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Domaru Butai Painting pt 3

I spent a few more hours painting the Domaru Butai. I am very happy with how they are coming along. I was cleaning up the highlights of the leg arm helmet and back. 21 more words

Infinity The Game

Sky and Galaxy effect Artwork

Watercolor is one of my favorite painting mediums to work with because it renders transparent, delicate, and ethereal results. At the same time, watercolors dry fast and you can finish a painting in a few hours. 612 more words

Expat Life

Ladies in turban

“Beauty looks like encouragement, patience, acceptance, forgiveness,carefulness and compassion.Beauty is spiritual and physical” – erykah badu

Artwork’s background :

I’ve made this painting inspired by women in turbans that I have seen while living in Kuwait. 323 more words


Parrot symbolism in Art

I’ve painted a parrot for the first time.

Animals are not my favorite subject to draw, but driven by my imagination, I have made several attempts to create something beyond what I usually paints. 490 more words

Expat Life

Some snake charms

Who cannot be inspired by Harry Potter series?!

Untrapped Soul

Keisotsu Painting

I spent the night working on my Keisotsu that came in the JSA starter pack. My original thought was to paint them with a Rising Sun theme, hence the very red pants and white shoes. 111 more words

Infinity The Game

A Hobbyist

Hello friends!

First off, sorry for the delay in a new blog post. Not that anyone really reads this, but still. My mom visited last week and we had a lovely time so I didn’t get around to writing anything up. 581 more words