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Halfmoon Betta 10gal Build Log!

As the title states I’ll be giving you the skinny on how my first fish tank came to be and what I did to get to this point. 728 more words


Started From The Substrate


This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a long journey in learning about aquatic life starting with, but not limited to, freshwater fish, plants, and other related topics. 98 more words


Mini Project: Infra-red Repeater

As part of a larger project I’m thinking about, I wanted to see how easy it would be to make a TV remote control repeater. What it needs to do is listen for a TV remote control command, learn the command and then repeatedly send out that command. 414 more words


[WIP] Food Styling

Seriously considering of attending Food Photography courses soon. My Work-In-Progress (WIP) series are all based on what I feel looks good. I need someone who can legitimately critique my photos for improvements. 15 more words


Mini Project: Home made Stick-Vise™

This is a Stick-Vise™. I first came across one on Dave Jones’ EEV Blog. It looks useful; a nice way to clamp a circuit board while you solder it and give it a bit of weight to stop it sliding around. 464 more words


Albany Exploration: The Tension of Red

A few years ago, during my community college days, I did a project based around an isolation of the color red, that project, which was of my own choosing, was about the exploration of the different meanings behind the color. 79 more words


Albany Exploration: Deflated

Some more exploring from the other night, Im always drawn to photograph anything red, especially with great typography.