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Let's Talk About the Dallas Cowboys, War, Family, and American Dreams

What icon embodies the contrasting elements of the American Dream better than American Football – and, specifically, the Franchise of culture that is the Dallas Cowboys? 666 more words


The $4-1 hour Make-over I cannot believe!

Every time I pull into my driveway, I would consider knocking down my lamp post.  I would literally stare it down like it was taunting me saying “ha ha, you don’t have time…you are going to have to deal with my atrocious appearance forever!”  I drive around  my neighborhood and I see these ebony black lamp posts with a flawless sheen.   263 more words

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So What Have I Been Reading Lately?

I know. Worst blogger ever. That is my weakness – inconsistent blogging. The pumps and pistons sing for several months. Suddenly, life twists and turns and I find myself devoid of blogging energy. 287 more words


What the river saw

‘Twas a night of solitude

When the clowns unmasked and the loud hushed

When the clamoring city was swallowed by the giant stillness of life… 123 more words

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Picnic Blanket for Your Squirrel Friend

After spring snowstorms like the one we had last weekend, we love seeing the snow melt to reveal luscious bright green grass. It really puts Hodge and Podge in the mood for a picnic. 523 more words


Hush! Musings of a Social Introvert

Hush! Quiet! Silence! I remember hearing this expression back in my high school days whenever the librarian reprimands the rowdy students inside a library. The usual reason is because everyone is concentrating and nobody should disturb other readers’ concentration. 711 more words

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Buttons [A Short Story]

He wakes up feeling hazy and feels a little pain on his temple. When he opens his eyes, he only sees a white ceiling. He tries to sit but his body aches like he was tortured repeatedly. 714 more words

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