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Crafter/Maker/Artist...Entrepreneur ?

I have dabbled in many areas as a crafter/maker/artist hobbyist.  I have tried painting in several media, needle felting, soft toy making, quilting and paper cutting.  302 more words


Goblins vs Dwarfs, and me vs me.

A few months back I tried the 1st ed Warhammer scenario Ziggurath of Doom, a battle where six dwarfs hold the fort against a horde of goblins. 323 more words

Depresseion and wargaming.

I suffer from clinical depression, insomnia and much more. What is depression for a hobbyist? It is when the brush is your only escape from reality, but heavy as lead, it is when you are as likely to use your tools to inflict self harm as you are to build minis, it is when you ruin your economy with hoby expenses, knowing the consequences to be the lesser evil. 47 more words

Piloting a 450mph RC plane

This is not just an ordinary RC plane, this is a kerosene fueled, jet pro-pulsed, red arrow.   By now, we’ve all seen model aircraft powered by miniature jet engines but there’s something a bit special about this one – It weighs just 17 pounds and can travel at an astonishing 450mph! 171 more words



No it’s not another jumbled collection of letters Tweeted by the leader of a powerful nation, this time it means something. Cipolwg, or to the non-Welsh speakers amongst you…Snapshots. 82 more words

From "camilleantonette29" to The Hobbyist Post: The Major Change

Tonight at 2:40AM, I decided to switch my website address from “camilleantonette29” to “thehobbyistpost.” At first, I was a bit hesitant to do so because I thought I might start over on everything I worked days and night, fixing this site, and since the Account Settings said I wouldn’t be able to change my mind if I change my address, I thought, … 227 more words


INKtober 2017

Check back @ this post for updates!

Day 1

Day 2