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Una entrevista inédita a Eric Hobsbawm

Eric Hobsbawm: Soy Eric Hobsbawm, un historiador muy viejo. Por casualidad os he llamado en el mismo día en que celebro mi cumpleaños 94. Durante toda mi vida escribí principalmente sobre la historia de los movimientos sociales, la historia general de Europa y del mundo en los Siglos XIX y XX. 2,404 more words


This Changes Not Very Much: Reflections on the state reaction to the Paris murders

“To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.” said Francois Hollande after the murders in Paris on November 13th. 2,733 more words


Three Poems About the Mountains

How quick the implacable axe
felled to the ground
oaks and holm oaks
and by the light of darling dawn
how bald appears
the mountain crest! 1,921 more words

Bauman & Briggs—Genre, Intertextuality, and Social Power

Genre, Intertextuality, and Social Power

by Richard Bauman and Charles L. Briggs


“grasping the complex intertextual relations that underlie genre, along with the way these relations are closely linked to social, cultural, ideological, and political-economic factors, can offer insight into why studies of genre have proved to be so problematic” (132). 3,618 more words

Scientific And Anthropological Frameworks