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Sometimes, behind the skin of the wall, she finds the Trainman.
He rode the rails to Canada in 1906:
New York to Ontario, Toronto to Winnepeg, Calgary to Vancouver. 151 more words


hey who wants to call the cops?

Okay if you’re reading this and you’re homeless let’s just start with this: I feel for you. I feel for the reasons you’ve landed in this situation and if it were up to me I would move heaven and earth to help you get back on your feet or cure you of addiction or remind you that being a tourist homeless person (it’s a thing, trust me) isn’t all that cool. 842 more words

Book II: Hobos

“It is sufficient if out of a dozen sides of his character he has one foolish one for a man to be put down as a fool in spite of his eleven good ones.” –Dead Souls…

1,190 more words
Burn While Reading


Hobos are people that I never thought much of. After all, they were just lazy bums who hopped the trains, right? Wrong. They were migratory workers. 369 more words

Just a hobo in a skirt

Vagabonds, hobos and bums…. riding the rails to everywhere and nowhere.  I forgot the magic of trains.  I stepped on to a southbound train heading toward Connecticut and left my worries and stress on the platform.   381 more words

A Short Story of Leaving Home

In the 1960s, when my brother Doug and I were young, we often ran away from home. Angered by some perceived injustice, we’d tell our mother we weren’t going to take it anymore. 562 more words


The Space Hobos of Saturn

Meeting Hall of the Intergalactic Space Hobos Fraternity

Saturn Chapter –   Special Session

“I’ll be straightforward with you,” said the president. “We look like a pack of amateurs!” 450 more words