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The dolgaunt was created  from hobgoblins to act as commanders of the lesser aberrations. They roam the woods and Underdark of the hobgoblin lands. Dolgaunts resemble eyeless, emaciated hobgoblins, festooned with tendrils and cilia.Most dolgaunts eschew weapons and armor, preferring their tentacles and unarmed attacks. 12 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Spectacular Spider-Man #85, 1983 "The Hatred of the Hobgoblin!"

I don’t have very many issues of Spidey stories from the 1980’s for some reason. Just a few scant issues, but issues that have a very good story and creative team behind them. 244 more words

Comic Books

Wychwood brewery hobgoblin ruby beer 5.2%

Pours dark and has a nice head. On first taste it has a nice smokiness and burnt sugar flavour which is not too dissimilar to the porter I reviewed recently, nowhere near as strong as the porter but it is there none the less. 136 more words

Top 5 Spider-Man Villains That Should Appear On-Screen

With the Spider-Man movies that I have seen, I am very surprised that Sony & Marvel have not been using their potential to give Spider-Man fans (like myself) genuine villains that we deserve to see. 409 more words


I see a hill about a horse then visit elves and goblins

Today I visited the Uffington horse. It was really quite impressive in a stone age kind of way.  Standing on the hillside looking at it, it was immense, but slightly underwhelming. 1,207 more words

One step ahead

I still don’t understand so many things. Relationships. Love. Family. Once upon a time—a long time ago—I thought I knew what those things meant. I thought everything could be nailed down to simple black or white, right or wrong, innocent or guilty. 390 more words