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Chris Hadfield Not Done Exploring

I doubt anyone expected Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to have a traditional retirement.  But his latest project makes that clear.  Hadfield is currently on an… 115 more words

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Science And The Olympics

The 2016 Summer Games have started in Brasil.  For those seeking some science-themed content from these games, it might be necessary to wait a bit.  NBC, the broadcast network for the U.S., has not yet updated its… 133 more words

S & T On Film, TV Or The Radio

Update Tuesday: New Names For HeLa Film And Defense Innovation Board

Two quick items that have little or no relation to each other.

The film adaptation of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks continues with the casting announcements.  298 more words


Very Important News: I have new hair.

In the mess that has been my life these past few months, I’ve really needed a hair cut. Like, really needed one. Physically and emotionally. I mean, I’ve been in a dark, depressed place, but my hair has felt 10x worse. 1,213 more words

Getting Shit Together

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There is no specific theme to my posts. Some days it might be photography and videos, others may be fashion or lifestyle.  If I feel like it, you could see some possible poetry, music, or just my thoughts spilled out on a webpage.


Lab Sabotage For Fun And Games

Back in January I posted about Lab Wars, a game then in the development stages from two U.K. scientists.  The game (set for 2-4 people ages 12 and up, with gameplay of 30-60 minutes) has players building up their own labs and reputations while sabotaging their…colleagues(?).  139 more words

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Truth in advertising - like hens teeth

It seems to me in recent times the truth in advertising is getting worse and worse.  A person can’t believe anything someone says or does. 701 more words