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Anonymous Hogwarts student in 1997. Colored!

My ramblings about: which house? in my last post.
In the end, you know what decided the house? Colour-balance.
I wanted a sunny-yellow background (which, I guess is a nod towards happy Hufflepuff), and the cat just became without much thought a very Gryffindor cat (sometimes things just happen naturally) and then to balance out all that firey yellow and orange, she (means me) got to wear clothes in Ravenclaw colours. 27 more words


Anonymous Hogwarts student in 1997

Anyone following me on Pinterest might have noticed a sudden increase in Harry Potter related pins. The reason being rather simple: I’ve just finished re-reading the whole 7-book Potter-series. 563 more words


Green Screen at Batesburg-Leesville Branch Library

On March 24, teens at the Batesburg-Leesville Branch Library used green screen equipment to create and edit fun, and sometimes goofy, photos. We had a great time visiting Hogwarts and hanging out with Doctor Who.  74 more words

Young Adult

An Emerald Dream

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche…

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How they created Hogwarts

Maps can be useful to create an understanding of where things happen in our world or local area. They can add to the interactivity and create a connection with the story’s location.

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A Wilderness of Towering Stone

“The immensity of Durham Cathedral engulfs the wanderer within a great wilderness of towering stone.”

Peter Ackroyd, Foundation

When travelling with a loved one, there’s a certain sense of excitement at the chance to share a beloved haunt.

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Find Out What Hogwarts House You'd Be Sorted Into With The Sorting Hat Twitter Bot

Have you ever wondered if you’re brave enough for Gryffindor? Cunning enough for Slytherin? Or if you’re level-minded enough for Hufflepuff or wise enough for Ravenclaw? 219 more words