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Personal Interest

One of my interests/hobbies is music.I play the keyboard and have been playing it for 5 years now. I go to lessons every wednesday. I enjoy learning new songs on my keyboard. 68 more words


Star trek the roomate part two

The first day proved probimatic.vashera got him to say a few words but all was all she got. Most of the night was qiet. She was not expecting that. 875 more words

Star Trek


Hello you!

my name is Shari and I just started this blog. I had a blog before called “Sky, sun, clouds” but somehow my passion for the sky faded away. 341 more words


first post

Thats is my first post in my Blog. Since that I chose to be all about myself.

My name is Turki Alawaji from Saudi Arabia. I was born in 1990 in a small town in the middil of Saudi Arabia called Arrass. 120 more words

Entp a mbti analysis

I am sure u have come across them. They look like nice people until you start a debate my oh my then you have had it. 268 more words

Thoughts on sounds

Most people I know have strong feelings for music. They talk about it and they’re always listening to something. I don’t listen to music much. I don’t know many bands or names of songs. 224 more words

my pets

berawal dari Gani, anak sulung ane yang suka dengan kucing, istri ane kerap mengusulkan agar memelihara kelinci sebagai pengganti kucing. kelinci menjadi pilihan karena selain hewan penurut juga perawatannya pun tidak sulit. 255 more words