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Lost Boy

“Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.”-Matthew 5:42

I have a really hard time understanding what switch gets flipped in a person’s mind to dehumanize the homeless and to be able to see that they are in a bad place in life and need help and yet continue to drive or walk on by. 187 more words

Judge Denies Media Access To Chicago Hobos Gang Trial Evidence

CHICAGO (CBS) — A U.S. judge in the racketeering trial of six purported Hobos street-gang leaders has refused media access to photographs and other evidence even after it’s shown in open court to jurors. 121 more words


Need Before Greed

Need Before Greed

Tell me the point of money.
I’d really like to know.
It doesn’t make us better.
It doesn’t help us grow.

We worship the ground it can’t walk on. 87 more words

100 Words

Welcome to Hobos

Welcome to our Sanctuary,

Hobos we are called.

It stands for Help Or Bugger Off,

When you dwell within our walls.

We offer food and shelter, 92 more words

100 Words

Things I miss about the Midwest

First of all, I have moved East.

But to clarify, we’re talking New York City Metro area east, not like the land of the rising sun. 1,204 more words

Personal Musings

Night comes to Hobo Junction

The Sun eased itself down like a thick-tanned arthritic retiree into a too-hot Jacuzzi, throwing sheets of titian and merlot into the sky, that caught the evening wind and drifted off, leaving the velvet drapes of night in their wake. 847 more words

Jury In Hobos "Super Gang" Trial Gets History Lesson About Street Gangs

CHICAGO (CBS) — Federal prosecutors gave jurors a lesson in the history of Chicago’s street gangs Thursday when they called their first witness in the trial of the Hobos “super gang.” 375 more words