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Day 19 Potter Challenge.

What parts of the books and films made me cry?

So as for the books I haven’t reached these bits yet, but I’m so much more emotionally invested within the books I will probably be a mess. 151 more words

Harry Potter

HP - Quidditch Through The Ages

Yesterday,  I was glad to get my hands on this little book. It was 105 pages of glorious things about Quidditch. It makes me feel like I am part of Hogwarts. 136 more words

Day 18 Potter Challenge.

If I could bring back a deceased character who would I choose and why?

So my old self before reading the books would have said Sirius he was my favourite in the films, could be cause I fancy Gary Oldman, but… Since reading the books I would have thought I’d have said Lupin, but, I find myself wanting to bring back Fred. 71 more words

Harry Potter

Một chuỗi những dịp xui xẻo tàn tệ – Chap 3


* * *

A/N: Tôi không sở hữu cái gì cả.

* * *

Dịp Xui xẻo thứ Ba: Cửa sổ Rộng

* * * 6,658 more words


Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was amazing! I definitely recommend the Fishy Green Ale! I tried ButterBeer, and Pumpkin Juice, but the Ale was definitely my favorite. 113 more words


Day 17 Potter Challenge.

If I could meet a cast member who would it be and why!?

So I would totally love to meet Rupert Grint, I feel he himself actually is Ron Weasley, he’s so down to earth. 42 more words

Harry Potter