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Snake of the Day: The Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake!

The Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake is one of four snakes in Texas with the unique, upturned “hog” snout. This shape is beneficial to the snake as it burrows under leaves and dirt to catch toads, its main food source. 77 more words


Are You an Eagle or a Hog?

‘People can be either eagles or hogs in their leisure time.’

My subject is derived from an experience of Eugene L. Roberts’ originally shared by himself, and repeated by Gordon B. 2,299 more words

Match of the Day

House of Glory Wrestling: JT Dunn vs Chris Dickinson

Hog Speaks: Vol. 1 No. 2

Hog: Hoot, can I put this in your nose?

Hoot: yeah, sure.


Catching this before it happens is, in fact, an accomplishment.


War 33: 26 - 27

TheWarBoar (PG2RLVLC) vs Skiller (9CYYQYYV)
10 man Elite war with two new tryouts

War Report


We were one shy of 15 so I dropped down to a 10 man TH7/8 bash and we drew this level 5 German clan in less than one minute. 413 more words