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My First Blog Post!!

Hello Everybody,

To talk about myself is something that I have not really fancied much, although, almost every day, at any given place or time, … 447 more words


Confession of a hopeless hobbyist

I’ve talked in several posts about how I gave up most of my hobbies to focus on writing, but that just made room for new hobbies to appear. 594 more words


I Have a Confession

I’m kind of a hot mess – and I mean that in the most pleasant way possible.  I’ve spent the last several years of my life following all sorts of blogs that highlight my interests (so basically I have followed about a million blogs).   207 more words

Barn Board

The Beginning

Well, here we are. A place on the web that is only mine. Where I can share my thoughts and creations to an invisible audience. 90 more words


Artwork : The mountains are calling

“What a Glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains…”

“The Mountains are calling “ watercolour original artwork in 30 X 40 cm artist’s quality paper using Profimaler Royal Talens Van Gogh paints and Rembrandt’s inks. 660 more words


Domaru Butai Painting pt 3

I spent a few more hours painting the Domaru Butai. I am very happy with how they are coming along. I was cleaning up the highlights of the leg arm helmet and back. 21 more words


Sky and Galaxy effect Artwork

Watercolor is one of my favorite painting mediums to work with because it renders transparent, delicate, and ethereal results. At the same time, watercolors dry fast and you can finish a painting in a few hours. 612 more words

Expat Life