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How you can Turn a Hobby into a Career

When choosing a career there are many attractions that people follow.  Young professionals often fall for the glamour or income that accompanies a certain career.  But there is no better way to accomplish dreams rather than pursuing what you are most passionate about, or simply call it your hobby. 514 more words

Getting the most out of it

As mentioned in the last paragraph of this post, there are different reasons for different people who pick up martial arts. My experience speaks that near everyone would tell you that they chose martial arts for health. 469 more words


Martial artist and martial hobbyist: Perspective on the Art

This is a follow-up from a previous post.

We have come to the last part of this series of sharing. A quick goggle on the… 397 more words


Becoming a Maker: resources for a hobbyist engineer

Although I’m on sabbatical, I agreed to give a “coffee hour” workshop for WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering).  I had originally offered to repeat the “Speaking Loudly” workshop that I gave last year, but the organizer requested that I talk about becoming an engineering hobbyist.   3,476 more words

Martial artist and martial hobbyist: Commitment towards training

This is a follow-up from a previous post.

So we understand that it is norm for a martial hobbyist to train in much lesser time as compared to a martial artist. 378 more words


Martial artist and martial hobbyist: Managing Expectation

This is a follow-up from the previous post.

So as a martial hobbyist, firstly, you need not expect to be as good as your teacher anytime soon. 275 more words


NEWSFLASH - Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Previously on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 in my last newsflash I mentioned that I was still working on my October newsletter. Well, 20 days later and I’m still working on it. 617 more words