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Summer Resolutions

Well, we’re still waiting. Waiting for our status here to get sorted as well as everything else it messes up (health care, looking for a new apartment, visiting family, to name a few things), but the good news is we’re waiting for it at the beginning of summer here in Vancouver. 337 more words

Hodge Podge

Podge Says

Podge says, “I’ve never made anything with roving wool. At least not yet.
I really just like to pet it. Have you used it for felting or spinning? Both look fun!”


Hodge Says

Hodge says, “I’m all about trying new things, but do you think they have any acorn sushi?”


Woman Should Get Married, Stay Home and Raise Kids to avoid being Miserable. Say whaaaat?

Please friends, do not make the mistake of thinking that every conservative is a horse’s back side. The man in this video is so far off base with his rude insinuations. 414 more words

Hodge Podge

Site Organization and Layout Update/Overhaul

Alright guys…

This site needs some loving so I may be doing a lot of work on it when I can sit down and really sink my teeth into it. 146 more words


Power Elements Of Character Development

I’m excited to announce that the second volume in my Power Elements Of Fiction series, Power Elements Of Character Development is available as a Kindle ebook. 225 more words


Hodge Says

Hodge says, “On the rainiest days remember, blue skies will always return.”

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