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Hockey Books on Amazon - New Review

I’m honored to have received a very positive review of Navigating Youth Hockey by Editor, Karen Rodgers.  Ms. Rogers is not a hockey parent, so she lends the objective eye of a novice paired with the expertise of a professional editor. 28 more words

Hockey Books

Issues With How Your Child's Minor Hockey League Is Run?

Well you may not be the only one.

You hear it from parents all over, “there are too many tournaments”.  “The cost is too expensive”.  Or “I paid the same as everyone else, why isn’t my child playing more” and the opposite, “My child is better then X child so they should be playing more”. 49 more words


Book Reviews - Hockey Dad

A great review of my book, Navigating Youth Hockey, was posted today. This is why I took the time to compose and publish the book – to help other parents make sense of a wonderful game that is so complex in it implications for young athletes.  45 more words

Hockey Books

B.C. hockey league clamping down on 'rink rage' parents

VANCOUVER – Hockey parents who swear and yell at coaches, referees and players during their kids’ games will be handed stiffer penalties next season by a British Columbia association that is taking aim at “rink rage” and inspiring officials across the country. 867 more words


Math parents

Parents have been known to get somewhat heated while watching their children play sports. But what would happen if parents were spectators in other areas of their children’s lives? 689 more words

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Parents banned from watching sons' hockey games for abuse of players and refs

VANCOUVER – Five parents, accused of behaving badly at hockey games, have been banned from watching their sons’ midget rep games this weekend.

The banned parents reportedly yelled abuse at players and referees during games last weekend. 229 more words