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I’m at a point in life where I no longer train Jiu-Jitsu more than three times a week. Which is sad because I need to do more training. 51 more words

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Project: Remoteli - IR Receiver

Today I wanted to test out the infrared receiver. This is the datasheet. It’s got an internal 38kHz frequency filter so that it specifically picks up signals from a tv remote. 95 more words


Project: Remoteli - Bottom board

For this project, I’ve decided to start using Altium’s Circuit Maker, rather than Eagle, to design my PCBs. The main reason for this is because Circuit Maker is very similar to Altium Designer which is a professional-level package (and the price reflects it) so it’d be useful to be able to use it. 144 more words


Project: Remoteli - Design

This remote needs to be small, and the components need to be even smaller. This means I’ll be using only 0603 passive components. The microcontroller I¬†will be using is an… 130 more words


Project: Remoteli - Specification

I don’t really care that much if this is the smallest TV remote in the world or not, but I want it to be as small as is practical. 208 more words


Would having a PhD in one field generally make it relatively easier to understand complex concepts of other, unrelated fields of study?

At the outset, I don’t think people with Ph.Ds are smarter and brighter than those without. For the most part, they are luckier in that they had access to opportunity and wherewithal to spend many more years studying. 601 more words