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A Break

After working at the hospital for going on two months, I can honestly say I like it. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still hard at times. 361 more words

Melvins - Hold It In

Well look at that: it’s a new Melvins album, their first of 2014 after a double helping last year. At this point in their career, what else is there to say? 566 more words


MELVINS - 'Hold It In' (Ipecac) [7]

When the chainsaw grunge of Bride Of Crankenstein – which would have slipped unnoticed onto any of their Atlantic albums – opens Melvins’ 22nd full-length, it could be heralding that rarest of things: a conventional album by this most unconventional of bands. 85 more words


Review: The Melvins - Hold It In

Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover of the Melvins have made a career out of teaming up with seasoned

veterans. Since 2006 they’ve been more or less kept a steady lineup with members of the band Big… 458 more words


Something I almost posted on my other account

Hold it inside. Don’t let anyone see who you are really are. The mask is what protects you, the mask is what you can trust. It hold back the demons and pain, though they are still felt. 175 more words

Unpleasant Situations - Holding in a number 2

I have always wondered if there was a special technique for holding in a number 2. The scariest thing about pooing is not the smell (although that could be quite embarrassing) but even worse than that is the prospect of the actual gunk that threatens to explode out of you like a Big Bang of brown fecal matter, enveloping everyone for miles in its glorious stench. 218 more words