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Sometimes a person might hear a train whistle off in the distance – from a distance there’s kind of a melancholy sound to it, up close it quickly becomes annoying. 1,176 more words

Me In A List

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know some things about me. You know that I’m disabled, that I have two younger sisters, and that I have a canine daughter named Maggie. 191 more words

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Problematic Childhood Games part 4: Hobos

(alternate title: At Least We Played White People This Time)

I’m not sure exactly where this game originated, but as kids we really enjoyed pretending to be homeless. 744 more words


Beware the inebriates of St. Patrick's Day

Per usual, I’m a day late and many dollars short, but perhaps I can make a bit of lemonade out of this by looking forward and replacing “Ides of March” with “Saint Patrick’s Day.” 103 more words


Dash the Eidolon

[This is a continuation of my piece “Jumping Before the Bulls” which was featured in the Cigale Literary Magazine]

I found myself back in the Greenbelt, sitting atop the rocks watching the water pass. 1,510 more words


Invitation: Prince of Peace, King of the Road

My grandparents were generous people. They didn’t have a lot, especially when they were a younger couple, but any family members or friends present at meal-time were fed. 482 more words