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Art Versus Starvation: Notes on Being Creative and Making a Profit, Preferably at the Same Time

The genesis of this entry was a simple question:

“Ten years from now, what will I most regret not having started today?”

In order to live well as an artist, the art itself is one part of a far larger context called “your life”. 1,260 more words

Project: Nixie Clock - Making the Box

I want to make something that is not only functional, but also enjoyable to look at. To achieve this, I am taking my time to build a nice enclosure for the electronics. 109 more words


Project: Nixie Clock - Why I am using strip-board for the logic

The clock uses the 50Hz mains signal to keep time. Therefore, we need some kind of circuitry to count the pulses, and convert them into minutes and hours. 297 more words


There are people who fly all over the world for free

This weekend Rolling Stone ran a great story about “hobbyists,” or people who game the airline industry and manage to fly all over the world for almost nothing. 317 more words


Fashion Photog... First shoot !

Defo no pro but enjoyed playing around with my first ever film camera. No formal training just love looking through the eye of the lense and hopefully telling a story, capturing a mood, bringing out raw personality and emotions… 33 more words


"Calling Cards". I evolve.

I’m quite thrilled because if I’m not mistaken this is my first set of “calling cards” and first ones I designed as well. I missed out on an important detail which is my logo but it was intentional as I wanted to have the design cut out and attached to the calling card. 210 more words