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Un hobgoglin ha violato una delle case della Dea Ariana Taylor Swift. 286 more words


#44: Cable & Deadpool Issue #14

Wade’s World Podcast Episode #44!


In this week’s episode, our (anti)heroes Lilith Hellfire and I discuss Cable and Deadpool issue #14 featuring Deadpool vs the Stellar Rod and random nonsense including… 110 more words


The Hobgoblin

He wakes with dawn and he stretches and he winces and he closes his eyes and he groans and he opens his eyes and he kisses the woman and he kisses the children and he stands and he takes the spear and he puts on the charms and he walks out of the cave and he squints and he pisses and he whistles and the atter scurries up to him and he walks into the forest and the atter trots at his heel and he moves without sound and he listens and he moves and he listens and he follows the tracks he knows to the places where he has set traps deep in the wood. 278 more words


Hobgoblins, foul fiends and lions

When we were at school, infants, junior and secondary, every morning we would have an assembly; we would have a few rousing hymns, some fairly general prayers, a bit of a talk and then notices and ‘anything else the headmaster/headmistress wished to impart. 528 more words


Battle for Sing'jar is Wrapping Up

Our adventurers have fought their way into the city to find it almost undefended and bodies strewn everywhere. Clouds where darkening and something that was not quite lightning was flashing in the sky. 610 more words


Blood Bowl catch-up - part 2

As a follow-up to part 1, this catch-up post will cover tournaments I’ve attended over the last 3 years, plus a quick note about teams I have painted. 1,223 more words


SA K-pop Fan Interview #10: Hlomla

My name is Hlomla. I’m 18 years old and I live in East London, South Africa.

I became a K-pop fan last year but I first heard about K-pop when I was 12 and found some Girls Generation videos on my brother’s laptop. 325 more words