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Robot Review: Hobgoblin (S09E02)

Having just recapped week 3’s episode, we’re right back into week 2 to recommence the Robot Reviews. This time around we’re looking at Hobgoblin, a robot that came in promising so much yet delivering basically nothing at all. 400 more words

Robot Wars

Five baddies that can fix Marvel's villain problem

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a titan in the film world. Marvel has been able to throw loudmouth raccoons, heroes that can shrink down to a few inches, and a bizarre robotic combination of Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Jesus Christ. 2,003 more words

Bad Guys

A Few More Beers

I’ve tried a few styles of beer recently, but one thing that hasn’t been on my radar is flavoured beers. A colleague suggested trying Wells Banana Bread Beer, which sounded like it would worth a try, due to my newfound liking for beer, and fondness of banana bread! 227 more words


Robot Wars S09E02 Part 1: Fight Or Flight

What an episode we had in week 1! Aftershock went from 0-100 in about 2 seconds flat and pretty much demolished anything in sight. Can this episode live up to all that has so far been accomplished? 1,911 more words

Robot Wars

Spider-Woman 16

Today, Patrick and Spencer are discussing Spider-Woman 16, originally released February 22, 2017. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

“…as for Ellen and me, we were finally joined into a new element — much, much bigger than anything we had ever known.

1,628 more words
Alternating Current

Sorn CLC 'Hobgoblin' Inspired Makeup

CLC have stepped up another level. When I first discovered them, they were small sweet girls who wore matching outfits and sung about Pepe (which I at first thought was about the frog but apparently not.) But they took a right turn from Sugar Street down towards Sexy Bad Ass Lane. 238 more words


"A votaress of my order"- offerings to fairies

One of the explanations of the belief in fairies is that they are the degraded remnants of former gods, the traces of ancient pantheistic belief in Britain.   1,585 more words