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Auggie and the Little People

Auggie was the eighth child born to Louis and Lois Turner in 1926. He came into the world in the same family farmhouse as his brothers and sisters. 1,023 more words

Flash Fiction


Vintage miniatures: Hobo clowns


Differing Perspectives

Ya’ll should also know that I didn’t that the guys you get weapon pick-ups from in Metal Slug were Prisoners of War (P.O.W) we just called em’ bums and that single fact has colored my brain’s response when we talk about bums. 11 more words



We’ve mentioned H.O.B.O.s once before;
We think the idea works.
It stands for Help Or Bugger Off
And comes with lots of perks.

We help each other where we can, 95 more words


XIII: TR-2GA Pirates - Squat Op V; Hobo with a Shotgun

It’s been a fair while, and in and amongst Easter jollies I managed a bit of Warhammer and Chill.  Squat Op V sees this little gang done for now – there he is in the beret, hidden behind ones I gave a bit more care to. 70 more words


The Hobo and the Werewolf

Lewis “Doc” Shrivner became a hobo when the market crashed in 1929.

His descent into poverty was a reflection of what was happening to Americans everywhere. 842 more words

Flash Fiction


Sometimes, behind the skin of the wall, she finds the Trainman.
He rode the rails to Canada in 1906:
New York to Ontario, Toronto to Winnepeg, Calgary to Vancouver. 151 more words