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an average old man

An average old-man with his retirement benefits –
Dragged himself along in his wooden floor
He was isolated
that he had to take care of his daily cores himself. 288 more words


Chasing That Runner's High

Pop! A small burst of sound breaks the silence, and a group of 5 to 10 year-olds move across the asphalt, a sea of neon windbreakers and white Reeboks that sails down Media’s State Street. 1,649 more words

Random Thoughts

How To Make: Candy Floss

This cocktail was so popular in the bar I used to work in, in Manchester and I’ve not had one in so long so I decided to create one and enjoy the taste outside of a working environment for once. 219 more words


S21: We were not ready for this.

Normally, I do architectural tours and check out the details. But not this one. We went there because it was recommended from the tour guides we read. 405 more words


Budokan CD and HMV booklet

Just bought this on eBay from Japan, a copy of the Babymetal “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD along with a HMV store booklet that was on display for fans to grab back in the day. 158 more words


How To Cultivate Your Passion

Passions aren’t always easy. We may feel strongly about something, love it with all of our might, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to come easily to us. 1,968 more words