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The Joint in the Park

Somewhere in a park under a tree two people are discussing their lives lived in their own small town. One a male aged 24 named Gunderson a fairly average person of fairly average North American intellect. 1,954 more words


5 Hastily Conceived Get Rich Quick Schemes

    If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself stressed when it comes to your finances. However, as an American in the 21st century, you’ve also acquired the rarefied tastes of a particularly debauched Saudi prince. 474 more words

Max Wolfson

The summer’s night air was cool with a hint of honeysuckle. Crickets and tree frogs sounded off the coming of another summer night. In the distance, Peter could hear the whistle of the “Dixie Bell”, as she announced her nightly pass through the village of Gettysburg. 343 more words


Mom and the bums

Mom and her sibs suffered terribly during the Great Depression- her father took what little money he had and ran off for weeks at a time on drinking binges.   381 more words



Today I decided to take the city bus to downtown and do my school at coffee shop that I usually go to on a regular basis.   312 more words


This Is Key Largo

My expectations were high.  I’d mentioned in an earlier post how the Beach Boys may have oversold the desirability of Key Largo some, and the downward spiral of realization the further into the island we drove was a relatively fast descent.  369 more words