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Dash the Eidolon

[This is a continuation of my piece “Jumping Before the Bulls” which was featured in the Cigale Literary Magazine]

I found myself back in the Greenbelt, sitting atop the rocks watching the water pass. 1,510 more words


Invitation: Prince of Peace, King of the Road

My grandparents were generous people. They didn’t have a lot, especially when they were a younger couple, but any family members or friends present at meal-time were fed. 482 more words


Where Vagrants Tread: It Happened On Fifth Avenue

  Welcome back readers! We’re inching ever closer to christmas, and the end of this blog series, how exciting!  I hope you liked what I’ve written so far, and hopefully you’ve taken a few of my suggestions.  817 more words


Arrival Back in Cute Little Eugene

I arrived back in Oregon 25 minutes early on Amtrak’s Empire Builder. The first days home were spent reconnecting with family here. Also, I spent time walking the streets enjoying the preparations for the upcoming holidays. 111 more words


A day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Had a lovely day with the boyfriend earlier this week. Got out the door and had macchiatos at Eataly, and sat outside to enjoy the bustling city. 462 more words

Enter the Hobo

We’ve all seen at least one. The slow-moving, wild-haired guy (and yes, it does almost always tend to be a male figure, although whether the most appropriate term of address is “guy,” “gentleman,” or simply “man” is something which I will up to the experts) with the weathered face, clothed in a formless jacket of an indiscernible color, ambling slowly down the street, pausing only to sift through each trash can in turn, all the while muttered words of dissatisfaction addressed to no one in particular. 1,161 more words