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Enter the Hobo

We’ve all seen at least one. The slow-moving, wild-haired guy (and yes, it does almost always tend to be a male figure, although whether the most appropriate term of address is “guy,” “gentleman,” or simply “man” is something which I will up to the experts) with the weathered face, clothed in a formless jacket of an indiscernible color, ambling slowly down the street, pausing only to sift through each trash can in turn, all the while muttered words of dissatisfaction addressed to no one in particular. 1,161 more words

Entitled Hobos Ruin Everything

I have four unfinished posts that I have started, and probably two in my head right now. And no, this isn’t about kidults. Well, kinda. But not really, cause this is about hobos. 675 more words


Why We Say #20--highbrows to hobos and hoodlums

As promised from last month we are delving into the somewhat unsavory sayings dealing with lowlife, or at least perceived lowlife. However, before traipsing across those tracks (and there are so many railroad tracks where I live, that nobody knows which side is which), let’s look at those high brows. 528 more words



I’m in Bliss … Idaho.  Population 318.  Today had it’s blissful moments, sure, but it was also a pain in the ass.  For every wide open desert vista or unusual encounter, there was a slowly leaking tube (again!) or a spell on the interstate shoulder (one of only two I’ll need to endure during this trip.)  So it was a mixed bag.   786 more words


Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (1933) - A Rodgers and Hart Musical Starring Al Jolson

Hallelujah, I’m a Bum is a somewhat idiosyncratic musical that manages to be both cynical and sweet. It stars Al Jolson, contains a number of extended rhythmic sections where characters speak in rhyming couplets, places Frank Morgan in a romantic role and celebrates careless irresponsibility in 1933, the peak of the Depression. 1,144 more words


April Fools

I’ve tried to launch my blog five times since March. Every time I began a light, innocuous post my family was hit with more drama. Ironic when you consider my theater background.  1,058 more words


summer of rivers and buses

More snaps from summer of whitewater raft guiding & bus dwelling in Buena Vista, CO  >>>>