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Riggity Riggity RIGGED MKII

I was suppose to post this up last Friday but I forgot so meh. BUT ANYWAY I’ve rigged my character FINALLY!!! Most of the controllers work well, I’ve not checked them all yet ┬ábut so far so good.


I textured my character, YAY! And looks good. Originally I was suppose to use MudBox to texture it, but unfortunately the program doesn’t load, so I had to move to Z-Brush. 25 more words

An Arm and a Leg... and a foot

So I’ve now got an arm now as well as a foot. Because the character doesn’t require any highly detailed parts to be modelled, I’m progressing a lot quicker than I intended at the beginning of the week. Which is great.

Look at that booty

Progress on the character model is running smoothly. Thanks to help of my Tutor Andy I have the body and leg modelled. I’ve just started the arm and hope to have that and the Hand and Foot done by tomorrow. 17 more words


During today’s lecture with tasked with looking at each other’s progression through the project through our blogs and work. Here’s what people had to say about my blog, as well as my thoughts on the comments. 590 more words

First Step

After the lecture with Debra, I decided to at least start modelling Ted. I’ve only modelled the body, but at least I’ve started and that I can pick it back up on Monday.

It's looking good

During Debra’s I made a simple, half walk cycle, using blocking. I found it to be a lot easier than the old way I use to animate, and because of this I believe that when it comes to animating my characters will move more life like instead of stiff and robotic.