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Pulled Pork Spareribs

Here’s the end of a long, well written story: I overcooked the pulled pork for Christmas dinner in Costa Rica and 20 of my family members lied to me about it not being dried out. 943 more words


Fish Egg Face

The preceding is a result of:

One piece common white fish, approximately $5.99/pound.

King Arthur Unbleached Whole Wheat White Flour (go figure)

Old Bay

1 farm fresh egg from down the road, clearly too much for this piece of fish for traditional frying methods… 25 more words

Easy Dinner

Easy Pickled Vegetables

Giardiniera.  Say it with me: jar-deen-yehr-ra. It’s even harder to spell than it is to say.

Italian for garden? Gardening? I only took four years of Italian and lived in Rome for six months. 207 more words


Saturday Night Sausage Factory

Where to start? The Final Four…full sized beds…Saturdays…all these were a factor in the oppressive environment of our bedroom this past weekend.

First of all, let’s talk about GAME DAYS, as Giada would call them. 860 more words


Kitchen Nightmares

Although I wish this was a review of my favorite Friday night you’re-at-home-because-you-have-no-friends-and-are-broke-and-there’s-nothing-else-on-TV show (“I’ve seen baby’s diapers that are more appetizing than that!”) it’s actually a one page photo diary of a mistake I made at my Wednesday night visiting chef gig (more on that later.) 12 more words

Hold Your Farts

Winter Garden Frittata

California is amazing for an unmentionable amount of reasons, but the simple ones – like weather and the bounty that comes along with it – are for me, the best. 274 more words


Good Airport Food: SFO

Here’s a little taste of what can happen at the new Terminal 2 in San Fran while you’re waiting for your Virgin American redeye to board. 51 more words

Easy Dinner