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BOOTS!!! Boots!! boots! - WAMIMSH

What on earth is WAMIMSH (and how would one pronounce such an acronym)? Well, the pronunciation is up to you but it stands for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt, which is on right now! 188 more words


Explosive Love

If it’s illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!
~Kurt Cobain~

I’ve got (what I imagine to be) the rock chick look going on with this top from Vinyl for yesterday’s Fifty Linden Friday. 100 more words


A Winter Preview

Temperatures have dropped quite a bit in Seoul, and I can feel the winter just around the corner.   So, today I went around exploring some winter themed sims in Second Life.   380 more words

Francesca Balogh

Cozy It Up

So! Do you ever just feel like that whole Dante’s Inferno “abandon all hope, ye who enter here”? Like you maybe need to take time off work because you just can’t go? 115 more words


Utility Plus Beauty

The difference between utility and utility plus beauty
is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web.
~Edwin Way Teale~

My spider mask is definitely utility plus beauty. 117 more words


New Le Poppycock at The Chapter Four

Looking for poses? Natural, sexy, sweet poses? Look no further than Le Poppycock. I’ve been a fangirl for a very long time, about 45 years (or so it seems in SL time) and Olivia Lalonde never disappoints. 136 more words


Summer is so Peachy!

Hey, babies, how’s it all going? I hope your summer is lovely. I popped over to HOC Industries yesterday to partake of the latest goodness. I found this teensy skirt (which actually came out awhile ago) and this versatile tube top. 119 more words