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Professor Slughorn

“To friendship! To generosity! To ten Galleons a hair!”

Professor H. E. F. Slughorn enjoys his “creature comforts”, from velvet smoking jackets to crystallised pineapple. He was (reluctantly) winkled out of retirement to resume his post as Potions Master at Hogwarts.

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Chương Năm: Halloween

By Khánh Linh

Thư viện của Hogwarts cũng giống như những gì mà cô từng tưởng tượng hay được xem trên phim – một nơi vô cùng rộng lớn với hàng trăm hàng nghìn cuốn sách, bàn đọc sách được đặt khắp nơi, và quan trọng nhất là không khí trong thư viện luôn yên tĩnh và nhẹ nhàng, khác xa với sự yên lặng một cách nặng nề và không thoải mái của phòng sinh hoạt chung nhà Slytherin. 6,927 more words

All Are His Children: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Story


     Brother Brendan watched from the edge of the forest as the last of the brothers left. He wished them well, hoping that their journeys were as fruitful as his was when he travelled with Brother Aidan. 3,259 more words


The Great Thing About Hogwarts Houses… And Sorting British Politicians!

If there’s one thing I really like about Hogwarts, it’s the Houses system. What makes it different from, say, Divergent is that it is not just measuring your qualities, nor does it completely define you, but takes into account who you want to be most- it’s what makes it the perfect system. 315 more words


Welcome to the dungeon - evil marketers

I sometimes like to compare writing to being at Hogwarts.

There’s something magical about putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys if you’re going to be pedantic), and emotionally connecting with the people. 592 more words


The Monday Musts | Diversity & Hogwarts Houses

The Monday Musts is a weekly post in which I share my must reads, must watch and must listens of the week   201 more words

Book Adventures

Cerita Awal Suka 'Harry Potter'

Sudah 10 tahun saya menjadi potterhead. Saya mulai mengikuti Harry Potter saat duduk di bangku SD kelas 6. Sebenarnya, saya sudah tau Harry Potter sejak lama, sekitar tahun 2002. 435 more words

True Story