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Friday Fictioneers - Animal Instincts

Eric Valois hadn’t seen or heard from the man in over a month. Truth was he’d felt uneasy about selling one of his young truffle pigs to someone he didn’t know, but the man’s enthusiasm and confidence had helped to put Eric’s mind at ease – as did the price he received. 69 more words

Fantasy World

Bloody Mary and the map monster

It has often been queried by historians, proper historians that is, with degrees and everything, why Mary I had such a desire to kill. Her nick name, given to her after her death, was Bloody Mary and that was not because of the heaviness of her menses! 1,314 more words

Jeff 'Jefferty' Jeff

Exploring Pune's GQ (Gastronomy Quotient)

Pune has always been an escape, a city with beautiful culture, a gorgeous skyline and tremendously yummy food. Did you cringe at the word ‘yummy’? Alas, that’s what the cuisine of this city is, yummy, it’s goodness and scrumptious flavor all wrapped up in a single dish. 464 more words


Good day Wizards and Witches!! I’m thinking about going on a bit of a holiday this summer and i have made a choice, Dumbledore suggested and I think it’s perfect for a keeper of the keys like me. 49 more words


This Little Piggy Learned to Fly

My life is filled with some interesting animals. There are dogs, horses, donkeys, a mule, a sheep, and still more dogs. And there are pigs. Big, glorious, not intended for bacon pigs. 1,360 more words

Life On The Farm

Three clothespin style fishing lures by John Gabriel

Three folk art hand painted clothespin style fishing lures with diving lips and measure from 2 to 2 ½ inches long. Each lure is equipped with a pair of treble fishing hooks. Copyrighted artwork by John Gabriel


Jen “TheArcher” Cordaro – Academian and Bowhunter: Part One

Editor’s Note: “I wanted to take a wild hog with a bow and arrow,” anthropologist and advocate today for hunting, Jen Cordaro said. Little did she know where this one thought would take her or how seemingly impossible that task might be. 2,062 more words


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Excellent article on Jen Codaro, otherwise known as "Jen the Archer." For those who don't understand hunters, hunting or why we hunt, this is a great insight and a story; one that fits most hunters I know. I love animals and have the utmost respect for them. I love to hunt/fish...eat what I harvest. Many people I know can't wrap their minds around the two. No Hunting. No Conservation. No Wildlife. "When I decided I wanted to take a wild hog with a bow, I didn’t know where to go, who to see, how to find out what I needed to do to hunt a wild pig, or what I should learn about shooting a bow. I never had owned or shot a bow in my life, and I possessed all the reasons for not becoming a bowhunter. However, taking a wild hog with a bow was a dream of mine. I was conflicted, because I basically was a city girl. I didn’t have any friends who hunted. I had all the stereotypical reasons for my subconscious to tell me this was something I couldn’t do, even though it was something I wanted to do." "I learned after harvesting game, field dressing it, cutting up the meat, and then eating it that I had a much-closer connection to the food I was eating than I did when I ate a hamburger at McDonald’s and believed that the hamburger came from the grocery store and nowhere else." - Jen Cordaro