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Hobgoblin: Soft and Hard Masters (customs)

Over at joecustoms.com, Hobgoblin is showing some great innovation with his customs.  Check out the Soft Master and Hard Master below.

You can see more of his work here.



Wychwood Brewery


9th October 2016 – Review by Andy

I’ve had Hobgoblin before, but I couldn’t resist the funky new packaging the Wychwood Brewery has designed for Halloween 2016. 281 more words


Hobgoblin Gold



15th October 2016 – Review by Rob

Hobgoblin gold is a golden light pale ale style beer that also packs a light 4.5% slap on the cheeks, like its brother it is a very moreish session beer that you can neck a few and not worry about getting a rollocking from the missus when you get home as you’ll be more than like lightly sizzled rather than fully cut. 130 more words



Beer – Hobgoblin

Brewery – Wychwood

Country – England (Oxfordshire)

ABV – 5.2%

1001 beer – Yes

Tasting notes – chocolate; crystal malts

Thoughts – 76 more words

Morning review

I woke up to the rain tapping on my roof around eight in the morning and I looked outside to see the darkness of the daytime. 468 more words


Immense Sexual Tension- Dorngeons and Dorgans Part 8

When last we left our intrepid heroes they had been confronted by Reidroth the Druid. The old man warned of them of a mighty dragon that roamed this area, and of mysterious cultist who seemed interested in said dragon. 2,446 more words

Dorngeons And Dorgans

Hobgoblins and a Waterhorse

Folkloric hobgoblins have been described in many ways. The term hobgoblin could refer to mischievous little Dobby-like creatures who perform helpful tasks in the home  – or make shoes out of scraps of leather.  142 more words