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The Colour of Magic -Terry Pratchett

Finally I am able to make a post, I have been reading this book for around about a month I think, I just couldn’t get into a steady flow with this one, despite it is a really good book and it follows the main characters really well, with their adventure which is really entertaining, Rincewind and Twoflower get into so many situations, along with Death forever trying his best to get Rincewind, yet fails every single time, Rincewind somehow avoids Death throughout the entire story. 106 more words


I finally found myself to do my first blog. Something I’ve been dying to do since I was 12. (I’m 26 already!). I learned to get over my laziness and my fear of rejection (yes, i still have that). 111 more words

Mommy Needs a Hobby

As a mother, I am always busy – with three boys inclusive of twins – I can never find the time to just do “me”. Between diapers, tantrums, and the thrills, the life of a mother never stops. 487 more words


Peniti anti nyangkut

Sebulan ini emak suka banget diserang sakit kepala hebat dan masih di tambah vertigo. Tersiksa banget. Karena mengganggu kerja. Mengganggu acara ke mall .. Sehingga mulai mencari aktivitas yang bisa meningkatkan mood. 81 more words


Awaken the Dancer

I have been a dancer since I was 3 years old.

I danced Jazz, Tap, and Ballet. Yes different but always at once. From 3 years old to around 10 I did all three. 645 more words


Instagram Round Up // Watercolor Calligraphy

As some of you, guys, already know, I really want to learn watercolor calligraphy. It’s a hobby I want to master. I want to make beautiful works that I’d be so proud of to share. 450 more words


My Favourite Adult Colouring Book - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

As you all know I am totally into colouring for enjoyment, relaxation and mental wellbeing.

My favoUrite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Love my Alice book! 138 more words