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"I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff...

Have a seat, enjoy a pint of butterbeer, a glass of pumpkin juice, or even a shot of Ogden’s Old Firewhisky, and tell us where you’d most like to share a meal in the universe of Harry Potter. 16 more words

Harry Potter

Day 19 Potter Challenge.

What parts of the books and films made me cry?

So as for the books I haven’t reached these bits yet, but I’m so much more emotionally invested within the books I will probably be a mess. 151 more words

Harry Potter

HP - Quidditch Through The Ages

Yesterday,  I was glad to get my hands on this little book. It was 105 pages of glorious things about Quidditch. It makes me feel like I am part of Hogwarts. 136 more words

Day 18 Potter Challenge.

If I could bring back a deceased character who would I choose and why?

So my old self before reading the books would have said Sirius he was my favourite in the films, could be cause I fancy Gary Oldman, but… Since reading the books I would have thought I’d have said Lupin, but, I find myself wanting to bring back Fred. 71 more words

Harry Potter

Một chuỗi những dịp xui xẻo tàn tệ – Chap 3


* * *

A/N: Tôi không sở hữu cái gì cả.

* * *

Dịp Xui xẻo thứ Ba: Cửa sổ Rộng

* * * 6,658 more words


Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was amazing! I definitely recommend the Fishy Green Ale! I tried ButterBeer, and Pumpkin Juice, but the Ale was definitely my favorite. 113 more words