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This Is Key Largo

My expectations were high.  I’d mentioned in an earlier post how the Beach Boys may have oversold the desirability of Key Largo some, and the downward spiral of realization the further into the island we drove was a relatively fast descent.  369 more words


Mom and the bums

Mom and her sibs suffered terribly during the Great Depression- her father took what little money he had and ran off for weeks at a time on drinking binges.   381 more words


Hobos and Free Range Parenting

It was the post depression era and my mother invented free-range parenting.

In the land before time, I grew up next to a dense forest that led down a steep embankment to the railroad tracks. 283 more words


Glossary of Hobo Terms


(from Nels Anderson’s The Milk and Honey Route)

This list of words and phrases is in no sense complete. Nor is it solely hobo slang. 4,849 more words


The Crimson Crusader 

Yeah, that’s me. I got this really stylish new necklace in the mail recently. It lets people know that I’m on blood thinners in case some horrible medical incident happens (and let’s face it, it usually does)…that way, they will know why I’m bleeding so profusely if I can’t communicate effectively on my own, because I’ve been knocked out, or crossed the border into total and utter insanity, or whatever. 305 more words

Hobo House

Natalie and I found an old, abandoned house near our apartment complex in Provo. So of course, we decided to check it out. We suspect that some homeless people live there now, which is why I affectionately refer to it as the Hobo House. 6 more words