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& Fridays: Book Fashion, Part 2

Welcome back! I didn’t even get to touch on regular clothes or jewelry in the last Book Fashion post, so I figured I needed another post to cover everything! 393 more words


Amazing Harry Potter Art

So, I love Harry Potter, and I absolutely adore the following pieces of art – which I found on Pinterest during one of my many ‘Search for cool Harry Potter stuff’ moments… I’m unsure of some of the original artists – but I’m 100% sure that I’m not talented enough to create any of these – so no credit claimed here! 60 more words

Ella's Life

Little Ron Weasley/ Rupert Grint

This is really fun but I don’t really know how to do the hair yet. I think it’s just a lot of work and I’m far too lazy for that xD Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little messy coloured thing I did here


Learning That An E Can Make The World of Difference While Visiting Hogwarts

18 May 2015 – Oxford University

So as the title suggests I got to see Hogwarts, or you know locations the movie was filmed in. Also known as the University of Oxford, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of academia in the world. 1,412 more words


The Sorting Hat can't see into your soul and the system is flawed

On their first day at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry first years are lines up in the great hall and are forced to don a tatty old singing hat that will sort them into their houses. 709 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Vengeance is Sweet - southernwitch69

Link: http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=13575

Rating: Acceptable Plus

The Basics: Phoenix Era (with additions from later books), Romance/Humor/Angst, 120k

Warnings: Sexual Content, Suicide, Non-Con, Slash, Pregnancy

An adult Hermione Granger, librarian at Hogwarts, has a long-standing crush on Professor Snape. 683 more words


Daniel Radcliff's "Horns"

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe stars in the film Horns, based on the book by Joe Hill, (same title). Iggy, (Radcliffe), is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Merrin, (played by Juno Temple). 420 more words