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Brad Hodge apologises to Virat Kohli for his comments on Indian skipper's injury

​Former Australia batsman Brad Hodge, and current coach of Gujarat Lions IPL team, has apologized to Virat Kohli and the Indian fans for his comments on Indian skipper’s shoulder injury. 377 more words


What's #SurreySweetheart deal fuss all about? This video makes it all crystal in 2.5mins

The ‘Surrey sweetheart deal’ has created a huge amount of interest among politically-engaged people, but if you haven’t been following the situation closely you can be forgiven for being unsure what all the fuss is about. 174 more words

Proof: Theresa May caught in ANOTHER #SurreySweetheart lie to Parliament

Theresa May is on the hook and wriggling like a bait-worm – but you’d hardly know it to listen to the news or read the papers. 1,017 more words

@theresa_may's #sweetheartdeal answers are a RESIGNATION matter (audio) #ResignMay

Twice during February, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put a plain and direct question to Theresa May about the sudden decision of Surrey County Council not… 842 more words

Riggity Riggity RIGGED MKII

I was suppose to post this up last Friday but I forgot so meh. BUT ANYWAY I’ve rigged my character FINALLY!!! Most of the controllers work well, I’ve not checked them all yet  but so far so good.


I textured my character, YAY! And looks good. Originally I was suppose to use MudBox to texture it, but unfortunately the program doesn’t load, so I had to move to Z-Brush. 25 more words

An Arm and a Leg... and a foot

So I’ve now got an arm now as well as a foot. Because the character doesn’t require any highly detailed parts to be modelled, I’m progressing a lot quicker than I intended at the beginning of the week. Which is great.