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Unremarkly Average

I see my unrealized dreams and ambitions reflected in this story. I know that I do not want to be this person but I cannot confidently tell myself that where I stand in life is very different from the position depicted here. 387 more words


Scared of Being Judged

I’m going to cut to the chase. I want to start a YouTube channel.

I want to do it as a hobby. Night after night I find that there are no more TV programmes I want to watch and I’ve worked my way through the newest videos from the YouTubers I’ve subscribed to. 172 more words

My New Hobby

So today I discovered that I actually really love gardening! But why do I feel so strange in admitting that? I actually think that a conversation I overheard on radio 2 might genuinely have some truth to it, that there really is a lost generation of gardeners… 270 more words


Lesson #26: Coffee Grounds Make a Beautiful Garden

Don’t throw out those coffee grounds! I recently have started my summer plant obsession which means a lot of plant research. Looking for a natural, cheap fertilizer… 719 more words


Update on my riding experience!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give a quick update on my riding experience thus far. 558 more words


My first commission - The Salmon called 'Chris'


Tonight is the second night of working on my first commission. I have been asked if I can create a wire sculpture of a Salmon leaping from water. 217 more words


The Deltiologist - Incomings and Outgoings

Some weeks there are just too many good postcards coming through. I think i’ll eventually have to make an online flickr or something with a record of all the cards I have received. 186 more words