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The Strange Case of Cap Geek

CapGeek @capgeek · Jan 3

http://CapGeek.com  has permanently ceased operations. http://www.capgeek.com/operations-ceased …

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Cap Geek founder Matthew Wuest stunned the hockey stats crowd a few weeks back when he announced he would be taking his incredibly popular (and, one would assume, valuable) website permanently dark. 321 more words

Hockey's Back!!!!

Rejoice all you hockey fans and soon to be hockey fans. Our great sport has returned to make the end of summer more bearable. The NHL is in full swing, with good and bad teams already writing their narratives for the year. 485 more words


Why The NHL Should Embrace Public Use Of Their Stats

By Satchel Price

Having grown up in the era of sabermetrics, it’s always been easy to take one aspect of baseball for granted. Pop open your laptop, and a practical plethora of statistical information sits at your finger tips, just waiting to be prodded and poked for new ideas. 1,050 more words