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Can we take up photography as a job

Photography for the hobbyist

    • “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
      — Alfred Stieglitz
    • “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
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Welcome to my new blog

After many trials on various blogging platforms I have now settled that WordPress is the new and permanent home for my blog on my photographic journey. 106 more words


Why I enjoy being a photographic hobbyist?

One of the best parts of being classified as a hobbyist is you don’t have anyone paying you to take their photos which means you can take your photos.  178 more words


Don't Compare Yourself To Others!

How do we keep from comparing ourselves to others? It definitely is a ‘Human Nature’ thing. From the time we were children, we saw the toys that the other children were playing with and somehow judged ourselves by the lack thereof. 380 more words

The Atmel's Universal Serial Interface (USI) sucks for I2C

Quick Intro to I2C

Along with USART and SPI, I2C is definitely the most common interface used by a microcontroller to communicate with peripherals. In order to implement an I2C bus all you need is two open-collector collector pins, one for the SCL (clock) line and one for the SDA (data) line.  1,017 more words


Painting and not painting over the years. A story of me, the hobby, and my mind.

I got my first introduction to wargaming when I got the 5th ed starter set for WHFB as a lad, back then I was slapping on thick layers and a lot of red since I had an obsession with blood and gore. 1,106 more words

Crafter/Maker/Artist...Entrepreneur ?

I have dabbled in many areas as a crafter/maker/artist hobbyist.  I have tried painting in several media, needle felting, soft toy making, quilting and paper cutting.  302 more words