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I Can't Paint and That's Why I Love It

I can’t paint. Well, technically I can, but it isn’t very good. At one point when I was younger I had a dream of becoming an artist but when my stick figures didn’t improve I moved on to other dreams. 394 more words

Boys will be boys

French publication Modèle Magazine (August 2017). Nice Stuka model. I would worry that I would crash that plane. After all, it is a thing of beauty and it probably cost a bit too. 22 more words


Alles kaputt!

German publication Modell Fan (August 2017). That is a nice diorama on that cover.

Very nice.


Project: Robox - Buttons: Interrupts or Polling?

The robot box needs to know when it has reached the limit of it’s motion. If motion continues past this point, the machine will literally rip itself apart. 451 more words


Interešu trūkums

Šobrīd, kad gandrīz cauri jau otrais vasaras mēnesis un es vēl joprojām neesmu atradusi darbu un dzīvoju vecāku mājās, bieži aizdomājos par savām interesēm, aizraušanām, brīvā laika aizpildīšanu. 776 more words


Your life is YOUR life. I know… it’s stating the obvious right? But to be the happiest you can be, means that sometimes you need to put yourself before anyone else. 198 more words

Pinning and How to Do It

Here is a step-by-step article on what “pinning” miniatures is, and how (and why) to pin. 868 more words

Painting & Modelling