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The End of Bread

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do quick post following up on my bread adventure. Sadly, I have not made bread again since the first time. 159 more words

Bread Making

Achieving Bread

After letting my starter sit over night in the fridge, the actual bread making process began. First I had to pull the starter out of the fridge at least an hour early to get it warmed up. 404 more words

Bread Making

Pre-Bread: Getting to the Starting Line

So after doing some more research about sourdough making, I discovered that it is a very LONG and COMPLICATED process. It takes about seven days to make bread the very first time from scratch. 534 more words

Bread Making

Beginning Bread

Recently I watched a short show based on a book called Cooked on Netflix. Its basically a movie broken into four parts, or episodes. Rather than just talking about food, it talks a lot about the culture of food and how crucial it is to our lives. 537 more words

Bread Making

My Strengths

I thrive in an environment that allows innovation and unbounded creativity and rapid evolution.

I think outside the box.

I always see best in other people I take challenges as opportunities. 27 more words

Apakah Anda Sudah Termasuk ke Dalam Kategori Kecanduan Travelling?

Travelling atau jalan-jalan merupakan suatu kegiatan yang menyenangkan, terutama yang sudah merasakannya. Hehehe..Tapi ada saja di antara kita yang belum pernah merasakan kenikmatan travelling. Bagi yang sudah tau asyiknya travelling, berapa kali dalam setahun Anda mempersiapkan waktu untuk bepergian? 536 more words

Boys and their Toys on Tygum Lagoon

Was out strolling on Sunday to do some water bird life but not a lot around, However it was pleasant to see the boys with their model boats enjoying the day. 43 more words