 675 more words

Perjalanan Ini

Career VS Job: Following Your Passion

One of the biggest flaws in the Indian education system is that students are taught to mug up information and write the same in their exams. 416 more words


Hobbies profit children in several methods. It offers a kid a chance to share themselves, as well as it permits them to find themselves and also create self-worth. 465 more words


Famous Author?

I like writing. Documenting my life. Good & bad. Because my memory is awful. But writing, though it may be biased since it’s based on the writer’s opinion & his or her’s life-colored glasses, is real. 619 more words


Green Thumb Wannabe

Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, insects are emerging from every nook and cranny… spring is here! With all this sunshine and happiness also comes my annual tradition of heading to our local greenhouse and rounding up the latest collection of all the plants I want kill. 397 more words

Collecting with Luke - Junior High, 1987

In September of 1987, I started grade 8 at John Pritchard School. The three reasons why I liked the school were:

  1. McDonalds,
  2. Safeway, and
  3. 7-11. …
  4. 662 more words