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The Story of my Hobs

I know I say this about every character and every race of characters in my books, but I simply adore my hobs.

“What is a hob?”  You ask.  615 more words

Endeavor Series



The wind was so strong this morning that it roused the hobgoblin that lives in the attic. The hobgoblin tried to escape by opening the loft hatch, but didn’t quite manage it. 178 more words

Random Thoughts

Homebrew Project - Traditional Bitter - Kegged

A few weeks back, I started a project where I would brew a pretty straight forward beer. Rather then bottling things as per my normal process, I would try cleaning and reusing a 5 litre keg. 369 more words


Hobs, Ego, and Providence

(Letter to Fortean Times, sent October 2015.  Published.)

Dear FT,

Bob Fischer’s “Aye, we’re flitting” tale (FT330:58) got my metaphor detector twitching.  I found numerous versions of the story online, usually concluding with the farmer turning back home since there was no point in moving somewhere unfamiliar and starting again if the hob – or boggart in several retellings – was coming along too.  228 more words


My own advice...

……has kept me alive for longer than most. Yet, why did I not follow it?


When one becomes too comfortable in their environment, you drop your guard and priorities get shifted from personal safety to entertainment or other tasks that can keep a capsuleer preoccupied. 797 more words