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the lovely prospector

some people just can’t let sleeping dogs lie. our blouses can’t burn. they’ve got asbestos.

don’t tear the can. where are we now? how about today? 2:00 PM?

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Double Trouble for Harley-Davidson: Price & Demand

Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) has had a rough go of 2018, with its stock down about 19% so far. While the overall market climate might be to blame for most of this drop (especially in late-January and early February), Harley still has to shoulder some responsibility for its shareholders. 297 more words


Friday Fictiolneers - Wild Mushrooms

Boe was a good ole country boy; rich and handsome too. 

After daddy died, he’d had to run the farm. But, he was tired of milking cows and feeding hogs. 119 more words


A Vet's Wife's Diary--Riding Shotgun

After being married to a veterinarian for over fifty years, I naturally have loads of memories, pictures in my mind, like the following. My veterinarian is a much better storyteller than I am, but I love to write his stories down, even if only in my diary. 763 more words


Vehicle Detection using Support Vector Machine(SVM)

Below is the output video which successfully detects Cars from the Video:


Here I have tried to provide the detailed analysis of detecting Vehicle using Support Vector Machines(SVM). 782 more words

What is Ladies of Harley?

What is Ladies of Harley? I didn’t know when Frank and I joined the HOGs three years ago. I thought it only referred to women who rode their own bikes. 387 more words