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Overheard In Hogwarts

A snippet of a life of one Haremoon student.


Spring Break 2017

My spring break this year was AMAZING! My parents decided to surprise my boyfriend, Blake, and I with tickets to Florida so we could go to Universal Studios. 271 more words

Spring Break

Malfoy's "Furry Little Problem"

Draco Malfoy is the widely known antagonist in the Harry Potter series. However, in their sixth and seventh year, Draco Malfoy backs off Harry. Perhaps it’s because he was so preoccupied in assisting the Death Eaters plan to kill Dumbledore. 502 more words

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Tom Riddle Jr to Voldemort

Tom Marvolo Riddle. He sounds normal enough, but Tom Marvolo Riddle is Lord Voldemort. Sound friendly now? Tom Riddle was born December 31, 1926. At a mere twelve years old, he was moved into an orphanage, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 668 more words

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Ravenclaw Pride Day

If you weren’t aware, this week is the annual House Pride week. ¬†This was initially started on Pottermore a few years ago, and we Harry Potter fans like to keep it going each year (even if the website doesn’t). ¬† 211 more words


Gryffindor Worthy?

It’s been theorized numerous times that Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger represent the other Houses that none of them were sorted into. The Sorting Hat thought Harry had tons of potential for the Slytherin House, and the Sorting Hat even went as far as saying, “Not Slytherin, eh? 667 more words

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