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Hogwarts Desk Organizer

I saw Lauren Fairweather make this amazing desk organizer on YouTube, and simply had to try it myself. Mine did not turn out as neat or anything, but I love it anyway. 97 more words


Halloween and the Ghosts of Hogwarts

“It’s good to have a girls’ night out occasionally.” Helena Ravenclaw murmured to her companion as they glided over the top of the forbidden forest. “Hmm… It wouldn’t be exactly a girls’ night, would it be? 325 more words


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (J.K. Rowling)

I figured it should be safe to write about it by now. If you have not read it yet, worry not! There are no spoilers ahead. 799 more words


A Quick, Easy Guide to Making a Hogwarts Student Costume out of Clothes you Already Have

Dressing up as a Harry Potter character is hardly a new idea. From expensive official ties, scarves, and robes based on the movies, to hardcore fans who go to book releases and movie premiers in costume, there are no shortage of people who try to make themselves look like they came straight from Hogwarts. 399 more words

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Dream Come True

As I promised you in yesterday’s post, I will now tell you about our visit to the Harry Potter Studios.

I’ll tell you that it was freaking amazing. 516 more words


Moshe Potter and the Search for the Magic Lulav

By Rabbi Royi Shaffin

– Inspired by a dvar Torah delivered on Sukkot by Neorah Garcia
Moshe Potter was a star student at Hogwarts. He excelled in every class including “Defense Against the Dark Arts”. 512 more words

Holy Hogwarts! A Harry Potter Festival THIS Weekend!

ROAD TRIP!!! There’s a Harry Potter Festival this weekend in Edgerton Wisconsin!

That’s about 2 hours away from downtown Chicago but if you’re a big Harry Potter fan it will be so worth it! 124 more words