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Some of My Friends Read Comics 016 - Spider-Man and the Origin of the Hobgoblin

The majority of Spider-Man’s most memorable villains have been around since the early days when he was still under the care of Stan Lee, but one of the few mainstays he didn’t create was the Hobgoblin. 55 more words

Some Of My Friends Read Comics

Hearty Beef And Ale Stew

Back from my jaunt in the winter sun of Malta, it has now become time to settle into these colder winter nights that are fast drawing in. 688 more words


The Goblin ghoul-ash

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling and the fresh food that has spent the summer slowly maturing to its full and gloriously ripe potential is rolling onto the shelves. 431 more words

¡La Cerveza de la Noche de Brujas!

Cuenta la leyenda, que desde finales del siglo pasado, la cerveza británica ha sufrido duros golpes provocando que las pequeñas y tradicionales cervecerías cierren sus puertas, mermadas por el inminente arribo de grandes marcas trasnacionales, atentando principalmente a las cervezas  262 more words


Caught in the spider's web

The dark mood didn’t lift yesterday. After wandering around the house I decided to get myself showered and dressed and have a walk to the pub to see if alcohol could save me from my feelings. 442 more words

Charmed: Part 9 of 11, A Disney-Like Halloween Story (Without the Singing)

Chapter 9

The music was contagious. Jake and Jessica could hardly hold their feet still, even when they were still down the hill and could not see a thing. 1,890 more words


Falling off the wagon

Today I fell off the diet wagon in spectacular style and have managed to put on over 2 pounds in just  one day!! Everything started off ok, we had a morning at home, put up some shelves and changed the headlight bulb on the car and I just had lots of tea to keep me going. 464 more words