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Boredom...finding a project

Day after day sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV.

I am bored.

I need something to occupy my mind.

Something other than calories.

All I think about is what, when and where I am going to eat. 13 more words


berburu buku murah

Im not a bookaholic and i know i dont need to buy book rite now, but what if IT’S ON SALE FOR 5K?

Dua hari ini, bos-bos dan rekan2 kantor ada acara workshop di luar kantor, jadi tinggal 3 orang saja di subdit. 272 more words

Just Do It! (belasah je)

Kali ni aku nak cerita pasal diri aku.

Tak banyak benda pun nak diketahui pasal diri aku selain daripada yang aku ni dulunya bercita-cita nak jadi seorang penulis. 990 more words


Drawing and Sketching

It’s a lot like Golf. The Pro’s make it look so easy, but it’s very difficult. You tee off, it looks good, then it starts to go left, then it’s lost in the trees, then your Stepdad is behind you using his 3 Wood as a cane and says, “You dipped shoulder on your down stroke”, then you tell him to shut up because he wasn’t even supposed to come but mom insisted it will give us a chance to bond, then he tells you he’s apart of your life now whether you like or not and to lower your voice because you’re on a golf course, then you tell him he’ll never get an ounce of respect from you because he works as an Assistant Warehouse Manager at Target, then he tells you he knows an Assistant Warehouse Manager at Target who can kick your ass, then you tell him to bring it pussy, then he flicks his cigarette on the cart path and walks over with this 9 iron raised over his stupid bald hea….. 240 more words


My Hobby

I guess you can call it a hobby, most probably won’t. Most would call it pretty weird or creepy, I just call it research. I tend to go to stores all the time just randomly and look around, not at shit to buy but people. 666 more words


Finding my rhythm

When you start riding a bike, it’s all about finding your rhythm. Like many cyclists, I started riding a bike when I was about five, when I graduated from my tricycle to training wheels. 427 more words


My Third-Year Experience so Far

Somehow I am in my third and final year of university. With graduation on the horizon, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t absolutely terrified. 509 more words