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Review: City of Bones

After many years of never being a part of the Shadowhunter fandom, I’ve finally decided that it was time to join. I had very high expectations for City of Bones by Cassandra Clare considering so many of my favorite bloggers and booktubers claim it to be one of the best series out there. 778 more words

Native Son (click to listen)


Some would ask why we didn’t include this incredible track on the proper album :  The CO-OP.  I can’t say I’m entirely sure, but please enjoy some electric magic written by J. 8 more words

MVIM - Evaluation and Film


To Evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece demonstrating a character who’s Monologue and Inner Monologue differ from each other, as well as giving a good character performance. 321 more words


Yesterday I ran into a bit of a problem with the character, which is typical seen as I’m so close to finishing. The eyebrow control of my character had stopped working for some unknown reason, despite that I had already animated the eyebrow’s movement, it had some how separated itself from the character. 114 more words

It is done!

After some blood, sweat and tears, the animating is finally complete, well sort of I still need to go other the animation and edit a few poses, but as it stands the animating is completed. 140 more words

Little Sneak Peak

Things are coming together quite well, so far I’ve managed to animate up to 800+ frames so that’s good. Having importing the audio into Maya animating has become much more easier to do, as it helps save time when it comes lining the finished audio and video in the premier. 55 more words


Today I began to animate… HOORAY!! Because now that I have finished audio recording I could now begin. So far I’ve only manage to animate a couple of frames but so far it’s looking good.